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In this issue:

1. Need to Follow FTC if you are non-US?

2. Web Content Studio & DIG?

3. The Best Rating & Review Plugin for WordPress?

4. Finding Products for Micro Niche Review Sites

Hi Again

After mentioning the FTC in last week's newsletter, a couple of people have questioned whether they will need to tow the line because they don't live in the US.? I'll try to answer that question, plus another one that I am now being asked a lot – What happened to Web Content Studio and DIG?

If you have been following my newsletter recently, you'll know I have been looking for a good ratings & review plugin for WordPress.? Well, I have tested 4, and the results are in.? I'll let you know what plugin I am using on my own sites to allow visitors to add their own ratings and reviews to the products or services I mention, and show you some pages where you can see the winning plugin in action.? Finally today, I'll show you a free way to find all of the products in your niche.

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1. Need to Follow FTC if you are non-US?
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer.? Take what I am about to say as my personal view on the situation and not something that is fact or the current legal situation.? If you want legal advice, consult a lawyer.

OK, with that said, here is my take on the situation.

A lot of us are non-US and don't like being dictated to by the FTC, and why should we?? We live under the laws of our own countries and laws passed in the US have nothing to do with us, right?


If your business meets ALL of the following requirements, then I would say the FTC probably has nothing to do with you:

* Your business and all its assets are outside the US.

* You do not sell anything to the US market.

* You do not promote US based products or services.

There may be a few more requirements, but that's enough to get us started, and see why you may need to fall into line with the new FTC regulations.

While I am not a lawyer, it makes sense to me that if your servers are in the US, your websites may be governed by US law.? If there is any lawyer reading this, please feel free to comment at the end of this newsletter.

The second point is an obvious one.? The FTC guidelines (or should they be called laws) are there to protect US citizens.? If you sell to the US, you are on the FTC radar.? However, this point is only for people who sell their own products.? What if you are an affiliate?

The final point covers the affiliate side of online business.? If you are promoting US based merchants, then you are going to have to follow the FTC rules.? You see, while the FTC may not come after you because you are “abroad”, the affiliate merchant most likely will.? What I have read online suggests that merchants are going to be responsible in some way for their affiliate force.? That means you may need to update your sites or risk getting thrown out of affiliate programs.? Be aware that this is just my understanding of the situation based on what I have read online. If you know any more information on the FTC and the status of “on-US” marketers, please leave a comment at the end of this newsletter.

If you are looking to make changes to your site, and you need the legal documents written for you, Len Thrumond's recently updated Auto Weblaw Pro now includes all of the documents you should need to FTC-proof your sites.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
2. Web Content Studio & DIG?
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

A while ago I told you about two new tools I was developing.? The first is Web Content Studio

The second tool is a datafeed tool called D.I.G.

Both tools are about a week away from a beta release and have been that way for the last few months.? I personally use them both, but they are not quite ready to be released to the public.? So why haven't I completed them?

The truth is, I have been deciding whether or not to release these tools at all.

Ever since I mentioned Web Content Studio, a number of people have been writing to me stating that if they do not get a free upgrade to this product (or at least a reduced upgrade price), then I am being unfair to them.? Their reasoning is that they have bought either KRA Pro or my Fat Content Course and think that entitles them to this product for free.

Now, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and I am entitled to my own.? Here is what I have decided to do.

The full price of Web Content Studio is likely to be $197, or maybe even a smaller recurring monthly charge (and I have some affiliates who think they can sell a lot at either of those prices).? However, I have decided to offer a substantial discount to JUST ONE particular group of people – those who read this newsletter.

You may never have bought any of my products before, that's fine.? The only requirement to get this discount is that you read my newsletter.

I am going to begin work on final stages of Web Content Studio for a release.? I'll get a couple of beta testers to help, and when it is 99% ready, I'll release it to this newsletter.? This will be in a few weeks time, because I wont be working full time on this.

When it is ready, I'll offer the tool through my newsletter for a period of 24 hours (I can hear the groans already).? Don't worry about missing the deal, because as a reader of this newsletter, you will be given plenty of notice via this newsletter.

