Google’s Keyword Planner Hides Keywords, but you can find them…

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Google keyword Planner, like the Google keyword tool before it, has limitations.  One of the limitations is that it actually hides keywords from you.  And, I’m not talking about some theoretical keyword or word combination that no one searches for.  I am talking about real keyword phrases that are typed into the Google search engine every day.

I recorded a video to show you this.  The video also shows a way of grabbing these hidden gems and then insert them back into the Google Keyword Planner to let Google analyze them for us.

I use this method to brainstorm:

  1. Ideas for niche content.
  2. Ideas for new niche sites.
  3. Ideas for book titles when I am writing a book in a niche.
  4. Ideas for videos that I can use to promote my site, affiliate products or my books.

Would you like a “free” copy of that keyword tool I use in the video?

I have never released this keyword tool other than to my “Insider Members” and I probably won’t ever release it for general sale.  However, I am trying to do an experiment in Kindle Publishing and need 10+ sales in a day to do my testing.

My “How to Use Evernote” book is currently on special at $2.99.  I am giving away a free bonus copy of my keyword tool to anyone that orders my Evernote book and leaves an honest review.  All you need to do is buy it on Amazon, read it, leave a review and send me an email with a copy of your receipt and link to the review.   In return, I’ll send you a download link where you can grab my keyword scraper tool.

This offer may close soon and without notice.

You can send my a copy of your receipt to [email protected]

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14 thoughts on “Google’s Keyword Planner Hides Keywords, but you can find them…”

    1. This tool does not need proxies. You won’t get banned. In fact, this tool will still work even if you have a temporary IP ban in place.

  1. Kevin Williams

    Hi Any

    Does your offer include purchases from as well as ?

  2. OK Andy…. Awesome video, please oh please send me the link to buy your tool 🙂 Yeah, you already know I trust everything you say and will take action and buy what you recommend always 🙂

  3. Hi Andy,

    Having used Evernote since its inception, I’m pretty proficient with it thus not needing a book.

    However, I’d gladly still pay for your tool if it’s Mac compatible.

    By the looks of it, it doesn’t seem so which would be a real shame, especially now when we’re in 2014 where Windows only software is greatly dwindling.

    If not then, I will humbly respect and accept that and I thank you anyway for your kind effort to post this article and video. 🙂


  4. Hi Andy, I bought your book on that day (Thailand time) and sent you the receipt from Amazon a few days ago, and am still waiting for your reply, so please check you spam box.
    I also subscribed on the Fat Content website and also didn’t get any info yet, except for the confirm link email …
    Thanks and congratulations for your books and videos, it’s all excellent!

  5. Thanks a lot Andy, i got it!
    Your scrapper is amazing, it gives me so many ideas!!!

    Is there a way to make it crawl also a specific Google website, like or
    Thanks again for this cool tool :O)

  6. Hi Andy, I do not use evernote, but the tool is impressive and I want it. Is this offer still open? If it is, I will buy the book right away 🙂

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