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How to Write Great Web Content for Human Visitors and Search Engines

When it comes to websites and blogs, content is—and always will be—king. A beautifully designed project is nothing without relevant, readable text. Every literate webmaster can write, but not everyone can write well for a target audience. This tutorial makes sense of it all. It’s for those who need to rank well and drive more visitors to websites and customers to stores.

Writing Web Content, Course Requirements

There are only 3 course requirements needed to become a better content writer:

  1. A computer w/ internet connection
  2. Average literacy level
  3. Willingness to learn new writing skills

Writing for one’s self and writing for others is not the same. This course focuses on the latter.

About My ‘Write Great Website Content’ Course

The focus of this course is to write web content that pleases search engines and attracts human visitors. It shows students how to analyse, edit, and proofread their own material. It’s for site owners or site contributors who want to improve their writing style and skills. Students get to know the importance of niche vocabulary and how to work it into web content.

Writing Website Content Course Format

No site visitor will complain that your content is too easy to read. Readability is an important factor for all online content. Not even complex topics need to be hard to grasp. This course introduces simple writing techniques that are proven to work. There are 6 sections with over 51 lectures. Each segment has several sub-sections to keep the modules short and to the point.

Check out the 3 introduction videos for a preview of the course.

What web content writing teaches

Creating eye-catching web content means a whole new way of writing for many students. The course covers topic research, presentation, and the various types of web content used. That is, personal, business, brands, informal, formal, and so on. It provides ways to optimise written work and perform quality checks before publishing.

Web Content Theoretical knowledge:

  • An introduction to creating great web content around keywords
  • Know the different types of web content and when to use them
  • Develop an expert eye. Get to recognise good from bad writing
  • How images can bring written work to life (illustrated articles)
  • Use the low-tech, effective checklist for better results
  • Why search engine optimisation (SEO) matters for posts and pages?
  • Webmaster guidelines every site owner should know
  • What content writers should learn about link bait
  • Recognise the value of niche vocabulary
  • Understand click-through rates (CTR) and profitable content

Web Content Practical knowledge:

  • How to find the best content ideas for topics and products
  • How to set up RSS feed readers for content ideas
  • How to choose the right content for your site
  • How to find theme words and phrases using free tools
  • How to access Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • How to access other critical guidelines for webmasters
  • How to write well. Getting started; the draft copy
  • How to check the content to make sure it’s ready to publish
  • How to encourage sharing using social media tools
  • Other useful tips and tools

What Web Content Students Are Saying

Not all site owners, bloggers, and company staff know how to write for an audience, and that’s a problem. People who complete this course do. Thus, it’s a popular class with more than 530 ratings and over 4,880 learners. Here’s what some members have to say.

Kevin Teo says: Instructor Andy Williams is nothing short of astounding. Every single course I get from him never disappoints. If you need to know how to write great web content to rank well, this IS THE COURSE for you.

 Michael Pearson says: Most excellent course! Now that I am completely through it, I am ready to revamp my content. As with his other courses that I have completed, Andy over delivers on actual useful and helpful information. I have bought other courses on Udemy on the same subject from other experts. While every course so far has provided useful insights, Andy’s are by far the most comprehensive and informative courses I have learned from so far. In fact, I am now a Andy Williams disciple! His courses are more than just a tutorial. They are invaluable resources – step by step blueprints – you can reference when needed.

 Janice Sanders says: So much more detail than I expected. But it’s really very helpful. Things I took for granted before I am now looking at much closer. Wish I had taken this course earlier.

 Jacqueline Winter says: Andy Williams certainly has knowledge in instructing how to write content for the web to please the web overlord, Google. But more importantly, his methods have been very helpful for finding content ideas, which has been a constant “blindspot” for me. Certainly worth the price I paid. Thank you, sir! I appreciate you sharing your knowledge on this platform.

 Amruta Deshmukh says: This course is great for beginners as well as marketing professionals dealing with agencies that manage their web content (website/ blogs). The course is designed well for easy understanding and clears your basic concepts. Andy has also shared tools that will help build good content.

Lifetime Access to Writing Great Web Content

Consider this course if you want to create web content that shines. You get 4.5 hours of on-demand video tutorials accessible from multiple devices. It also includes 5 downloadable resources, including 2 helpful articles. Students of How to Write Great Web Content receive a Certificate of Completion and have lifetime access to all the course material.

Want to Learn WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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