When it is ready for release, I'll announce the date and time in advance.

On the date in question, you will then have 24 hours to get the tool at the discounted price.? Once the 24 hours is up, the product will be removed from sale for a while.

Now I know I am going to get requests for a notification list to make sure you don't miss this, but the ONLY notification will be this newsletter.??? As I said, I want to reward readers of the newsletter.

OK; that's where I am at with Web Content Studio.? What about DIG?? Well DIG requires more work (I could finish it in a week as well, but I have decided to completely redo the interface), so I wont even begin thinking about that until after Christmas.? I'll keep you updated in the newsletter when there is any movements there.?? As usual, feel free to leave a comment at the end of this newsletter whether you are happy or not with my decision on Web Content Studio.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
3. The Best Rating & Review Plugin for WordPress?
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

NOTE: I updated this review on my other site – Affiliate Minder – and there is a new clear winner.  For the updated review, read my Best Ratings & Review Plugin for WordPress.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned in the newsletter that I was looking for a ratings & review plugin to use on my websites.? In total, I tested 4:

* GD Star Rating

* Rating Review System

* WP Review Engine

* WP Review Site

I picked these four simply because they seemed to do exactly what I wanted.

I had wanted to provide full reviews on all four products, but as it happens, two wouldn't work at all on my server, one was too complicated to figure out, and one worked perfectly out of the box.

Let's look at each of the plugins:

1. GD Star Rating

This plugin is the only free one of the four.? From the look of the website, it looked very promising, however it was just too complicated for me to figure out.

Inside the WordPress Dashboard, the options panel was impressive, but the big problem with the plugin is lack of organized documentation.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of tutorials for this plugin, but trying to find the information you need is not very easy.? If you are willing to work hard with a plugin, this one might be worth considering.? The developer is working hard and updates are frequent which may explain why the documentation is a mess.

2. Rating Review System

This is a plugin I was sent to review by the authors.? The plugin seemed to do everything I wanted (and more), BUT, and its a big but….. It would not work on my 1&1 server.

The plugin is encoded with ioncube (which a lot of commercial scripts are to protect the code from pirates), which means your host needs to support that.? I have ioncube installed locally on my server for another script I use, so I thought there would not be a problem.

However, after installing the review plugin, I was getting ioncube errors.? I did a local install of ioncube so that it was available to the plugin, and tested to make sure ioncube was working with the ioncube test script – it was.

On activating the plugin, it now activated without any error messages, but the plugin still did not work properly.? One of the option pages in the Dashboard was blank (even with all other plugins disabled).

On contacting the author of the plugin, he got his techs to look at it, and their conclusion was that ioncube was not installed properly on my server (even though the ioncube test script said it was).? Unfortunately I had to let this plugin go.? It looked perfect, but if I cannot use it on my server, then its time to move on.? Incidentally, the author of this plugin does offer a free copy for you to test, so I suggest trying it out on your own server.? If it works, it might just be the plugin you are looking for.

3. WP Review Site by Dan Grossman

This plugin looked perfect but there was no trial version.? Since I want to use the system on multiple sites, I stumped up $199 for the multi.site license.

I installed it on my ezseonews.com site, and that's where the problems began.? My server started giving me errors when navigating around the Dashboard.? When I tried to view the list of posts in my Dashboard, the list was empty.

I deactivated all other plugins I use on the site, and the plugin then seemed to work fine.? However, I have the other plugins there for a reason, so reactivated them one by one.? I had to leave a couple of the plugins deactivated to stop the Dashboard errors, and to me, this was not acceptable.? I contacted Dan about a refund since this plugin is no use to me. He told me:

“There is no refund policy as I have no way to keep you from using the plugin once you have it.

WP Review Site is in use by over 1,200 people right now and I have only ever heard of a conflict with another star ratings plugin. I would be happy to help you fix your site”

Thanks for the offer of fixing my site Dan, but it wasn't broke until I used your plugin so I'll pass.? Your no refund policy (and no trial to make sure it works) might be great for your affiliates, but for end users it sucks”!

