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WordPress Security Stop Hackers Course

How safe and secure is your WordPress website, blog, or online forum? Would you know what steps to take if its software were defenceless against the growing number of cyberpunks? This tutorial is for anyone who runs a WP project and wants to know the best ways to protect it.

Hackers love WordPress, or to be more specific, vulnerable WordPress sites. The good news for bad actors is that there are plenty of easy-to-hack websites to target. This course teaches students how to add highly-effective security measures to block unauthorised access.

WordPress Security Course Requirements

There is only one essential requirement needed to complete this course:

  • A WordPress website or blog to secure
  • Basic knowledge of WordPress’ back-end is useful, but not essential

Many who take this course are surprised at just how exposed their WordPress websites are. Fortunately, you don’t need coding or developer skills to become adept at site security.

About My WordPress Website Security Course

WordPress site owners who know how a hacker’s mind works tend to have better security. This course explains why hackers hack and some of their most-used methods. Anyone keen to understand what makes a site defenceless—and how to secure it—benefits from this class. Those with two or more WP sites can import this one-time security setup into their other projects.

The WordPress Stop Hackers Course Format

There’s something satisfying about protecting a WordPress Website from hackers. My course is straightforward, which makes it super-easy for beginners to follow. It has 4 sections broken down into 49 lectures or sub-sections. Students get to set the pace that agrees with them and their schedule. You can access the class wherever you are from most internet-connected devices.

Check out the 4 free example videos to preview the course.

What this class teaches

This course teaches about the main threats to WordPress and provides ways to deal with them. Students learn how to identify and plug site vulnerabilities. Consider this class if you want to become an expert who can improve and protect site security with newfound confidence.

WordPress Security Theoretical Content:

  • Background to hackers and hacking; change the way site view security
  • What makes WordPress insecure/secure
  • Understand the latest modern-day online threats
  • Common types of attacks
  • The importance of regular updates, software versions, and site backups
  • Introduction to a useful, free security plugin and its features

WordPress Security Practical knowledge:

  • How to protect your Admin Login page to prevent brute force attempts
  • How to create strong, hacker-proof usernames and passwords
  • How to back up WordPress with free and premium tools
  • How to disable PHP error reporting to protect sensitive information
  • How to disable file editor built into WP Dashboard
  • How to safely assign roles to new users
  • How to securely use widgets and code
  • How to choose secure, regularly updated WordPress themes
  • How to thwart comment spam
  • How to limit failed login attempts
  • How to implement 2-factor authentication
  • How to modify the default database table prefix
  • How to choose a secure web hosting plan for your WordPress site
  • How to protect the wp-config.php (configuration) system file
  • How to install and set up the All-In-One WP Security plugin
  • How to check your site security at the end of the class
  • Much more besides

What WordPress Security Students Say

Webmasters are taking WordPress security more seriously than they used to. This popular program has 400+ ratings and over 3600+ students. Here are some of the reviews.

 Adrian Wain says: Great course. Walks you through setting up security on your WordPress site. Very clearly presented at the right pace. I had very little prior knowledge of WP security but now feel confident that my sites are as secure as they can be.

 Andrea Araya Fonseca says: Very clear and concise explanations. I highly recommended this course for people that are not using Wordfence premium and are looking for a free, powerful, and complete alternative. Thank you.

 William Wells says: In comparison to what Andrew has taught so far, I am surprised at how much more I needed to learn about security. I am so glad that I decided to take this course because it has taught me to really up-my-game even though I have always been security conscious and have always applied higher level security to all the websites I build.

 Michael Tilson says: The perfect offering for those looking to secure their wp sites without having to get a degree in internet security. This course is well structured and describes a wonderful plugin which handles so many security tasks freeing enormous amounts of time. The instructor has an excellent delivery style with a pleasing voice. He provides a security settings checklist at the end of the course. This Udemy course is a great value. I highly recommend it.

 Tim Wiesner says: This course has turned out to be fantastic. I have learned so much about WordPress and how to secure it. I learned things I had no idea about. I’m confident that once I’ve finished this course I’ll be able to secure any WordPress site. The instructor is very easy to understand, He answers questions promptly. I think he’s an excellent instructor. Thanks so much for offering this course.

Lifetime Access WordPress Security

Subscribers to this course have full lifetime access. There are 2.5 hours of walk-through video tutorials on WordPress Security. Members can open the lectures at any time using a mobile device, home computer, or TV. The tutorial also has 4 downloadable resources, including 3 printable articles. All learners get a Certificate of Completion at the end of this short class.

Want to Learn WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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