Niche Keyword Research with Market Samurai

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In my last Market Samurai tutorial, I showed you how great Market Samurai is at finding & evaluating micro niches. I have had a lot of requests for a tutorial showing a more in-depth keyword research using Market Samurai. In this tutorial I’ll look for a niche in the fitness area, and then once I have decided on the niche, I’ll show you how to go about identifying phrases to use within that niche (as well as how to structure your site).

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22 thoughts on “Niche Keyword Research with Market Samurai”

  1. publisher

    Do you look at competition when choosing your category keywords, why or why not.
    How about competition for article keywords.


    1. For categories, competition is irrelevant. The main category page is not going to get much traffic anyway, and even if you did rank #1 on Google for your main phrase of the category page, it would not convert very well – the phrases used for the categories are “browsing for info” phrases. Its only when you get down to the main content on the site – the articles, that you need to think about competition. I touched on competition in the Micro NIche video last week, but maybe I’ll do a video looking at competition in more detail.

  2. Hamant Keval

    Hi Andy
    I’ve had Market Samurai for some time now and its probably one of the best tools I have purchased.
    Your videos are super clear and very easy t follow along to do the niche research required.

    Great series and you make it look so simple as well.
    Very well done . many thanks and look forward to more of the same


    Ps I feel sorry for you in that Swelterring heat of Teneriffe.
    You can swap places anytime with the Cold damp UK !

    1. Hamant
      There should be plenty more videos on Market Samurai in the coming weeks. As for the UK swap, tempting, but I think I’ll pass 😉

  3. Hey Andy,

    The quality of your tutorials are excellent. Keyword research for me is one where I regularly get paralysis by analysis. The reason being that I feel keyword research is so vitally important and can be the difference between success and failure.

    There are a lot of people doing vids on MS research but the truth is (I mean no disrespect to others)I only feel comfortable following someone that I really trust with this kind of stuff.

    I have had KRA Pro since you first offered it. I know you are really busy but I for one would be happy to pay for a course, step by step in using MS and KRA pro for keyword research.

    A paid course taking me by the hand thru this would give me the extra confidence I feel I need and would cut down on the time I spend on it.



    1. Hugh
      While I dont intend to do a paid course on MS and KRA Pro, I am happy to keep releasing videos on the use of both tools. If you have specific questions, post them on this site as a comment and I’ll happily answer them (and maybe do tutorials based on your questions).

  4. With Market Samurai I have already found quite a lot of micro niches. It is so easy! Now I can not imagine internet marketing without Market Samurai.

  5. Thanks for a very useful training video.
    Now that we have identified our categories and articles headers, what is the best way to find content for the articles.

  6. I just saw your video on Market S and how to integrate it into KRA Pro. What a useful tool. I can see how it could definite speed up my research in keywords in the intent to creat good solid content webpages. Once again thank you.

  7. Hi Andy,

    Thanks very much for the great video. I actually have a question in relation to NicheHorde. If you are using that service, aren’t you concerned about all the ‘eyeballs’ in the same place? I mean, isn’t it much more likely that you’ll end up with more competition than if you simply came up with ideas yourself and used Market Samurai instead?


    1. Martin
      Not really. There are currently over 3.7 million keyword phrases in Niche Horde. With a few hundred users, I don’t think there is a competition problem. Even if there was a lot more users than that, most of them will be throwing up sites without much effort, and those sites wont really be competition to the people who do things the right way.

  8. Andy,

    I have your KRA pro and SEO website Builder Both great products even though I use WordPress mainly these days. Point is I also like your input on things.

    You do not speak of the competition checking features of market Samurai. Quite seriously, it is the only reason I would buy it.

    On the sales page it talks about using color coded keywords to show you which keywords are worth pursuing and which ones are not worth it at all. Yet, in your video here, i do not see that feature.

    What can you tell me about the analysis features of Market Samurai?

  9. Hi Andy,

    Please forgive me if my question is stupid, I’m still very new at this. I’m getting started working from home on a limited income so I had the thought that I would be better off starting with Market Samurai rather then having to pay for nichebot or wordtracker each month. Until I have generated enough income to afford more research tools. Is Market Samurai a good enough tool for me to do that? (keeping in mind that I’m keeping everything as simple as possible at this stage)

    Thank you Andy, I appreciate all the information you give out both freely, and as suuport with your products.


  10. I am hugely impressed at how easy you made the process look! In this one video you did niche selection as well as category selection and article titles!

    I’ve been puzzling over how to choose categories for a silo website.

    From the video it looks like you can choose a category based on your understanding of a niche and then generate keywords for it using the “ignore additional” setting in market samurai or by generating a master keyword list and filtering in KRA.

    Is that correct Andy?

    1. When I am designing a site, I like to do broad keyword research – that will give me categories based on the most demand phrases. I’ll then do a more comprehensive research on each category. If you have KRA or KRA Pro, I wouldn’t necessarily use the Ignore additional feature of Market Samurai, since KRA can filter out the good stuff.

  11. Steve Woodward

    Andy: Thanks very much for your videos. Great help.

    However, your video on using Market Samurai to select the best keywords said that you were “Looking for AWA with lowish SEOTCR”.

    Bought MS this week, but can’t find any AWA so far. Am using AWCPC instead, but could you comment on what you would use now with AWA gone?


    1. MS had to remove AWA because their source stopped providing the information. Unfortunate, but these things happens. AWA was VERY useful.

      1. Steve Woodward


        Now that AWA no longer is available for MS, could you tell me what criterion you use instead, if any?


        1. I dont get that info from MS anymore, I use Spyfu or KeywordSpy for phrases I am interested in. It was a lot more convenient and quicker when MS had this info, so I hope they bring it back.

  12. I am thinking about purchasing Market Samurai because I have seen alot of good reviews on this product. I have a question about your categories on the pages. Wouldn’t it be better to create actually pages and have to articles on those pages instead of having categories? Because then it would seem like a blog instead of a static website. I am new to creating niche sites and I’m trying to learn main differences in website structure, etc.

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