So, that's $199 down the drain.? If anyone wants to buy it off me, let me know 😉

4. WP Review Engine

OK, trumpets at the ready.? The clear winner for me was WP Review Engine by a guy called Louis.

Not only is this cheaper than WP Review Site, but it worked perfectly first time, AND Louis has a 30 day money back guarantee if you do have any problems.? When I installed the plugin, I initially had an ioncube error.? Yes, this plugin once again uses ioncube.

In the docs that you get when you buy this plugin, Louis says that if you have problems with ioncube, he'll send you an un-encoded version.

True to his word, I received the un-encoded files which then worked perfectly. However, just to test, I did a local install of ioncube and tried the original ioncube encoded plugin, and it worked perfectly as well.

If you don't want (or know how to) install ioncube locally, then it is comforting to know that Louis will send you the un-ecoded files if you need them.

Now, the plugin comes with a couple of themes, but I wanted to use it on my ezseonews.com site, and I wanted to keep my Studiopress theme.? Most if the integration went without a problem, but when I did have a question, Louis was there to help with the answers.? The plugin is now fully integrated into the website hosting section of my ezseonews.com site as well as a niche site I have been working on.? If you want to try it out, feel free to leave a review of the host you use.? If the host you use is not included, please leave a comment at the end of this newsletter and tell me which host you are using and I?ll add it to the section of the site.? Now I have the plugin setup, I?ll be working on the reviews of all hosts this week.

Before I go over the full feature list of this plugin, let me show you a video of how it works.

WP Review Engine Integrated in a site

OK, so let's have a look at the WP Review Engine features (make sure you see the last feature):

  • Easy to use.? While you can modify templates manually for more control, there are options to integrate the plugin into just about any theme at the click of a mouse button.
  • Visitor ratings are embedded with their comments:

  • Use Editor ratings if you want.? For sites where you don't want visitors to contribute to the ratings of products, you can just use Editor ratings instead if you want, meaning your rating is final.
  • For posts, you can specify an affiliate link to the product (and a thumbnail image), and these will be used on your site.
  • Comparison tables showing the products with the highest review.? These can be embedded on your homepage and/or category pages. You have full control over what fields are displayed in these tables and the order of the fields.

  • Integrates with Google Maps.? e.g. If you are reviewing restaurants in your area, you can add the precise location via Google Maps.

NOTE: The above image was taken from Louis? plugin site.

  • OK; I don't use this feature and don't recommend it, but the script can auto-generate comments.
  • Import product databases into WordPress.? This feature can be used on its own without the ratings plugin.
  • Sidebar widgets included – show top rated posts and most recent comments.
  • hReview enabled – this is a microformat that allows Google (and others) to parse the review data (the ratings) and use it in the search results page.? Here is how my Arvixe Web Hosting Review page might show up in Google once the latest page gets indexed:

Imagine how that listing will stand out from the crowd of search engine listings!!

I highly recommend this plugin for anyone wanting to setup a review site.? Louis offers excellent support, and the plugin works perfectly out of the box.

Buy WP Review Engine

If you would like me to create a tutorial on building WordPress review sites with this plugin, leave a comment at the end of this newsletter and I'll start work on the tutorial.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

4. Finding Products for Micro Niche Review Sites
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

In previous newsletters I told you about John's Adsense Course which I have tested, and which has returned some promising results.

One of the ways I want to change my own micro sites from the way John does his is to include product reviews (and the plugin I mentioned above) and possibly affiliate links into the mix.

As I have been working on my own system I have been looking for good ways to find product listings.? Its a fact that if someone is searching for an exact make and model number, then they are more likely to be buyers.? What I wanted was a tool that could give me a list of makes and models for any product range I choose.? I even thought of creating a tool that could do this.? Once I had my list, I could then just build pages and cross products off the list as I went.

After much searching, I found the answer, and it's a free resource from Google.

Well, that's it for this issue.? If you want to read the recent issues of this newsletter, you can read them online at my blog:


Have a great week!

