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This week:

1. Why keyword themeing IS important

2. WordPress Tutorial – VII

3. Plurk?

4. An "Unsuccess" Story

5. Tip – Desperate for Niche Content?

Hi again

Today we'll continue with the WordPress tutorial so I hope that you have been following so far.  You should have plugins installed and the homepage and "essential" pages already complete. 

Also today, I have a new report for you to download that shows you why themeing your content is important.  I actually wrote the report this week after someone accused me of "ripping off" my subscribers and customers, but I'll tell you about that in a moment.

Let's get on…

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1. Why keyword themeing IS important
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

If you have been a reader of this newsletter for any length of time, you will know that I am a big fan of keyword themeing.  In fact, I put together a short course on themeing that you can view here:


It's common knowledge that Google uses Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to help rank pages.  Now don't let this term confuse you.   LSI is simply a technology that looks for themeing on a page, and a theme is just a bunch of highly related words.

So, in essence, when someone searches at Google, LSI kicks in and looks for pages that have been written around a theme that matches the searchers query.  That at least is my understanding of how things work.

Here is an example.  If someone searches Google for:

natural rememdy asthma

The LSI algorithms are going to go and look for pages that have phrases & words related to this phrase.  These words might include some of the following:

  natural remedies for asthma,   home remedies for asthma,   asthma natural treatment,   asthma herbal remedy,   alternative asthma treatment,   correct breathing concepts,   asthma home remedy,   natural remedies,   home remedies,   home remedy,   natural remedy,   asthma attack,   asthma remedy,   asthma treatment,   asthma herbal,   asthma symptoms,   allergy, alternative medicine,   natural treatment,   weight loss,   asthma triggers,   alternative asthma,   herbal remedy,   correct breathing,   breathing concepts,   cold air,   asthma treatment.,   asthma attacks,   side effects,   health care,   defense mechanism,   asthma,   eat,   natural,   air,   health,   remedies,   herb,   breath,   remedy,   treat,   home,   airway,   ear,   breathing,   treatment,   cause,   symptom,   airways,   age,   lung,   symptoms,   tea,   attack,   herbal,   help,   trigger,   product,   respiratory,   oil,   body,   herbs,   water,   lungs,   triggers,   ducts,   alternative,   effect
  NOTE: This is a small sample of the potential theme words returned by KRA Pro.

In a well written piece of content about "natural rememdy asthma", written by an expert in the field, many of these words and phrases will appear.  They don't appear because the writer has worked hard trying to insert his list of "theme words" into the page.  They occur simply because many of these words are necessary to write a quality, informative article on the subject.

This is a very different type of content to the ones we used to see, where an entire article was written around a single keyword phrase.  Those pages had absolutely no themeing, and are long gone from the search engine index.

So, given that experts will naturally write content that includes theme words, using LSI in ranking pages is a great idea.  It means that the search engines can use LSI to locate relevant content, and be pretty sure that it is a quality piece on the subject.  Of course, exceptions do occur, and this is where Google may employ human reviewers just to check the pages that are ranking well.

Not everyone agrees with my ideas.  I had a bit of a "run-in" with someone last weekend, who took exception to my theme reports and videos and suggested that there was absolutely no correlation between themeing and how well a page ranked.  He claimed that my reports simply picked out pages that "fit" my theory and ignored those that didn't, so that I could sell more of my own prodcuts.  I wont go into all of the details, but you can read his appraisal of me and my work on his website:


To be honest, his views were not really a surprise considering this quote from his "About Me" page:

"There are very few genuine and honest marketers on the Internet and most of the big names you will see and here about are not among them.  If you read my blog you will often find reports of my investigations I do into the claims of top marketers who in my experience rarely practice what they preach".

So, where does this leave my theories, my reports and my videos on the subject of themeing?  Am I trying to con you into buying my product by being deliberately deceitful? 

Obviously not, or I wouldn't be telling you this story, or asking you to read his "findings".

I truely believe that themeing is an integral part of search engine ranking, and I am not about to change my stance just because someone writes a damning appraisal of me and my work and sticks it on his homepage.

So let's look at a little more evidence to support my "claims".

