Are You Ready for Gutenberg?

A more important question is, will your site be ready?  There are a lot of concerns over this latest WordPress upgrade that will incorporate a page builder style editor for adding posts and pages.  Some people are worried about backward compatibility.  Others are imploring WordPress to make this as a plugin instead of a core WordPress feature.  Although Gutenberg will be built into WordPress and the default editor in a forthcoming release, you can download a plugin that shows you what it does and how it works.  Unfortunately, the plugin has had mixed reviews, mostly very low:

gutenberg review

I have been playing around with Gutenberg and find it really buggy, so hopefully it is still a long way off.  There were rumours that WordPress were going to add a link to “Try Gutenberg” to the current or next version of WordPress, but based on my own experiences, feedback and reviews so far, I hope they push it back until it really is ready and battle tested.

To help you make sense of all this, I recorded a video that shows the basic use of Gutenberg, plus how you will be able to disable it when WordPress do force it on you.


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17 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Gutenberg?”

  1. John Williams

    Great Video, explained a lot for me…. as i had started to pick up the bad press on Gutenberg….

    Will start to experiment on one of the sites to see what happens.

    Thanks John W

  2. Andy, thank you very much for taking the time to provide this. I was just curious (and hoping that you might know) how my websites, being that I use a theme and builder from Elegant Themes called DIVI, will work with Gutenberg when it is incorporated into the core of WordPress. Meaning, if I have pages that utilize the DIVI builder, do you know if everything will remain the same (and continue working) or is it likely that when Gutenberg becomes part of WordPress core, will the DIVI builder have problems? Do you have any thoughts or insight regarding this?


  3. Marty Hobson

    Hi Andy. Great article! If we currently use another page builder – Thrive Themes, Divi, Beaver Builder, etc. – I am assuming that Gutenberg won’t interfere. In other words, it only affects the native editor users. Am I correct or is that wishful thinking?

  4. Barry Breen

    Hi Andy,
    Thank you for another informative video. They are always helpful and I appreciate the time that you put into figuring all this stuff out for us. Just thought I would throw my two cents worth in and say that from your video Gutenberg doesn’t really look all that bad. I know there are always bugs in new production but hopefully they will work them out and we can have some cool new tools. I’ve been using plugin page builders for some time and this might actually save a step for me.

    Thanks again for all you do.

    1. I don’t personally use page builders Barry, but comments from some people that do suggest that Gutenberg is lacking a lot of features of established page builder plugins. I guess we have to wait and see what happens with this.

  5. Nice to see what it looks like. Thanks for this Andy and for mentioning how to block it for a while until the techs get this sorted out

  6. Donna White

    Thanks for the video. This is very helpful. I currently use a theme that has customized post types. I guess we’ll see what happens.

    Take care,
    Donna 🙂

  7. This looks very much like the editor that JetPack brings up sometimes. Looks good, but functionality may be an issue. I will download and play. Thanks for the excellent introduction! David

  8. Thanks Andy. The other page builder I use not mentioned already is Site Origin which integrates with the WordPress wysiwyg editor. I’ll have a look next week as I figure this one may well be affected. (I’m a web designer so got a fair few sites to test… more fun after GDPR! ?)

  9. Nicos Stylianou

    Hi Andy, thanks for the heads up on Gutenberg.

    I have updated my site to 4.9.8 and now I see the option of either installing the Gutenberg plugin, or installing the Classic Editor plugin which as I understand gives you the option to stay with the classic editor and disable gutenberg which will be activated in version 5 by default, until you are ready to make the switch.

    In case you know, is that classic editor plugin similar to the disable gutenberg plugin that you recommend?

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