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In this issue:

1. Keyword Research Lab under construction

2. Update to my Adsense Site

3. Market Samurai

4. Commission Blueprint announce bonuses

5. Ratings & Review Plugin for WordPress

Hi Again

I hope you have had a good week.? I have been very busy on a lot of different projects, but one that you should be seeing and hearing more about is the Keyword Research Lab site.? I'll let you know what is going on there, plus I'll update you on the Adsense site I built in a day and we'll also start a new series of tutorials on one of the hottest Internet Marketing tools out there, plus KRA goes fr.ee!

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1. Keyword Research Lab under construction
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

When I bought the domain KeywordResearchLab.com back in March 2006, I had a plan for it.? Unfortunately I never completed that plan, because as usual, I never had enough time.? It ended up as the site that I sold KRA & KRA Pro from.

In the last month or so I have started to work on that plan.

The first good news is that KRA is no longer for sale.? Why is that good news?? Well, it means I am going to be giving it away for free.

It should be available next week, but I'll let you know in next week's newsletter.? This free version is not exactly the same as the version people paid for, but I'll give you the details when its released.

KRA Pro is still going to be sold, but because KRA is becoming a free tool, the upgrade to KRA Pro from KRA will not be available once KRA is released.? I'll be sending out an email to all KRA owners this week to let them know.? If you want to upgrade to KRA Pro for $70, do it this week!

OK, back to Keyword Research Lab.? If you go there now, you can see the new layout and design:

Keyword Research Lab

The main focus of this site will no longer be my own keyword tools (KRA & KRA Pro), but on keyword research.

I have setup a number of categories on the site that represent the major keyword tools and services I use, and I'll be creating tutorials and articles for these tools.

Currently I only have Wordtracker, Nichebot & Market Samurai up there, and these are going to be the first sections I tackle.? I'll write comprehensive, unbiased reviews on these tools, and then create tutorials on using them.? I should be adding a user review system tot he site as well, so you can rate these tools yourself.

As the site develops, I'll add reviews for a lot of other keyword tools and services.

Later in the newsletter today, you can see the first tutorial for Keyword Research Lab – Finding Micro Niches with Market Samurai.? YOu can get a trial version of Market Samurai and follow along with the tutorial:

Market Samurai Free Trial

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2. Update to my Adsense Site
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

In the last newsletter, I told you about an Adsense site that I had setup following the guidelines in? John's Adsense Guide

The idea in John's book is to create small Adsense sites that target a micro niche.? In other words, don't think “shoes”, think “dansko nursing shoes”.

Just over a week ago (on? the 16th October), I spent the whole day creating an Adsense site along the lines of what John teaches.? I didn't follow the guide 100%, but near enough to test whether the system would work.

Well, within 48 hours my site appeared in Google.? It was only the homepage, and searching for a sentence from that page in Google returned zero results, so the page wasn't indexed in the main index.? About 4 or 5 days later, the rest of the site appeared.? However, once again, searching for any text on the pages returned zero results.? The information on those pages were not in Google's main index, so I couldn't expect any traffic.

Two days ago, all of the pages except the main page and sitemap disappeared again, and then late last night, something happened.? I noticed a trickle of traffic to the site.? I searched for a sentence from my homepage in Google, and sure enough, Google returned my page in the results.

I checked for the main phrase I was targeting on this site, and my site sits at #11 in Google.

That #11 is a brand new site where only the homepage & sitemap are indexed.? There are five other “supporting” pages on the site still waiting to be indexed.? When they do get included, I expect my homepage to move up the rankings.

Incidentally, if you search for my targeted phrase in Google with quotes, Google returns 709,000 competing pages!

However, the tool I used to identify the niche (Niche Horde) told me there was actually a lot less than this, so I guess this Adsense experiment was also a test of how well Niche Horde worked as a Micro Niche Finder.

