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Udemy is a site I've used to publish a number of my courses online, and it's been working great.  At the moment, you can charge pretty much what you like for your courses, up to a maximum of $300 I think.  You can also offer coupon codes with any level of discount you want.  It was typical to see $299 courses discounted to $12 or less, which was great for students wanting to learn new skills.

Well, this won't be happening any more come 4th April.  On that date, Udemy are not only capping course prices to a maximum of $50 and minimum of $20, but they are also capping coupons to a maximum of 50% of the course price.

With most of my own courses being sold currently for over $100, it means I can now only charge a maximum of $50.

For a course priced at $50, the minimum price it can be sold for is $25.  For a $20 course, the minimum is now $10.  I am in two minds as to whether this is a good thing.  I certainly do not like being told what I can sell my own courses for.  However, Udemy work on a profit sharing model, so if instructors do not make as much money, then neither will they.  I know they have done a fair amount of work in the background to verify this is the correct thing to do, but only time will tell for sure.

Remember, this change happens at the start of next month on April 4th.  However, until that time, I am going to offer ALL of my own courses for just $8.  That's a price that won't be matched again unless Udemy change the rules again.  To see what courses I have, and get the links, please visit this page:

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One thought on “Shocking News at Udemy

  • Lloyd Hester

    I think there may be an opening in the market for someone to take the demy training course crown.

    I agree that they should not be able to dictate what you sell your work for.

    The difference in the quality of the courses is huge. Some are very well put together and informative and worth the money.

    Others are not!

    I think they should have stuck at $99 at least.