Visit the subscriber Bonus page for free reports and other subscriber-only:

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If you enjoyed this newsletter, please recommend it to your friends. Also if you have any tips of your own, questions or comments, please leave a comment at the online version of this newsletter: http://ezseonews.com

Any tips or questions & answers I print in this newsletter will also be put up on the web version of the newsletter with a link to your site if you want it. That's extra free traffic for your site as well as an incoming link to your site.

The products reviewed in this newsletter are often affiliate products, and as such, if you buy through my link, I will receive a commission.

The contents of this newsletter is copyright 2009 Andrew Williams.? If you want to republish any of the articles, you must get permission from the author.

This newsletter disclaims all responsibility for the advertising copy or the product advertised. You cannot rely on the fact that the newsletter has examined the product or recommends or endorses the product, unless it clearly says that it has, when you make your decision whether or not to purchase the product or interact with the advertiser. You are advised to do your own investigation before buying.

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44 thoughts on “ezSEO Newsletter #266

  • Robert

    Hi Andy,

    Didn’t know that you could program.
    Seriously though, as a relatively new subscriber I’m looking forward to what WCS and D.I.G. can do.

    And thanks for the rating & review plugins review.
    I’m actually looking into those. Do you know if there is an upgrade path from the single site license to the unlimited site license of your winner ?

    This blog post was an interesting read. Top to bottom.

    • Andy

      Hi Robert
      I don’t know if there is an upgrade path or not. If you go to the site and click the support tab, there is a link to Louis’ email address.

      • Robert

        I emailed Louis, and he responded pretty quickly considering that there are time zones involved.
        On top of that I forgot to come back here.

        This is his reply to my upgrade request:
        Hi Robert,

        Yes, you can upgrade by paying the difference in price.

        (It was OK’ed by him, to copy&paste his reply in here.)

  • Alex Newell

    Thanks so much Andy for these super reviews of Rating and review plugins.

    I find it appalling that you could not get a complete refund of one that was so expensive and did not perform. I’m no lawyer but for something to be on sale it generally has to be working!!

    The FTC issue is interesting.

    Like you I’m not in the US and I don’t accept that you can be bound by the laws of the US and the EU. Mostly tho’ the new regs are going after scammers and fake blogs and dishonest reviews. The latter are very common and hopefully the ftc regs will clean up the Internet and that will good for all of us.

    I wonder if you have come up with a wording you can use, not in a disclaimer document but when describing a product of which you are an affiliate?

    It could get very clumsy if we have to cover ourselves in every email, blog post or even tweet!

    All The Best


    • Andy

      Hi Alex
      I’m no lawyer either, but Paypal protects the seller, and in the only case I have disputed in the past for something not working, Paypal sided with the seller. Anyway, if someone wants to take that stand, there isn’t much I can do expect of course warn my subscribers. The review plugin I chose as the winner actually has more features including the hReview which is incredibly cool, and its cheaper.

      Regarding the FTC, no, I haven’t come up with any wording. I think I’l just have disclosure documents, with a link at the bottom of my page on affiliate sites. If the FTC want to contact me about it, they can. From what I hear it will be complaint driven and then you will be given a chance to fix stuff, so I am not worrying unduly about it. For my own product pages, I’ll include info at the bottom of the sales page. I’ll be using the documents from Len’s package for that.

      • Laurie

        Hey Andy,

        If you used your CC when you paid with paypal just do a chargeback through your bank. All the scammers know that trick but it also helps honest buyers that have been taken advantage of.

        Your bank will dispute the charge with paypal and paypal always returns the funds to the bank doing the chargeback. I’ve lost a lot of money from buyers that take advantage of paypal’s lack of a spine in that regard to the major Visa and MC banks.

        In your case you have a legitimate beef.

        If you paid with paypal funds rather than coming off your CC then basically you are at the mercy of paypal. Had the same thing happen. Purchased software, did not work, PP said basically they don’t care because the product was delivered. No matter it was faulty and never worked. All they cared that is was delivered.

        I think it really depends on what $8 an hour PP gofer handles the case. You can always call PP via Skype and ask to speak to a supervisor. In some cases that has helped get things resolved. The bottom level people at PP you get when you call are not really at the level where they can push buttons and take care of these type cases. You have to go a little higher.