Another great thing happened last night.? I made my first Adsense income from this site.? This was a bit of a surprise since I am still not in the top 10 for my chosen phrase, but checking my logs, I am getting traffic for long-tail phrases related to my main phrase.? I'll update you next week on the site's progress.

Incidentally, if you bought John's course, I would love to hear how your sites are doing.? You can leave a comment at the end of this newsletter.

UPDATE: I just posted this newsletter online, and have rechecked my rankings.? My site has now moved up to #7 in Google for the main term (still only homepage and sitemap indexed though).

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
3. Market Samurai
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Market Samurai is a tool that has an amazing array of features.

If you have followed this newsletter recently, you will have seen one of those features as I used it to track rankings for my targeted keywords.

In this tutorial, I want to show you how you can use Market Samurai to find and evaluate a Micro Niche Market.

You can follow along with the tutorial by downloading a fully functional version of Market Samurai.

Once you have downloaded and installed this software (it comes for both the PC and the Mac), head on over to the Keyword Research Lab for the first of many Tutorials:

Using Market Samurai to Find & Evaluate Micro Niches

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
4. Commission Blueprint announce bonuses
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Commission Blueprint 2.0. was one of the most hyped up products of 2009, and yet, IMO, it lived up to the hype.? I wont go into details here, as you can read my Commission Blueprint 2.0 Review

One of the things I love about this product is the software that comes with it.? In fact, one of the pieces of software is called Article Blueprint, and I used that to promote my Adsense site (mentioned in part one of this newsletter), instead of the much more time consuming method that John recommends in his Adsense book.

I had thought that they were removing Commission Blueprint 2.0 from sale, but that does not appear to be the case.? You can sign up for a trial of their Keyword Tool & Offer evaluator software, and you'll then get to hear about the full Commission Blueprint product.

This week, I got an email from Tim who was very excited about a couple of new bonuses they are releasing very soon to Commission Blueprint owners.

They are both software tools, and one of them in particular excites me.? It's called Link Blueprint.? It's a system for building non-reciprocal links to your site.? They haven't given us too much to go on yet, but it does sound promising.

The other software bonus is called Authority Hub Finder, and it will help identify authority sites that link to the top pages in Google.? If they link to the top pages in Google, then maybe you need a link from them as well.

I am really looking forward to these two new additions to the software arsenal that comes with Commission Blueprint.? If you haven't bought this amazing package, you really should consider it.? I know its expensive, but to put things in perspective, I am currently a subscriber of a service that essentially provides the same service as the new Link Blueprint software will.? That service costs $47 per month ($564 a year).? When Link Blueprint is released, I wont need that service!

You can learn more about Commission Blueprint by signing up for the Commission Blueprint 2.0 trial.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
5. Ratings & Review Plugin for WordPress
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Mid week, I sent out a small site update notice to subscribers of this newsletter.? I had installed a commercial Ratings plugin on my site (plugin is called WP Review Site), and wanted to test it.? You can see the plugin on the Website Hosting reviews page.

Basically, the plugin allows those who leave comments to rate the various attributes of the host (I set these attributes up in the Dashboard), and then these votes are totaled, and the summary page you see on the page above is updated.

I love the idea of this plugin, but I am having a few compatibility issues with existing plugins, so may need to look for alternatives.

One alternative that looks good is GD Star Rating.? The only problem with it is that its very complicated to get setup, and it is being updated so much that its difficult to find the help you need.? Nonetheless, when I get time, I will look at this plugin in more detail.? Its a fr.ee one, so has obvious advantages.? If I can work it out, I'll create a tutorial for you to follow.

One other Ratings plugin I loved was the Review Rating System.?? I got it to work on one web host without any problem, but on my 1&1 hosting, I could not get it to work properly.? There is a trial download though, so you can try it on your own host.? Its a full featured plugin, its just not for me as I wanted to use it on a 1&1 hosted site.

In the mean time, if there are any ratings and review plugins you have tried and recommended, please leave a comment at the end of this newsletter.

Well, that's it for this issue.? If you want to read the recent issues of this newsletter, you can read them online at my blog:


Have a great week!

