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Teachers are in an enviable situation.  For the last few years an increasing number of teachers (and people that want to teach but have no experience), have turned to earning a living by teaching online.  There are huge advantages to teaching on the internet rather than in a school, college or University.  To start, there's the travel in and out of work. Any room in your home that can hold a desk and computer can become your new classroom.  Then there is the holidays – you take them when you want to.  But for me, the biggest benefit has to be the evenings at home with my family – because I don't have papers to grade.

The biggest downside to teaching from home is probably the lack of real live human contact.  Sure you'll talk to some of your students occasionally, but there isn't usually that face-to-face interaction with students or other teachers.  Maybe you'll miss that?

If that hasn't put you off, then it's actually never been a better time to get started, even if you only want tackle this part-time to begin with.  All you'll need is a computer to start.

Why Teach on Udemy?

Udemy is a well-established distance learning platform, and the best place for any new online instructor to start.  It is free to join as an instructor, and you have ZERO FEES to pay.  If you sell a course, you get paid.  If you don’t, you won’t.  But you don’t have to pay Udemy any fees to become or maintain your instructor status.  Therefore there is nothing to lose, except an opportunity of a lifetime (and I am not exaggerating).  So why Udemy?  Well, here are some of the core reasons:


As of November 2015, Udemy have over 9 MILLION students and 35 MILLION course enrollments.  That’s a huge marketplace for learning that you can tap into!

To help wannabe teachers move into a career as an online instructor, I've put together a list of my favourite courses to learn the ropes, each with their own lessons to learn.  Each of these courses offers something a little different, that compliments the others.  I've therefore included some information about each course – what I like about the program.  The information about these courses was correct on 26th November 2015 when I wrote this article.  I should add that to be considered for top 4 list, instructors needed to be super-responsive to student’s questions.  All four of these are, and answer questions quickly and courteously.

Course #1 –  How I Make 30,000 A Month From Udemy – No Advertising! by Alun Hill

Course content: 42 lectures, 3.5 hours of video, All levels

Alun Hill comes from a journalism background with 40+ years spent interviewing some of the world¡s most successful business people.  Alun’s course was the one that finally made me take action.  Immediately after finishing his course I started on my first Udemy course, and I’ve been an online instructor on Udemy ever since.  To be honest, it was his income report that caught my attention.  He started the course with that report, and it is impressive.  With over a million dollars in sales for his courses, and approaching half a million to Alun himself in personal income., who doesn’t want to learn what Alun knows.  This course is perhaps not the best for showing how to plan out and create a course from scratch, but Alun shares lots of golden nuggets throughout the course.  He goes through a lot of vital information for ranking high in Udemy’s search engine and increasing conversions when people land on his course sales page.  It wouldn’t be my first choice for someone wanting to know “How” to become an online instructor, but it would be one of my essential recommendations for anyone that has a course online at Udemy, and wants to increase conversions, boost sales and keep students and online learners happy.

GET THE COURSE:  How I Make ,000 A Month From Udemy – No Advertising!

Course #2 –  Teach on Udemy – Zero to 3,000 in 3 months… by Andy Williams (Me)

Course content: 53 lectures, 4.5 hours of video, All levels

Disclaimer – this is my own course, so I might be biased.  However, I can also offer you a big discount on the course, so read on.

My own background is firmly planted in education.  After many years at University I eventually fell into teaching science at secondary schools.  That’s where I get my zest for teaching, and why I am so excited at the possibilities of teaching students online.

When I was planning the course, I wanted to do something a little different.  I wanted to give you the tools to design and build an effective course syllabus, teach you how to use them, and guide you through preparing your first complete course.  I do begin with an earnings report at the start of the course.  It’s not as impressive as Alun’s (or indeed the authors of the other courses recommended here), but reaching $5,000 per month income within 5 months was a good achievement that I think most people would be happy with.

After my introduction, my goal for the course is to teach you how to plan out a comprehensive course, and then develop it using nothing but free tools for your first course.  That’s because the software I use to create my courses is available for a 30 day unlimited trial.  That’s enough time to record your first course and start making good money selling it on Udemy.  I’ll tell you which tools I use, and teach you how to use them, so even a complete newbie at video editing can get a professional looking lecture recorded and uploaded to the Udemy platform.

I’ll take you through the types of lectures you can create on Udemy, and show you examples.

I’ve got a section of the course dedicated to video creation and editing, and also a section on putting the whole course together, from uploading the video lecture to course descriptions, titles, images, etc.  Finally, I’ll cover some of the promotional methods I’ve found worked for me.

GET THE COURSE for $12 (Normally $199): Teach on Udemy – Zero to ,000 in 3 Months…


Course #3  – Teach Online Courses: How I Make 100,000+ Per Year on Udemy by Phil Ebiner

Course content: 146 lectures, 17.5 hours, mainly video lectures, All levels

Phil’s course is excellent.  If I could only recommend one course on this page, this is the one I’d recommend (yes, even above my own).    Phil is an excellent teacher and has a lot of courses on Udemy.  That helps explain his income figures of $15,000 – $20,000 per month on the Udemy platform.