If you watch this video, Google Engineer Matt Cutts seems to agree that themeing content is very important to search engine rankings:


In my initial theme reports, I carefully chose the pages to analyze simply because I wanted to make the comparison as "scientific" as possible by looking for "content" pages, and trying to minimize PR.  I also wanted pages that had a reasonable level of competition, so that I could be sure that the top pages were there on merit, and not simply because Google had nothing better to serve to its searchers. 

One of these reports was on  "acne treatment", which currently has over 3 million competing pages when searched for in quotes, and the other was "low fat diet" which has well over 1 million competing pages when searched for in quotes.  You can read both of these reports by following the first link in this article.

I believe themeing is vital to good rankings, but as with anything you read online, don't just take my word for it.  Look at the evidence and make up your own mind.

To help you do that, I have a brand new report for you to read.  Now, rather than show you old research data (which is  mostly out of date – much of it is over a year old and certainly not something you could check for yourself), I decided to do another report so the data is fresh.  That means you CAN check it yourself. 

Here is the new report.  Does this data support my claim that themeing is important in ranking?

Gestational Diabetes – Keyword themeing Report

Just to finish this piece, I wanted to quote something else from Mr. Simpson's "About us" page, since it is actually a good description of my own philosophy and I found it strangely apt ;O)

"On a more personal note, I genuinely like to help people, although I'm often given cause to wonder why. Some people can be very difficult to help and I also know that some people are beyond help, but I always try my best for them and that's all anyone can do".

I suppose we can all learn from this.  You MUST question what you read online, and make your own mind up.  Don't rely on anyone else telling you what is fact – find out for yourself.

For additional reading on LSI/Themeing and why it is important in web page ranking, read these:


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2. WordPress Tutorial – VII
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Last week we looked at setting up a few essential pages on your site.

If you have missed any of the WordPress Tutorials, and to see the new ones, go to this site:


When you get there, click the link on the right to "Wordpress Tutorials".

This week, we are going to do a couple of customizations to start turning your blog into a proper site.  The first step is to setup the permalink structure on your blog.  There is a tutorial showing how to do this, and a little more information about Permalinks.

Look for the tutorial called "Wordpress Permalink Structure".

The other thing you should consider is a little more technical.  If this seems above your head, or you are just not happy messing with your .htaccess file, then just leave this out.  However, it is something that you should do with all sites, and not just WordPress sites.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I'll just give you the URL of a tutorial by SEO Expert Jerry West:


This tutorial explains how to set up your domain so that all of your URLs resolve to the www. version of your domain.  You can see this in action if you type ezseonews.com into your web browser.  When the site loads, it actually says www.ezseonews.com in the address.  The reasons for doing this are explained in Jerry's tutorial.

Finally today, I wanted to bring up the subject of security.  Blogs do get hacked, and you should take measures to ensure theat yours is as hack-proof as possible (as well as take regular database backups using the Database plugin you installed).

A great resource for finding out what measures you can take to secure your blog can be found here:


A lot of the stuff in this report is quite technical, and not something I can help with in these fr.ee tutorials.  However, I did find a script that helped with one aspect – restricting login access by IP address (it restricts access to the wp-admin folder).  If you have some technical knowledge, you can set this up manually by editing the .htaccess file, but if your IP address changes, you will have to re-edit your IP address every time. 

The script I use is called WP Secure, and basically, once setup, will only allow logging into your blog from your own IP address.  Your IP may change from day to day, or week to week, but WP Secure will take care of that for you.  You can get the script here:


The install of this script is simple.  Upload a couple of files, and change the permissions on one of them.  Don't be scared off by the "Change Permissions" bit.  It's very easy, and if you get stuck, there is a tutorial on changing file & directory permissions here.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — – 
3. Plurk?
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Ever heard of Plurk?  Its another one of those "sociable" sites.  I only joined a couple of days ago, and while the interface is nice and fun to use, I am still looking for ways to use this in my business.  It seems that this is a bit like Twitter.  You can post snippets of your daily life, and build friend lists.  That way, all of your friends now what you are doing and vice versa.

I guess that niche marketers could setup accounts at these sites, and use them to keep in touch with other people interested in the same niche.  Even use it for promoting affiliate products.  Is that viable?  A Plurk Newsletter kind of thing?

Neil Shearing told me he is creating a report for Marketers on how to use Twitter, so I am eagerly awaiting that.  These types of sites are springing up overnight, and I feel a little left out when I hear friends from overseas using them daily.

