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How I write a top quality article

A lot of Internet Marketers look at content the wrong way.  All they are interested in is getting their site populated with content, as long as it’s half-decent (some don’t even have that criteria).  The problem is, poor content really cannot hide in Google.  If something is really bad, the visitors will vote with their time on site, bounces back to Google and total lack of any social interaction with the site.  The truth is, with Google’s Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, human raters and real people visiting your site while being monitored by Google (via a web browser or other method,) poor content will just not cut it any more.

I get asked by a lot of people for help creating content, so I decided to go through the complete process of writing a high quality article.  Before I share that with you though, I wanted to tell you why it is so difficult to optimize content around a keyword phrase.  It's all explained in this video:

So with that out of the way, let's write an article.

The topic I have chosen is probiotic supplements. We've all heard about probiotics before, but is it necessary to take supplements and what exactly do they do?  I decided to find out as I wrote an article for my website.

For this, I use Web Content Studio.

Planning a Quality Article

Now that I know the important topics for the article, I need to start researching the actual material I can write about.  As I go through the research, I usually find that I have way too much stuff to write about and need to split up the article into several smaller articles.

Researching the content of the article

Here is a video showing how I research the contents of my articles:

With the article written, the final stage is to check the LSI of the article.

Checking the Article’s LSI

This series used Web Content Studio.

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Want to Learn WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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31 thoughts on “How I write a top quality article”

    1. Have you checked the volume level on the video itself? I admit I have had some problems with my computer after upgrading to a laptop with Windows 8, but I do hear my voice quite loud.

      1. Just wanted to chime in here regarding your voice level on the video. You are soft spoken, but you come in loud and clear when both the video and computer sound levels are set properly. I am on Windows7.

        Thanks for making this section on writing and researching articles. I hope you will find the time and tell us how to do proper citations when finding excellent information from another source.

        For any of you looking for different ways to do keyword research I came across this link on a forum. The link is not my website but I hope some find it as useful as I did.

      2. I’m using iPad to browse your website and watch the video. I increased the volume up to 90% to hear your voice. While in Youtu eor other Facebook videos I only set the volume around 40-50%. Thanks Dr!

  1. Hi Andy,

    Even for a well-versed writer for many years, (if I truly humbly say so myself), I think this is a great idea given all that’s occurred over the last 2-3 years.

    I look forward to anything that I haven’t learned already, to see if I can add that little extra ‘something to the mix’. Whether it be research tidbits that may have changed over the years since I started IM 6 years ago, or even basic keyword research tactics that was once the norm, but may now be obsolete.

    So I think it’s great you’re spending time doing this for people – moreso in 2013 given all the turmoil recently.

    Thanks for your efforts!

  2. HI Andy

    When I start my research I’ll open all the top ten websites that come up from the initial keyword in Google and quickly scan through them. When I then use Web Content Studio to collect all the words from the site if there are any spurious words or phrases that don’t seem to quite belong in there then I tend to know from my scanning.

    Many times I’ve found that apart from articles that have been scraped, there are also advertisements on those pages that have contributed to the words supplied but are not directly relevant to the subject as a whole. On this occasion the Opera Winfrey connection was relevant but it’s that kind of thing that often comes up as a false trail.

    The other thing a quick visual scan can give is all those subject categories that came out at you will jump out a lot quicker and more accurately than it is often possible to guess at. Your subject has very clear cut categories but many do not have. It’s the quick scan that can help in these cases.

    Looking forward to your next installment as I’ve not seen WCS used like this before.


    Tony C

  3. Hello

    I am user of Web Content Studio. I greatly enjoy this article series. I have one question: With all the effort that you put into the writing and the analysis, how are the chances that your article will rank on the first page of Google’s search results whitout further ado (like building backlinks)?


  4. Excellent videos as usual Andy. I had to LOL at one point though when you were doing an edit and went “…no that’s a genus so has to be a capital ‘C'” – spot the scientist eh?

    Great to see WCS used by the guy who created it – especially the LSI evaluation section.

  5. Hi Andy,

    Does your webcontent studio software exclude Google local plus pages when it analyzes theme word phrase value report?


  6. Thanks Dr. Andy, as usual you make it look so easy. Sometimes I can procrastinate for weeks on writing projects just because I don’t particularly enjoy writing. I have WCS but haven’t used it for a while. Thanks for refreshing my memory on how useful of a tool it really is. I’m going to write some articles this way and I think it will be easier and faster…and I think it will prevent some of my procrastination.

  7. Great article ! Once agin you demonstrate that video is primary selling point – i know about WCS studio some yeaers now, but after i see youre demostration i am very close to buy it.
    I cant found any info on WCS updates or versions – i mean is in full price included upgrades ? Whats current version ? And since this great tool is LSI orientated – will WCS works for other than english languages with same quality ? Can WCS feetch in other language and from local non us Google servers ? Is possibile to import and use user thesaurus ?

    1. WCS is updated when an update is needed. The last update was yesterday to add the Italian Google to the spider. That partly answers your other questions, yes, it works with a number of languages. The software has spelling and thesaurus built in.