Phil goes through just about everything you need as a new online instructor, but my particular favourite section is where he talks about course title, description and pricing strategy.  You can see similarities in some of what Phil does, and those strategies employed by Alun Hill.   Phil’s course covers a lot of different ways to promote your course.  The list of methods and resources included in this course are essential learning for all Udemy instructors – great job Phil.

Phil is a prolific Udemy Instructor with 48 courses online, and well over 100,000 students enrolled in his courses.

GET THE COURSE: Teach Online Courses: How I Make 0,000+ Per Year on Udemy


Course #4 – The Complete Udemy Instructor Course: Teach Full Time Online by Jerry Banfield

Course content: 83 lectures, 10.5 hours of video, All levels

Jerry Banfield is another prolific Udemy instructor.  He currently runs 42 courses on Udemy, and has almost 100,000 students enrolled in his courses.  If you visit his course, he shows you his income reports from Udemy –   up to $44,000 + per month in 2015, with a total earned as a Udemy instructor totaling more than $311,000.

Jerry goes through most of the information you need to know to become successful, and has some great tips for creating courses faster.  He likes to test things too, and shares some of his testing with his students.  Overall, this course is a good one to see things from the perspective of another, highly successful Udemy instructor.

GET THE COURSE: The Complete Udemy Instructor Course: Teach Full Time Online

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9 thoughts on “How to Teach Online

  • Mark

    Thanks for putting this together Andy.

    After knowing about Udemy for ages, perhaps you just made me decide to dive in via this post after all.

    One thing though which would make me nervous…….let’s say you start off with just one course, or two at the most……
    I’d be worried that with such a small offering, it may turn off people – meaning, lack of volume may be perceived as lack of substance?

    Kind of like Youtube in a way when first starting out. That is, people might interpret a low subscriber number as possible lack of quality on a YT channel. Similarly, a low number of Udemy courses may indicate the same thing?

    I guess it may be human nature, where if people see a Udemy teacher with just one or two courses, but farther down the list, viewers see a teacher with numerous courses, people would tend to gravitate towards the person who is more established perhaps?

    I realize we all have to start somewhere, but overall, that would be my main concern – more so than creating the course itself! 🙂

    Thanks as always.

    • Andy Williams Post author

      Not a problem at all, and most students won’t even wonder how many courses an instructor has. They are only interested in how qualified they are to teach the course they want to take, cost, and what kind of reviews it has.
      My first course was free, my second one took off right away, and it was very very little to do with this newsletter list.

  • Mark

    Sorry Andy….,

    If I could respectfully add to my last post……..not only when people see how many courses you’ve got, but also be influenced by a teacher’s rating and number of people who enrolled. These would be another couple of ‘perceived value’ elements, compared to a teachers just starting out.

    One thing I have to say that looked quite cheesy actually on Phil’s page……… how he put a scratched out a $299 price discounted to $15. To me, that just looks SO gimmicky and non-authentic. Who ever discounts something of such a massive amount that cries out ‘fake’?

    A huge kudos to him nonetheless for his success – can’t deny him that though!

      • Mark

        Hi Andy,

        Thank you for your replies. 🙂

        Well, that’s certainly interesting the Udemy does the whole $299 discount thing?! I couldn’t help scratching my head over that.
        Hmmm…. I’ve never seen something like that before. Surely I wouldn’t be the only person who’d notice this.

        Anyway, that’s encouraging that your course took off as you say, with only one other course you offered. I was really worried about the lack of courses and enrollments being detrimental to a teacher. But as you also said, people do look at reviews, but obviously nothing can be done about that when starting off (having minimal reviews) and that just come with the territory.

        I haven’t gone through the website thoroughly, but I’m guessing when you say people are looking to see how qualified a teacher is more than anything else, I presume there is somewhere on a teacher’s page that outlines their background and experience which I’ll check out later.

        I’ll have to extensively look into this to ensure I do this correctly, (buy yours and Phil’s courses perhaps) as that’s a helluva load of work to do (putting together an entire course) and hoping you’ll be found among thousands of others competing for the same space.

        Thanks again Andy! 🙂

      • Mark

        Hi there Andy,

        Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to reply. 🙂

        I replied to your responses at length, but when clicking ‘post comment’ on this page it somehow got deleted, thus not showing up. ????

        Not sure I want to repeat all that I typed, but I appreciate your input. However I still do find it strange that Udemy would display such odd things on a person’s page ($299 price) Hmmm….. I personally wouldn’t want that posted on my page, but if it’s Udemy’s idea, I guess so be it.

        If your second course took off and running, where you only had two course offered at that time, then that is definitely encouraging indeed. Good for you!

        Thank you again and have a great weekend!

        • Andy Williams Post author

          Comments have to be manually approved, which yours have been now. That is why it disappeared. Believe me when I say that Udemy know what they are doing…

  • Andy Iskandar

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you for the list. I have 2 questions:

    1. I’m new to Udemy. I don’t even know yet what to teach. So are you recommending to get all the courses or just choose any one of the above for someone like me?

    2. Do Udemy instructors/authors have access to their list of buyers? (Including those who “buy” free courses.)


    • Andy Williams Post author

      I would start with mine or Phil’s course. If you know nothing about video capture and editing, I’d recommend mine. If you know how to create a video with screen capture, then Phil’s is a really good course. Either of those two to begin with, then when you have your first course up, I’d recommend you get Alun and Jerry’s courses.