Compensating for the Keyword Research Tools

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When I look at my server logs to see how people find my websites, I usually have a wry smile on my face.  You see, my pages are “optimized” for 100s of keyword phrases, and most of these phrases never appear in keyword research tools.


Yes, I know it sounds strange.

To illustrate my point, I wanted to highlight one page on my diabetes site.

Using a few of the most popular keyword research tools, I tried to research keyword phrases related to that page.  The keyword research tools didn't do badly.  Between them, they managed to come up with 10 – 15 phrases related to that page.

I then headed over to Google Analytics to check how many phrases the page had been found for.  Analytics showed me over 600.

Want to see the video?

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10 thoughts on “Compensating for the Keyword Research Tools”

  1. Julie Chrisler


    This was an interesting and very helpful video, however I could not tell what the keyword spider is spidering (searching against) by the video and I do not understand where all the keywords that the spider is returning are coming from. Other than that bit of confusion on my part, the video is useful.

    Could you explain what it being spidered so I can understand where the keywords are coming from?

    Thank you for all the work you have done on KRA and related topics. I continue to work on learning how to operate KRA Pro in the best fashion, and find all of your material to be nicely executed and easily understood. I just want to thank you for your efforts documenting KRA Pro, and providing learning materials, they really do help.

    Regards, Julie

    1. Julie
      The Keyword Spider gets its info from the top ranking pages in Google. It is explained in more detail in the updated Keyword Spider video that comes with KRA Pro.

  2. Hi Andy,
    The spider is my favourite tool on KRA-Pro. I’m still new to SEO, so could you give a quick explination as to when I might want to use the Meta Tag search?

    Thank you

    1. Generally you wont, unless you just want a quick check to see what other sites have put in their meta tags. I only ever use it when I want spider results quickly, but for creating a theme word list, I always use the Page Text search. Incidentally, if you do Site Blueprints in KRA Pro, and you get KRA Pro to find theme words automatically from the web, it will use the meta tags simply because the pagetext option would require a lot of editing which kind of defeats the purpose for that feature.

  3. Hi Andy,

    Another really useful video – thanks.

    Some time back I think you mentioned that you were working on a new product – kind of combined KRA Pro and Content Creator.

    Any news on that?

    It sounds like a brilliant tool….


    1. Its on hold while I concentrate on my own affiliate websites for a while. Products = lots of support, and that eats into my time working on my websites.

  4. Andy, ol’ buddy, I am pretty new at this IM stuff. However, I have been looking at Traffic Travis, which seems to do many of the things that the other keyword research tools do. Should it be on your lab list?

    1. I am going to start creating content for the tools I do use (and there are a few not mentioned yet). When I have covered the tools I know, I’ll look for other tools to create content on.

  5. The link is broken to the WordPress for Affiliates Course, is this course still available to do? I’m currently doing your WordPress for Beginners Course on Udemy, its going well, if you have an affiliate course i would like to do that after as i plan to do affiliate sites. Do you have a link to that course or recommend any other courses you have made to do after the beginners course. Thanks!

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