        Thanks for the Big G products video. That’s an eyeopener and massive time saver. Can’t wait for DIG.

        • Andy

          Hi Laurie
          Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately I paid with Paypal balance. Fortunately I can afford to lose this money, but I wont do so without at least warning my newsletter readers about it 😉

  • Dana Smith


    Lots of red meat in this issue of the newsletter, making it one of the best I’ve read. Your review of the various review plugins was excellent and much appreciated.

    Do you plan on releasing more details about how you build your own Adsense micro sites, possibly as a report or product?



    • Andy

      I’m not sure yet about the Adsense stuff. I have never been a big Adsense user on my sites, so I am still testing to see what works and what doesn’t. If I come up with a strategy that works well, I may release that info, I’m not sure yet.

  • Andy A

    Hi Andy

    I’ve been following you and your newsletters for years now but I’m more of a lurker than anything. Anyway, i just thought I’d write a couple of lines to let any newbie reading this know that you’re a top bloke and perhaps one of the most consistent and valued contributors to online marketing that I’ve come across since coming online in 2004.

    So thanks a lot and keep up the good work. It is appreciated 🙂

    Andy A

  • Miles

    Hi Andy and Everyone,

    About the FTC, I don’t know why everyone is making a big deal of it. All you have to do is add a few sentences to your terms page. And mention average customer data IF you use testimonials.


    • Andy

      where do you get your info from? From what I understand, a section on your terms page is not enough. The FTC want blood, and that means stating your affiliation within close proximity to your link. I may be wrong of course, so please do let me know if I am wrong.

  • Aeriol

    Hi Dr. Andy, just wondering if you have encountered a good membership site plug-in for wordpress? I am looking to create a members area on one of my blogs and it is hard to sort through all the options to figure out what might work. i thought this is something you might have done at some point in time. Thanks. Aeriol.

    • Andy

      I personally use aMember. I cannot really comment on other solutions as I dont use them, but aMember + WordPress is a good solution that works extremely well.

  • Darrell

    Hi Andy,

    Like you, I live outside the US, and resent the Big Brother attitude of the FTC – but it’s their country and they set the rules.

    Rather safe..etc, so I have just bought the Thurmond pack through your link.

    Also looking forward to seeing the new Web Content Studio. I already have Fat Content and KRA Pro, and I have no doubt I will go for this one as well; the combined unit should save a lot of time.

    Like Dana, I am interested in the Xfactor approach (also bought through your link – hint, hint – so I would be very interested in any other tutorials you may choose to release.

    And I can only endorse what Andy A says – you are one of the real good guys, providing a huge amount of information and helpful advice.

    Whatever your previous career was, the IM industry gained hugely when you switched occupations.

    Best wishes,


    • Andy

      Thanks Darrell
      Comments like yours and Andy’s make it worth my while to continue publishing a newsletter and trying to help others.

  • Joanna

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks so much for sharing your findings on the review plugins. You are a fabulously generous person and we all appreciate you!

  • Joanna

    Oh, yes a tutorial on building wordpress review sites would be great. Woudl be happy to pay. Thanks, Andy.

    • Andy

      I’ll see what I can do Joanna. The one thing that makes me nervous about publishing a tutorial in my newsletter on this is that it will require people to buy the ratings plugin I use, but I guess people need to understand that to make money you need to invest a little money. The internet has made business seem so easy for so many. Gone are the days when you need a bank loan to start a business and no expectation of making money for the first year of two.

  • Tomaz

    Thanks for the Google products video. I’ve been using Google Adwords tool to find products based on a keyword but this system is even better!

    • Andy

      I have been very happy with the Google Product search since I found it. I cannot believe I was tearing my hear out looking for ways to come up with product lists when Google gave it to us for free.

  • Shawn

    Hi Andy,

    Great reviews! Thanks for all the work! Yes, I’d like to see a tutorial on the review plugin. I use Bluehost and need to check the ioncube issue (or go with unencoded version). Thanks again! Shawn

    • Andy

      The unencoded version of the review plugin should work on any host, but hopefully Louis is good to his word on the refund policy if you did have a problem. He has been very helpful in my own site setups, and I’ll certainly pass on what I have learnt using this plugin in some tutorials in the newsletter.

