No time for exercise?

About 8 years ago I started walking to help keep myself in shape.  Let’s be honest, sitting in front of a computer all day does nothing for your waistline.  To begin with, I felt guilty about going for my walks.  The walk itself was about an hour and 15 minutes, but getting to and from my walk, then the shower afterwards meant my exercise was taking away about 2 hours of work time. 

The way I reconciled this time with myself was to “work” while I walked.  No, I didn’t take my laptop with me Smile with tongue out.  I took my mobile phone and listened to podcasts.  I am now on my third phone since I started these walks.  In fact, when I upgraded from my Samsung S3 to my current Note 3, I did so because the S3 phone jack had stopped working!

As you can tell, I am an Android user.  I did have an iPhone many years ago but when it broke, I tried Android and have never looked back.  To listen to podcasts, I use an App called BeyondPod. 


Unfortunately it’s Android only I think.

I have tried a few podcast apps, but this one is great.  I have a nice collection of podcasts that I listen to while I am out walking, many of which are educational, but not all.  As I’ve gotten older, I feel less guilty about my walks, so indulge in fun, entertaining podcasts that often make me laugh out loud as I am walking around the streets of Puerto de la Cruz.

So what Podcasts do I listen to?

Well I kind of go in cycles, preferring one podcast for a while, then switching to a different one.  Here is a small selection of a few favourites:

  • Affiliate Buzz with James Martell.  I even appeared on episode 219 of that show.
  • Entrepreneur Boost with Chris Guthrie.
  • Niche Pursuits.
  • Self Publishing Podcast (and their Better Off Undead podcast for entertainment, though don’t listen to that one if you are easily offended).
  • Bulletproof Radio.

Do you listen to podcasts?  I’d love to know what your favourites are.  Please leave a comment below if you want to share some, or even share the app you use to listen to them.

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8 thoughts on “No time for exercise?”

  1. I understand about the guilt taking time away from the desk to exercise. I’ve never thought of doing something educational while stretching the legs but stretching the mind as well is a great idea. There are, of course, all kinds of educational audio books and your article has prompted me to do something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time and that is to break into another foreign language. Lots of learning to be done there while walking. But it’s possible to start learning anything new in this way. Learning something new is one of the repeated recommendations to guard against the ageing brain, Alzheimer’s, creeping senility etc. If learning something new doesn’t grab you, imagine the amount of music you can listen to while walking for an hour or so a day especially if it’s related to the music you play yourself on whatever instrument. It’s a really great idea but always look around you while walking, there’s so much wonder to see and admire.

    I’ll look at Buzzsumo too, it loos promising.

  2. Hard for me to listen educational podcasts while exercising I need to take notes 🙂 thanks for motivating post.

  3. Wow, I can’t believe that James Martell is still around! I’m interested to see what he’s up to now.

    Just to let you know Andy….although walking is of course MUCH better than just sitting all day, but that’s definitely not enough!!!!

    Walking doesn’t get your heart rate up enough to acquire maximum benefits of exercise and health longevity. And if you want to remain ‘truly’ healthy and lose weight, that alone just ain’t gonna cut it by a long shot.

    You have to occasionally (more so regularly) do much more intense exercising than simply walking.

    I’m a former fitness personal trainer and if you’re not doing stuff to get that heart rate up hovering around 80% of your body’s respective standard make-up (depending on your weight, age, etc), you might as well just take a leisurely stroll on the beach just to get fresh air in your lungs.

    You’ve got to SWEAT Pal!

    I’ve never in all my years ever sweated from merely walking, UNLESS it’s under blistering sun/heat, but never strictly from exertion alone.

    But then again, intense exercise and retaining podcast content isn’t all that easy……I’ve tried. 🙂


    1. Mark
      In my case walking is enough. If you’ve never been to Tenerife, then you won’t know it is very hilly (it’s actually a volcano), so my walks include steep hills. At a fast pace (about 65-70 mintes for a 6.5 km walk) in the heat (which is usually 25 – 35C in the summer), I definitely sweat and get my heart into the target zone. In fact, over the last few years my resting pulse has steadily dropped into the 60s, which it hasn’t been since I was at University.



  4. Yes! I felt exactly the same way. I was so worried and felt so guilty about taking time out to go walk on the beach every day because I wasn’t at home spending that time working. Then someone mentioned a podcast they were listening to that was awesome and I felt jealous because I just have no time for that and can’t listen while I work. Then I realized “Wait a minute! I can listen w.h.i.l.e. I walk! I CAN do that! (and chew gum and walk too, sometimes…). I love listening to audio books as well. I’m currently listening to The Power of Ambition written and read by Jim Rohn and the podcasts Flipped Lifestyle with Shane and Jocelyn Sams and 1 Day Business Breakthrough with Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker. By the way, I’d never heard of Puerto de la Cruz but I’m glad I read some of your comments. I DO speak Spanish and am planning to start traveling at the end of this year. Looking for amazing places in the world to check out for at least 3 months at a time. Would you recommend? What took you there? From the pictures I see online it certainly looks like my kind of place! We are currently on Kaua’i.
    Thanks for all you do!

    1. Deanna
      Yes, Tenerife is nice. I came here to teach in a British school and have been here ever since. My wife is from here and my kids we both born here. 3 months should be enough time to see the island.



  5. Hi Andy,

    Hope TFS is treating you well, I’d be surprised if it isn’t! 🙂

    I’ve never been into podcasts and exercise is something I don’t do anywhere near as much as I should so maybe I should look at this combination!

    Thanks for the recommendations, I will look into all of them and do some research for others too!

    All the best!


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