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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could know with certainty which pieces of content on your competitor sites were rocking it in social media.  I mean how difficult would it be to then create your own content based on these viral pieces of content and grab your own slice of the pie?

Well, there is a free tool that can take any website URL and show you the best performing content on that site.  It’s called Buzzsumo.

You can signup for a free account over there, and get started (you can have a couple of searches without signing up).  As with most great free services, there are paid plans for those who need more power.

Let me show you an example of Buzzsumo in action.  Let’s suppose I have a site on the Paleo diet.  If I search Google for “paleo diet”, the top competitor is this site:


If I type that URL into Buzzsumo, I get to see the best performing content on that site:


In this case, I’ve ordered the results by Pinterest shares, since Pinterest is a great place to get viral traffic.  However, I could just as easily look at the most shared content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ by ordering by those columns.

Also not this:


Unfortunately only Pro users can see those backlinks (these are the backlinks to the article), but for those serious about their SEO, that information would be really valuable.  The View Sharers button below the Backlinks button does allow free users to see a selection of people on Twitter that shared the content.  Could be useful to include one or two prominent individuals from that list in a tweet of your own Winking smile

Buzzsumo has a lot more nice tools and features, but I’ll leave you to explore those on your own.

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3 thoughts on “Spy on competitors for best content ideas

  • Norm

    Hello Dr. Andy!

    Hey, this is pretty darned sneaky. I suppose with a little imagination it might give a little bit of an edge. It’s always nice when you can use the other fellow’s research or good fortune as a lead instead of always having to be the one to invent the wheel.

    Always good inspiring stuff from the AndyLab!

    Your Alabama pal,

  • Mark

    Thanks for taking the time to post this Andy, and of course for the head’s up.

    May in fact come in really handy indeed!!! Will head on over there now and see what it offers.

    Much appreciate you sharing this!


    PS I see you changed this page where normally there’s some type of Captcha to enter.