Do you use Twitter or Plurk?  If so, I would love to hear how you are using them.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — – 
4. An "Unsuccess" Story
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

I got an email yesterday from a man in his 50s.  He had been working as an English teacher abroad, and had finally came back home. He decided that he didn't want to teach anymore (I can understand that) and was looking to make a living online.

He asked me whether it was realistic to try to earn a couple of thousand dollars month setting up websites by using my Niche Blueprints.  He wanted me to be brutally honest, as at his age, he felt that he did not want to start something like this if it was not viable.

Now, normally I would say that a couple of thousand dollars a month is very realistic, but in this case, something wasn't right.  How did I know this?  Well, he told me that he had tried & failed with Site Build It! 

Site Build It!

His site made only one sale in 9 months. 

I wanted to know more about why his site had failed, because if you cannot make it with Site Build it!, then you are unlikely to be able to make it using other tools.  After all, Site Built It is a complete suite of tools, and does an excellent job in helping you get a site up.

I got an answer from "David" this morning.  He said that he just could not get enough traffic to his site, and he had some ideas as to why that was.  However, I don't agree with his ideas – they just don't make sense to me.  If traffic is your problem, you need to look at "Traffic Building" strategies.

The most important of these are:

1. Write high quality content that is well themed and targets phrases that people are actually looking for.

2. Write pre-sell pages on products that are in demand and people are searching for.

3. Build links to the site.  Don't just build links to the homepage.  Build links to every important page on the site.  Yes, its a big job, but that is what it takes to rank well these days if your niche is ultra competitive.  A few months ago, I looked at half a dozen ways to build links to your pages.  Go over those and use those techniques.

4. Use Social sites to create pages in your niche.  Link back to your site from those pages as well.

When a site fails to get traffic, its because those pages are not visible to people looking for that information.  That is what you need to fix.  Starting again on a new site or a new system is likely to lead to failure again, because you'll repeat the same mistakes. 

I am waiting to hear back from David to see if we can find the reasons for his Site build It site failing.  I'll let you know what we find out.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — – 
5. Tip – Desperate for Niche Content?
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — – 

Would you like new, up to date content (in your niche) delivered to your PC on a daily basis? 

I'm not talking about the type of content you can cut and paste into your website, I am talking about the type of content that delivers up to the minute news in your niche, that you could use for a "mini-review", or news item on your site.

If you run a blog, this might be exactly what you are looking for (as long as you are not one of those people who wants to get rich without any work).

I'm talking about news feeds, and not in the way you are probably thinking.  I am not talking about adding a little code to your site to have it automatically updated with the latest news in your niche.  I am talking about subscribing to feeds using a feed reader.

I personally use a tool called Feed Demon, but here is a free one:

Feed Reader

What I do when I am setting up a new site is to open up my copy of Feed Demon, and search for feeds in my niche.  I have just done this for my latest site, and Feed Demon found 24 feeds, with a total of 375 news items in these feeds.  That's going to be a big help when I come to create the content for this site.

Now, rather than add these feeds to my site (I may do this with one feed if it is particularly good), I just monitor the news coming out of the feeds. 

If a story looks particularly good, I'll read it, and write a small piece for my site.  I'll always give credit to the site I found the information on, but that does not mean you have to provide a live link to them.  I usually put a link to the main article, but use a nofollow tag in the link. 

The result?  I get up to the minute news in my niche, and it usually only takes a few minutes.  I am never stuck for topics to write on.

Well, that's it for this issue.  If you want to read the recent issues of this newsletter, you can read them online at my blog:


For older newsletters, you will need to visit the old archives at:


Have a great week!

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6 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter # 212

  • Hugh

    I just wanted to make some comments about Andy and the software he has developed and offered for sale.

    First of all I am not an Seo Expert or an expert in LSI so as such I am not in a position to make any definative claims about Google’s algorithm in general or specifically in relation to LSI and its effect on serps.

    One thing I do know is that no one can definately pin down Gs algorithm, many skilled seo’s track and test and give their opinion and we can choose to follow these methods or not.

    I have never met Dr Andy personally, but I trust him. Why? Over many years he has offered an absolute wealth of excellent free advice on seo and related subjects.

    I have paid for many a course that was neither as comprehensive or well written as a lot of the stuff that Andy has provided for free.