  • Peter

    Hi Andy
    I always look forward to your weekly newsletter.
    You always give insight and guidelines on any topic you choose to deal with.
    More grease to your elbow!

    Lastly, I watched the video on WP Review Engine, I seems to like it.
    I would appreciate if you can do more indept tutorials about the plugin.


  • Anthony Bule

    Hi Andy,

    Once again I am indebted to you.

    I had the WP Review Site plugin earmarked for purchase in the future, so I’m glad I read your review of it. I for one, can’t afford to possibly throw away nearly $200 on something that may not work properly on my site/s.

    Also, I am really looking forward to the release of Web Content Studio (but not a monthly fee), and your solution to the ‘upgrade’ dilemma is fair and more than reasonable.

    As always, your newsletter content is ‘fat’, and as always I am deeply appreciative.



  • Chuck

    Hi Andy,
    I too have been a long time subscriber. Your newsletter is about the only one I actually read. Always has great advice and help in it. As far as,
    ” Ever since I mentioned Web Content Studio, a number of people have been writing to me stating that if they do not get a free upgrade to this product (or at least a reduced upgrade price), then I am being unfair to them. Their reasoning is that they have bought either KRA Pro or my Fat Content Course and think that entitles them to this product for free.”
    you’ve got to be kidding me! For Free, even!!!!! That’s absurd. How could any one possibly think they are entitled to a totally different piece of software. With a mind set like that, they will never get anywhere with it. Never mind not even thinking of the time and energy you spent bringing it to them. Shouldn’t you get compensated for that?

    Wow! Ok enough of my rant. 🙂 Thanks for being here…

  • Norman Holden

    G’day Andy ,

    Thanks for the latest Newsletter – always worth studying.

    In the video you show “Strip HTML” from the results found — where do I find that?

    I tried both FF and IE latest versions but I just couldn’t see it.

    Thanks again for all the help you have provided in so many ways over the past years.

    Sincerely ,

    Norman Holden

  • Claude Everard

    Hi Dr Andy, been following you for quite a while and enjoy your reviews. Hopefully one day I too may be a shadow what you are. But by no means in the programming department.
    Thank you for the review on Market Samurai two weeks ago. I did buy it on your recommendation and it certainlt frees up so much time.
    I like the review on wp revie engine and will follow your video before I do anything. Thanks again. And yes will stay tuned for future updates. I do look forward to your Sunday emails. Claude

  • Rod

    I actually laughed – really – when I read your statement “I want to reward readers of the newsletter”.

    As if we needed any more reward for reading this gem. We should be rewarding you for continuing to give us such valuable info week after week.

  • Paulette

    Dear Andy:

    Please create a tutorial on building WordPress review sites using the WP Review Engine. I love your newsletter and look forward to it each Sunday, great job.

  • Mark

    Hi Andy

    You do seem to take a lot for granted when talking about monetizing your sites.

    Either it is a case you think it so simple that you don’t need to bother expanding on your suggestions or you don’t want to give up your secrets – not sure which one it is.

    I have mentioned this to you before and you give very short and curt replies.

    Please spend some quality time, providing quality information on monetizing sites – you can start with the video you produced about Google product search.

    You produced a video showing us how to get product info – but then you assumed we all know what to do with it.

    Well we don’t – so please explain to us in detail the best way to monetize a site.

    You do a very good job with explaining keyword research and your fat content creation – this is the sort of detail I’m talking about, please don’t suggest we read a free book which generalises everything.

    What do you say, can you produce some quality monetization training for your readers?


  • Jeremy

    This whole ftc thing started because people promoting cpa offers were creating fake blogs with fake stories and using the same picture on all the blogs. The ftc is after them mostly.

    Also the ftc is not evil, if they say your site is breaking any laws, they will give you a warning and allow time for you to correct your site.

  • Rick M.


    Fair enough regarding WCS.

