WordPress 4.7. Upgrade Problem–Easy Fix

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A friend on a private forum asked me if I had encountered any problems upgrading to WordPress 4.7.  I hadn’t updated any of my sites at the time, so couldn’t help him.  However, I did then start updating my websites to WordPress  4.7 and then WordPress 4.7.1.  That’s when the problems began.  I got errors on nearly every site I tried to upgrade.  After much playing around, I narrowed it down to the plugins installed on my sites.  Whenever a plugin is causing you a problem, you can deactivate it and the problem should go away.  I had two problems:

  1. I didn’t know which plugin was causing the problem.
  2. I couldn’t get into my Dashboard.  Trying to login just took me to an error page.

However, there is more than one way to deactivate a plugin, or plugins.  The following video shows you the upgrade problems that I have been experiencing, and how I fixed it.

If you have had problems yourself, I’d love to hear about them.  Leave a comment below.  Thanks.

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13 thoughts on “WordPress 4.7. Upgrade Problem–Easy Fix”

  1. I’m pretty sure it was the 4.7.1 release that caused the problem as everything was fine till then. Only one of my sites was affected, the 500 error, as in your video. I was a little lucky in that the 500 error was intermittent so I was able to disable plugins and activate one by one from the dashboard when it decided to come back again. When all the plugins were disabled, everything was fine. After I had activated each plugin one by one (and checked I could get into the dashboard each time), all was well – but only for a few minutes to about 1 hour.

    That made it extremely difficult to nail down the culprit. What I did was to dump any plugin I could do without but that did not solve the problem. However, when I checked the modules activated in Jetpack, I found that the custom CSS module was activated. I deactivated it because I use WP Add Custom CSS as it allows css on a page by page basis. After that – no problems. I am not saying it was Jetpack’s customs CSS module (or the CSS plugin I use), as by then I had dumped a lot of other plugins.

    I would have liked to have seen information from WordPress.org about this – they surely must know what the issue was.

  2. Hi Andy,
    thanks for letting us know aout this. I personally have had no problems with WP updates since I listened to my webhost`s recommendation to a-l-w-a-y-s go to cPanel instead of doing it through admin -> Softaculous App Installer and then it asks if I want a backup before I click on upgrade (say “yes” if you have no backup made recently) and then it takes care of itself.
    One more thing, I always wait at least one weak (probably two) before I do the upgrade.

  3. Gerry Gammel

    I initially installed WordPress 4.7, therefore had no issues with upgrades. The screens are slightly different from the course, but with a little looking around in am following the course without problems. My training website is on my local laptop, but trying to learn how to use WordPress to manage a volunteer groups website “MCASG.info”
    Thanks for the information, Gerry

  4. Hi, Andy,
    I’ve not watched the video as I had no problems upgrading to WordPress 4.7 The only task I was asked to perform was to upgrade the WP database and this took a very short time. Having completed that the upgrade went through automatically and without problems.

  5. Hi Andy, it seems some plugins don’t work so well. I have had that same trouble. Also, I have had plugins needing updating over and over again. I update and next day update the same plugins. I noticed though the latest wordpress update has fixed the updating plugin problem.
    Billy Roberts

  6. So far so good! None of my 5 WordPress sites have had a problem with the upgrade. I guess I’m not running the plugin that’s causing the problem. Keeping fingers crossed! Thanks very much for the video nd the heads up. I’ve bookmarked it in case I do have problems.

  7. John Williams


    I think your idea to temporarily rename the plugin folder is brilliant, thanks for this.

    As for my own experience with updating to 4.7 then to 4.7.1

    Over the years i have learnt that in my experience before updating to a major update of any software i always scan the forum applicable to that software to try and gauge the issues associated with the update first, when 4.7 was released it soon became apparent that a number of people were experiencing issues just as you had in the video, and the finger was pointing directly towards W3 Total Cache plugin and there is one thread that explicitly states that it is not compatible with 4.7 and recommends a procedure to remove W3 before attempting to upgrade to 4.7.

    When i decided to upgrade to 4.7 last week i first of all deactivated W3 total cache then deinstalled it before upgrading to 4.7 then to 4.7.1 before reinstalling W3 and it seems to be fine now.

    However one other lesson i learnt in this exercise is that WordPress requires manual intervention to upgrade to major releases, however minor releases like 4.7.1 are executed automatically…..

    Anyway back to your video, great suggestion.



  8. Well, I have or manage 5 sites under WordPress and had absolutely no issues with upgrading from 4.6 to 4.7 and subsequently to 4.7.1 version. However I do know that some themes were hit by the 4.7 upgrade.

  9. Hey Andy,
    I use ManageWP to update everything(plugins, WP and themes). I’ve got 17 websites with everything updated to the latest including WP4.71 with no problems. Perhaps I didn’t have the offending plugin you had, installed. I use ManageWP because it keeps track of everything and what needs updating, all in one place. Best of all, for what I use it for, it’s free.

  10. Great post as usual Andy, I must have waited just long enough, or the plugins we used weren’t interacting negativly. However, I have noticed a change in some of our sites load times. I’ve yet to determine if that is a temporary byproduct of the WordPress update or cheap server issues as the slower sites are on budget hosting.

  11. Warren Rosenkranz

    I am trying to install WordPress 4.7.2 on my local computer. When I load from localhost:8080 I get the XAMPP Control Panel screen. then I changed the wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php and then changed the following data in wp-config.php- Database name to “wp” , user to “root” and password to “”, then saved the changes. got back to the XAMPP control panel, I replaced “download/” with “wordpress” hit enter and nothing loaded. I expected the WordPress CPanel. any ideas? Have been going over and over this for a couple days trying to find an operator error.

    I have no site or plugins yet. SQL and Apache are running with no errors.

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