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The ezSEONews blog is an area on the site that contains shorter posts about stuff going on in the world of SEO, WordPress, Self-Publishing and internet marketing.

If there is anything you would like me to write about, maybe a tutorial on something that is puzzling you, please don't hesitate to contact me via my contact page.

SOLVED – Windows Vista: Office 2007 installation runs every time I start Word or Excel, and Excel has an error about stdole32.tlb?

This is an annoying problem in Windows Vista that took me quite some time to fix. The problem is caused by incorrect registry permissions in Windows Vista, and this can affect not only the Office 2007 installation, but installations of any software. Problem in Office – the installation routine runs every time your start word or excel, and when starting Excel, a dialogue box pops up with just stdole32.tlb. Fortunately there is a fix.

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Web Content Studio

Web Content Studio can help you find the right theme words and phrases to include in your content, so Google thinks it’s authoritative and your visitors love it!

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Market Samurai PBR

Market Samurai PBR – Phrase to Broad match Ratio is really useful to help understand what keyword combinations and more importantly order of keywords people type in at the search engines.

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Market Samurai SEO Competition

Market Samurai has a great feature to show you who your SEO competitors are. Not only will it reveal exactly how the pages rank at the top, but also what you need to do to beat them.

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Market Samurai Rank Checker

Knowing where your page ranks for specific keywords is important to monitor your efforts. This video shows you a really powerful rank checker built right into Market Samurai.

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Compensating for the Keyword Research Tools

Because of the very nature of the long-tail, keyword research tools miss out on a lot of keyword phrases. This video shows you how to compensate for the keyword research tools. In this example, keyword tools were returning around 10 related phrases for a page that had been found for over 600.

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Case Study #4 – Evidence for the critics

This report was written in answer to a critic who claimed I had carefully chosen the web pages to include in my previous 3 case studies. Well, in this case study I have included pretty much everything. Judge for yourself!

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