    I bought Fat Content Creator and KRA-Pro; both are pretty good, especially now that you’ve “built-in” Market Samurai exports to KRA-Pro (THANK YOU for that), so I’ll see if WCS fits in with my needs and if the price is right.


  • Randy

    Hi Andy,
    I would like to second and third and fourth what others have commented about you providing AWESOME content to your readers. I have been reading others newsletters for years and eventually opt out because they are just filled with “by me” stuff (especially from so called guru’s). Yes you do have links to products you get commission from but we can see it’s products you use and believe in. If we are following your advice then why would we want anything else?

    Your newsletter, information, tutorials are all spot on all the time. I have been a paid member of other sites that don’t give you as much QUALITY “this is how you do it” type of info and your newsletter gives way more valuable usable information you can use right now. I can’t see why someone would comment and pretty much demand about you NEEDING to spend more time in a FREE newsletter to explain yourself better. We are all responsible for a little bit of work on our own don’t you think? We should never expect Andy to do it all for us, I mean com-mon! If you can’t find it here then just keep searching. But like I said I have read A LOT of other newsletters and info and I find myself coming back (actually waiting and looking forward) to Andy’s newsletter over and over again. Is it perfect? No and neither is anything else on the net or in life for that matter.

    Anyway keep the good work Andy, can’t imagine why anyone could complain from the value you give in this newsletter and not charge us a thing.

    I too am very interested in anything you can show us about how you have taken your (Xfactor) adsense sites to a different level. I LOVE the help videos you always do. It is VERY helpful to see how you go about doing things.


  • terrance

    The web studio looks like a great product. Will, there be anything on how to tie it in with your KRA Pro as well as Market Samuari?

  • Brenton

    Hi Andy,

    I fully appreciate your advice that buyer keywords are important for affiliate sale conversions. I have a couple of questions on the use of the Google Product Search Website to generate a list of buyer keywords for product reviews or descriptions for web page creation:

    (1) After creating pages for specific products in a particular niche do you find that you have to update or recreate the pages because the products no longer exists? For example in the Sony Digital Camera Niche (an example shown in your video) I would imagine that camera models would eventually become obsolete. Do you find this to be the case?

    (2) When using the Google Product Search for a particular product there seems to be quite a list of stores that sell that product. Do you tend to use Amazon to sell products or do you also use other affiliate stores? How do you decide?

    Many thanks for your help.

    Kind regards,


    • Andy

      Hi Brenton

      1. THis is a problem with all affiliate programs. Its one of the reason I am working on my datafeed software which I have mentioned before. Now Web Content Studio is released, I can begin the final work on D.I.G. and get it ready for release. You can see some more information on D.I.G. here: D.I.G. News

      2. I usually use the product search to find products to promote, I don’t always use those suppliers. I tend to look at merchants according to their merits: how easy their site is to navigate, affiliate leaks like toll free numbers, comission and price of product. Amazon is a merchant I like though, because people tend to buy on Amazon, whether its what you recommended or something that caught their attention while they were there.

  • Spicer

    Hello To Dr. Andy Williams and Everyone,

    Just to give Andy and everyone a heads-up!

    PLEASE Beware that WP Review Engine is NOT supported any longer!

    I’ve tried to contact the developer [email protected][com] and could not
    get any support for the product. As the software currently does Not work or the samples given does Not work.

    I’ve just lost $89.98 US hard-earned dollars! Buying a bogus piece of software.

    Purchased this product based on the glowing review by Dr. Andy Williams.

    Please Dr. Willams, revise or Take Down the portion of your review narrative for WP Review Engine. They might have won your good graces back in 2009.

    However, I believe the developer have just used you as a schill, for 2011.



    • Andy

      Unfortunately, WP Review Engine was developed by a guy called Louis, who had great support. However, as far as I remember it (I may be wrong), he sold it to Dan Grossman – the guy behind the WP Review Site plugin that I warned people not to buy until they read the review because of the no refund policy.

      Having said that though, the email you sent to Dan is to there sales inquiries email address, not their support. Their support has a contact form AND email address you should try.

      To read the last review I did on the plugins, and see the one I recommend, read here: