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Finding where your pages rank for certain keyword terms is important to make sure your efforts are having the desired effect.  The best rank checker I have found actually comes bundled as one of the modules in Market Samurai.  You can get a free trial of Market Samurai here.

In the video, we’ll look at how Market Samurai not only tells you where the page ranks, but also tracks it over time with a nice graph that can also show you a wealth of other information like:

  • Page rank changes over time
  • different pages on your site that rank for the same term
  • back links to your page (and site) over time
  • Rankings over time in Google, Yahoo & Bing
  • plus lots more

Here is the video of how this rank checker works:

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6 thoughts on “Market Samurai Rank Checker”

  1. Rank Checker is one of the strongest points of Market Samurai. It is so easy to track progress for many pages and on many keywords. You can easily spot low rankings for some keyword or drop because of some change.

  2. I love rank checker with Market Samurai, it’s a great feature. I use it on every project to track multiple sets of keywords and pages as well as web 2.0 sites and article urls… absolutely fantastic. In a glance you can see where your rankings are and if you need to do some more work or if you’re slipping for your keywords all in one place.



    MS is a great tool, but since the latest update it hangs and eats up all of the CPU resources. I’ve got a ticket in to them now… it’s unusable at the moment.


    1. When was the last update Brett? I am not having any problems with it.

  4. Hi Andy,

    I am quite disapointed with the Market Samurai Rank Tracker.

    Did you confirm the results it gives you? I checked them manually vor different sites and they differ quite a lot!

    Especially if you are tracking rankings from other countries like . But the data is not reliable as well. I even had sites ranking on page 1 and market samurai said I am not in the top 1000.

    Can you check on that?

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