Download Creating Fat Content for 2011

Creating Fat Content for 2011 is version 3 of my popular “Creating Fat Content Course”.

There are two main differences between the original and this version:


  1. The original version came with software to help write your content, whereas this version does not.
  2. This version is FREE , whereas the original version Cost $127

With Google’s recent Panda update (many people call it the farmer update), I decided to update the course and release it for free.

It is my hope that this course will help you write better content. That's all Google really wants – unique, quality content that gives your visitor real value.

Feel free to give this course away to anybody you think might benefit from it. Just send them the URL of this page.

Downloading “Creating Fat Content for 2011 ”

The course comes as a PDF file, which means you have to have software to read PDF files. Your computer probably came pre-installed with Adobe reader, but an excellent free alternatives is Foxit reader.  Once you have downloaded the course, double-click the file that you have downloaded. If it doesn't automatically open inside a PDF reader, then download and install Fox it reader. Then when you double-click the PDF file, it should open automatically in Fox it reader.

To download this course, simply right click the link below and select “Save Link As..” from the menu that pops up (if you are using Firefox of Google Chrome).  In Internet Explorer, select “Save Target As..”

You can then choose where on your computer you want to save it to.

Creating Fat Content for 2011, but wait! This is a little outdated now.

The latest version of this course, for 2018, has been renamed & released as an Amazon Kindle book (also available as a paperback).

See the latest version of this book on Amazon


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