  8. Hello. Can you give us a short update whether all that effort leads to results without further ado? Does the article rank? What needs to be done to make it rank? Thank you. Harald

    1. Unfortunately having a good quality article is just the first step in any website. Backlinks are also essential. I am hoping to update this article in the not too distant future to show what kind of effort it takes to rank the article. It is already indexed in Google and getting traffic on a brand new site, but I want to monitor it for a while before adding a few backlinks.

  9. I enjoyed watching your research and right that article. It makes me think I can do it too.

    It did a bit tedious but the end result was terrific.



    1. The thing is, when you are used to doing this, you can knock out an article in an hour or so. That may sound like a lot of time for some, but you really do need to put the effort into the content on your site or it just wont stick through the Google updates.

      1. WCS allows you to create the kind of content that will stick in the serps though Ray and as Andy says writing is one of those things you simply get better at with time.

        Spun content and $5 articles just aren’t going to cut it if you get a human reviewer looking at your site, or worse again if your competitor reports you.

        One of the best examples of what even reasonable quality content can do for a business is with Demand Media – 1,000,000 unique visitors per month to their different sites, and they have revenues to match!

  10. Billy Roberts

    Hi Andy, after i watched the videos i bought WCS. I am going through a learning phase figuring what everything does. I believe this is the best software i have ever bought. Do you think you will add links to these videos inside WCS?

      1. Billy Roberts

        I really hope you do. The videos really show how quick and easy writing an article is.

  11. Ron Thomson

    Andy I have a question. I have owned for about 12 years. When I first got it it was making me a lot of money each month. It started to downhill due to neglect working on other things. Panda killed it off totally.

    What I was doing was writing some thoughts on various love letters written over the years. However to do that I have to include the original letter. The letters may appear on other sites although my content above and below are totally original.

    How can publish thoughts and advice on writing these letters without including the original letter? I thought about putting them into an image but this does not work well on mobile phones etc.

    we have over 200 of these letters although half are now in draft form whilst being given longer top and tails. I don’t want to close the site completely but am tempted. We also own which has the same problem.

    Ron and Carol

    1. It’s a dilemma. Personally, if the letters are on other sites, I WOULD use images for them. You could find an image size that worked well on mobile (less words per line), and maybe serve up a different image on mobile platforms compared to desktop. However, do people want to copy and paste these letters? That would obviously not be possible with an image, though a download would solve that.

    1. Fat Content Creator was the very first program I created to help people write better content. It was a free bonus for those that bought my Fat Content Course (which I stopped selling several years ago).
      Web Content Studio evolved out of that and added in a Keyword Spider that helps you harvest the most important theme words. In Fat Content Creator you had to find your own theme words. Fat Content Creator is no longer supported.

  12. Hi Andy,
    I would like to say THANK YOU for your most recent WCS update. I am using your Web Content Studio software as part of my research when creating outlines for the writer that I hired a couple of weeks ago. I’m working to increase the number of pages that I publish from 1 a week to 2 or 3.

    I’ve gone through the complete article writing process for about 10 articles. Now I’m trying to streamline the outlining. I was finding it very difficult because the Theme Report was only returning results from 3 or 4 of the top 10 ranked Google pages.

    Now the directions in this article and the videos make sense! ( “Planning a Quality Article” video Apr 26, 2013 ) Of course I’m going to have to go back through my new pages and run the Report again (like the one that I put in your website form field). But that’s a good thing!

    You mentioned somewhere that you can create an outline for one of your writers in about 70 minutes. I find that astounding.

    It is still taking me about 4 to 5 hours. Now it could be that I’m trying too hard to find more useful or memorable language to repackage existing information for my readers. And that I am not an expert in the niche. But I’m hoping that it’s also just not being familiar with the WCS process.

    Do you just limit your outline to major bullet points and let the writer do the research? Or do you state what you want as the Title, Meta keywords and Description and include specific information under the main bullet points?

    My apologies if you’ve written about this process before on your website. I would be grateful for any insights you may have into the outlining for outsourced writers process or just a link to a page.

    Once again, a BIG THANK YOU for the update to a great piece of software for website business owners.
    ~ Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy
      THe outlines I give my writer is simple. For each article I want written, it includes the main topic of the article and a list of 5-6 URLs that I like on that topic.
      THe main topic is in the form of a working title, though I want the writer to come up with a better title. The URLs are there so the writer has some initial research to go on, and it will cover the kinds of things I want covered. If there are any article specific requirements, I will also state them, but they are simple things like “I want to promote this particular product so make it sound good”, or “the article needs to be pro high fat, low carb diet”, or “I want the article to be biased twoards….”

      The outline for my writer will typically be for 20 articles.

      The thing is, I know and trust my writer. We have worked together for some time now and I know how he works, and he knows what I want. Therefore my outlines can be a lot less specific. For new writers, you would need to give them a lot more information.

      1. Hi Andy, just read your book and I’m really excited! Do you have any available outline for writer? Where did you find very good writer? I think about textbroker …

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