    Of course he has developed and offered software and information courses for sale, after all he has to make a living, right?

    I own and use KRA Pro and the Fat Content Creator Course, I also buy every niche blueprint that Andy makes available and will continue to do so.

    Can I say that Andy’s approach to SEO/LSI theming is 100% correct, of course not. What I can say, and this is my own personal opinion… Is that from research conducted by Andy himself added to what reading/studying he does on current seo theories that he firmly believes that his results in relation to lsi/theming are as accurate as they can be considering we are discussing Google and its algorithm.

    Many people create a, “buzz” around some new fad then try to sell a product on top of that. The product usually reflect what the creator, “really” thinks of the product himself. Usually badly produced with poor content and filler. These are not always low price tickets either!

    Andy didn’t invent LSI, although he has been talking about it for a long time. Others like, Jerry West, Charles heflin, Russell brunson and theme zoom all support the LSI theory.

    Just looking at Andy’s products you know he believes in them and the theories behind them. They are well made and any information provided by Andy is comprehensive, no fluff or filler.

    Does this mean that I can say Andy’s theories are 100% correct, again, of course not. What I am saying is that in my opinion; Andy would never put out a course or a piece of software that he didn’t believe 100% would do the job it was intended for, and provide value to the person buying it.

    I am on many lists and receive a lot of emails, most go in the trash. Whenever I get one from Andy, outlook colors it “red” & moves it to a folder called “Keep.” Why, because I know that nearly all emails from Andy will have value in them and stuff that I will want to go back to.


  • Sandra Wilson

    I like your content tip. Had not thought of using rss feeds that way. I do use google alerts to find stories and information to make posts about on my blogs. Thank you for your tip.

  • Rick S.

    You’re kidding that you think it’s hard to fail with “Site-Build-It”. That has to be one of those things where you have to learn to walk before you can run. It’s way too expensive, and it’s on a yearly subscription basis!

    Honestly, if I were advising someone on how to do this business, I would tell to start out small and follow the KISS principle. WordPress on a Fantastico-enable server for example. Start blogging, and don’t quit your day job.

    If you don’t have the tech-savvy for that, then go with WordPress.com or BlogSpot.com

    Really Andy, I think your reader tried biting off more than he could chew with Site-Build-It … and he unfortunately bought into the hype. It sounds like a good service, but you need to know what you’re doing. Your reader obviously didn’t and didn’t do much research on the industry to boot.


  • Andy

    Hi Rick
    You obviously have your opinions on SBI, and I have mine. I actually started out with an SBI site, and it did very well. I eventually switched to a different “host”, and to Dreamweaver, but that was only because of the akwardness of editing the sites in those days. SBI had all the tools necessary to succeed and that was several years ago: I bet it is a lot better now. As for the cost, it is a little pricey, but then add up all the tools you get, and its not actually so bad.

    Having said all that, I think today, WordPress is a better option, but you will need to buy other stuff, like a subscription to a good keyword research tool (which could cost the same as an SBI license if oyu pay for a year). You also need to learn how to use WordPress properly, which is why I am doing the tutorials, and putting together the WordPress for Affiliate Sites Community.

  • Carol

    Oh my! After reading that guy’s “rant” about Dr. Andy all I could think was “what a BIG FOOL he just made of himself”, LOL. IMHO, he’s obviously a guy with a chip on his shoulder and a lot of hot air to blow around. All he proved to me is that HE certainly doesn’t know a thing about SEO or internet marketing. However, what he did do well, was give a great example of how NOT to behave on the internet if you ever hope to be successful 🙂


  • Owen

    I have an SBI site and I believe its a great product for a beginner and really not expensive. There is a learning curve and the SBI forum is second to none.Great place and great community. My second site was and is WordPress. The learning curve is greater and sometimes very frustrating.
    My second point is that I have bought a few blueprints from Dr Andy and a few recommended products via his affiliate link. He is a great marketer, love his views and love his newsletter and wait for it in anticipation every sunday. Keep up the good work, mate. You give great value.
    As for item 3, Caroline Middlebrook also has a great Twitter guide. She is an English IM and I subscribe to her e-mail Feed.
    If you want to read her guide,Andy its http://www.caroline-middlebrook.com/blog/twitter-guide