Essential pages for any WordPress site

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The title is slightly misleading.  These “essential” pages are not just for WordPress sites, but for ALL web sites.

The pages are:

1. Terms of Use

2. Privacy

3. Disclaimer (I have seen Terms of Use and Disclaimer combined onto a single page).

4. Contact Us

The first three pages listed here are legal documents to keep you out of trouble.

Since these documents are legal documents, you should really get a lawyer to help you create them, or check over your documents once you have completed them.  A cheaper way is to buy a package like the one above.  These documents are written by lawyers with a good knowledge of Internet Law.  If you are serious about your online business, I highly recommend you create these pages.

To create the pages in WordPress is simple.

Go to Write -> Page in the menu bar at the top.  A blank page will open.  Type in a title of “Terms”, and write (or copy and paste) your terms content in the main box.  When you have finished, publish the page.

Repeat with Privacy and Disclaimer.

These pages will now show up on your site in the menu on the right.  In a later tutorial, we'll move these to the footer bar, and also add a “nofollow” tag to stop the search engines ranking the pages.

O K, the final page you need to create is a Contact Us Page.

For this one, the easiest method of implementing a contact us page is to use a plugin.  Here is the one I recommend:

WP Contact Form

Install the plugin.

Once installed, go to the Write – Page menu item to create a new blank page.  Enter a title (I recommend “Contact Us”).

In the main content area of the page,  type in the following:


If you are using the All In One Adsense and YPN plugin, I recommend you also include the following text in the main body of the contact us page:


This will just prevent Adsense showing up on the contact form.

Publish the page.

Again, this page will appear in the site menu.  There will be a contact form on the “Contact Us” page, and information submitted on this forum will be emailed to you.  Below is a screenshot of the contact form.


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  1. Hey Andy, these tutorials are a fantastic help to those not in the know, and believe you me, there are plenty of us that get confused by the so called simplicity in setting up blogs! Your efforts are appreciated 🙂



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