Is LSI still important in 2015?

We’ve had Panda, we’ve had Penguin, and the latest is the Hummingbird.

A question I get asked on a weekly basis is this:

Is LSI still important for SEO?

With Google unleashing an array of vicious updates, is LSI still as important as it was? In this video, I look at the evidence. The results are nothing short of conclusive!

And here is another video:

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Comments below please…

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10 thoughts on “Is LSI still important in 2015?”

  1. Hello Dr. Andy,
    That was a very comprehensive video. Greatly enjoyed watching it. That must have taken a good amount of time to research so thank you for that. I feel like I just attended an advanced SEO seminar. Excellent job and very informative especially the historical context.

    As a long time user of Web Content Studio, (purchased the day it was released) I have anecdotal evidence that it has always worked, but to see the results once again tested is certainly helpful.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to verify the importance of LSI and the continuing relevance of the product.

    1. Thanks for that Tony. I suspected it would be otherwise why would the CPC at Google be so high? Anyway, it doesn’t change the fact that the phrase is repeated over and over again, as I am abosuletly sure there are other ways you can write that, and would, if you were writing the same article for a quality building trade publication.

  2. Hello Dr. Andy,
    As you electronically visit the provinces preaching your epistle of WCS, you create disciples, of which I claim the title as the original in Alabama. For non believers, your video should create an epiphany moment, (This is a word which should be spelled epifany.) also turning them into adherents.

    Open your eyes, ye searchers of the truth of SEO.

    As I normally gush over your pinpoint articles and vids, I decided to approach my gushings a little differently this time to drive home the point that WCS gives its users an unfair advantage over those who don’t have it. I have used and gushed about it for years. You’ll do some gushing yourself when you feel the surging power beneath your quivering fingertips!

  3. Although I’m impressed by the evidence – there’s something in your logic that’s bothering me.
    (1) You create a tool that analyses the words used by the top sites… and then
    (2) you use that same tool to prove that sites using those words are ranking high in Google.

    Well, honestly… how could they not? That’s how you designed WCS.

    I think that the only way to really prove your theory, is if you add a new article to Google (one with a 100% score) and than show that it eventually ranks in the top 10.

    Do you have evidence like that as well?

    1. Hi Rob
      You have a valid point about where the keywords are coming from, which is why I addresses that 3 years ago in an article I wrote. It used WCS to gather theme words from pages ranked much lower down Google, I think it was around the 100 mark.

      Asking an article to rank just because it has a 100% score is futile. Getting on page SEO and themeing is the first step in ranking a page. I have never said that this was the only thing you have to do to rank a page in the top 10, in fact, I have always said the opposite (you will see that I say this in the article above). This is the first stage and NOT a loophole to better rankings.

  4. Hi Andy –
    Awesome video. Thanks for investing the time and effort to continue to shed light on the necessity of theming our web pages. I likewise purchased WCS along time ago and glad I did . . .

    As always, you’ve given top notch information that can be trusted and stands the test of time within the Google world.


  5. LSI is not a trick. You must have this in your mind when you’re adding content to your website. Always make sure to give title according to your article because it is important in SEO. Do not use your keyword again and again in your content because it will look like the keyword stuffing and the search engine may red flag you in such case.

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