Visit the subscriber Bonus page for fr.ee reports and other subscriber-only:

Removed – subscribers only

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13 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter # 263

  • Dean

    I am currently looking for a good WordPress review plugin as well and was going to go for the WPsitereview one but am having second thoughts after seeing your comments. What plugins was it having problems with?

    Not too sure about the GD star rating plugin either. Seems a bit complicated and tries to do a bit of something for everybody i.e rate posts or rate reviews or multi rate posts/reviews etc etc

    WP Review Engine could be a possibility but haven’t used it. Looks a bit cleaner than the Review Rating System plugin.

    Have you had a look at that one?


    • Andy

      I dont remember what plugins exactly were conflicting, though I think there may have been more than one. I have had to disable sociable, but even so, I cannot post entries to my site without getting errors. I think its a combination of plugins. Unfortunately I dont see any refund policy on the plugins site, so its buyer beware.

      WP Review engine looks almost identical in the way it works. Maybe that is the one I should have tried 🙂

      I would recommend you look at the Review Ratings System mentioned in the newsletter. The one I could not get to work on my 1&1 hosting account, as it wasreally very good. They have a trial, and if it works on your hosting, it might be exactly what you need.

  • Dana Smith

    Hello, Andy!

    I’ve been following your coverage of your new Adsense site closely and was wondering if you could share some info about when you added Adsense to the new site. Right away, or did you wait until Google visited the site first? I’ve seen different advice on this and would be interested in your take on it.


    • Andy

      I always wait until Google finds the site and pages are initially returned in the index. I am not sure it matters though.

  • Pam

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for sharing your results using John’s Adsense Guide. Did you use WordPress or static site for the test?

    Best regards.

  • Pam

    Hi Andy,
    Sorry, my bad. I should have checked the previous issue (#262)before posting above question.
    Please ignore my first post.

    Best regards.

  • Martin

    Hi Andy,

    As usual a great issue – thank you. Is the Adsense strategy – i.e. building sites for Adsense in very small niches – something you intend to pursue on a larger scale? If so, how exactly does Niche Horde come in handy? Is it faster to find good niches? I’m thinking that with the Black Book (for those of you reading this – they give it to you for free over at Market Samurai) in hand, a little bit of imagination, and Market Samurai one could easily generate a substantial list of micro-niches in a couple of days.


    P.S. Did you notice that ‘EzSEO Newsletter # 263’ is in the list of recommended hosts?

    • Andy

      Not sure how I will scale up yet. I am waiting to see results from testing. Niche Horde though is great for finding niches (or rather being told the niches) without having to think. If you want more control, Market Samurai is excellent too.

      Thanks for the heads up on the Recommended Hosts table. Seems I forgot a parameter when I was editing the template.

  • Rhonda Morin

    Is this how the newsletter is going to be delivered from now on, requiring me to click a link to read it? I preferred it the old way and now that my Blackberry is up and running right I can sit and leisurely read it no matter if I am in a service area or not.

    Hope it goes back to the old way.

    Rhonda Morin

    • Andy

      Hi Rhonda
      Yes, sorry, this is how its going to be. It may not suite everyone, but it is a lot better for me.

  • Rick

    Hi Andy,
    Based on Xfactors Adsense course, would you please comment on the benefit(s), if any, of having multiple micro niches all on the same niche category but on different products vs. a very basic silo structure for a web site that has the same niche category but different product pages making up the silo. You can assume that in both cases the brand+product is NOT in the domain name.

    Thanks and as always really appreciate all your efforts!

  • Dave Guerin

    When I read John’s thread on Warriors, I thought to myself that I wished Andy had ocme through with making SEO WSB weeks ago, as I was expecting from previous news letters. I had wanted to purchase it earlier, but you had already taken it off the market. Seems it would nice to have now to use for John’s system. I don’t I think I want to use WP, at least for now.

    Thanks for the heads up on Nich Horde.