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In this issue:

1. Apple iPhones & iPads

2. Products with no Refund Policy – HELP!

3. Adsense 30 Day Video Course, Forum etc

Hi Again

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who's written to me wishing me a speedy recovery. I am still a long way from recovered but I am now off painkillers and anti-inflammatories. The pain is now more of a general discomfort in the shoulder and elbow, and I have movement and some strength back in my hand (about 60%).

While I've been on medication I have stayed off alcohol so I'm happy that once again I can enjoy a glass or two of my favourite red wine, the Australian Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon.? If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend you do, it's brilliant despite the fact that one review I read says it's like Fanta – or maybe they just meant you can drink it like Fanta – no arguments from me on that one ;).

While I am able to type, I'm sticking with Dragon NaturallySpeaking to dictate this newsletter as well as a lot of the content that I'm writing.? I have found it a real time saver despite the fact I am a good typist.

Let's get on.

1. Apple iPhones & iPads

OK put your hands up. Who's bought the new Apple iPad?

What do you think of it?

I am eagerly awaiting their arrival in Spain as I can see it will be a great tool for reading PDF files as well as a lot of other applications, like a bigger screen for playing games 🙂

My wife is so eager to get her hands on one that she wants to order it from America. However when I pointed out the problems we have with customs over here and the fact that we may well be charged extra tax in Madrid, she suggested we fly to America instead.

I think will just wait, but I love to hear your comments if you own one. Leave a comment at the end of this newsletter.

On a similar topic, my old mobile phone broke not so long ago, and I relented and bought an iPhone. I like it, but one of the applications I used my old phone for was GPS, and the iPhone seems very poor in this respect, with my location being about 3 km out. Maybe that's just poor satellite coverage in Tenerife, I don't know, but the application that helps you find your car only really gets you within a 3km radius 🙁

There are a couplcardse of applications I really love, and I thought I would ask if there are any applications that you have on your iPhone that are essential to your daily life.

The two that I have and use daily are an accounts program called iExpenseIt.? Once it's set up it's really easy to keep track of where money is being spent, and at the end of the month I can get a nice report to see where the money has gone. It literally takes seconds to put a new transaction into the software, and I have all my direct debits in their too.? I suppose the only problem is that you have to get used to using the software every time you pay for something.

The second application I use almost daily (although with my bad hand I haven't used it much in the last five weeks) is a game called Solitaire City.? I have the Lite version which is free, and although I've only just noticed this the Lite version has two games – Spiderette & Double Klondike. I personally only play Spiderette, and only using one suit of cards.? If you play this game, let me know your high score is. Mine is 9343, with the game completed in one minute 15 seconds.? To get on my high score table, you need to get faster than one minute 22 seconds.

Are there any great games that you like on the iPhone (or iPod touch)?? let me know in the comments section if there are, as I'm getting a bit bored of solitaire city and finding it increasingly difficult to get on the high score table.

2. Products with no Refund Policy – HELP!

Before I begin, let me state that in general, I have no problem with products having no refund policy if:

  • (a) work, and
  • (b) do what they say on the box.

This is particularly true of information products because once someone has read an informational product, there is no taking back that information.

However, software is a different beast altogether and with registrations linked to a central database, it is difficult to provide a good reason why there is no refund policy.? If someone wants a refund, delete their reg details on your server and they lose access.

If a product has a no refund policy, then surely that should be clearly stated during the buying process!

In that case, a full trial version should be available with the complete feature set (else how would you tell it could work properly)?

The above is my opinion, and from emails I have from software authors, not everyone agrees, but it is your right to disagree.? I too am a software author, and I treat my customers fairly.? If they want to see my guarantee, read my sales page or the purchase agreement.

OK; onto the story…

I bought a product to review this week called SubmitEaze.

I found the software was a little buggy.? The feature to auto-register with article directories did not work properly, and the reports on which ones it did work on were unreliable.? I also found that on one screen a button disappeared sometimes.? On top of the bugs, the software did not work the way I wanted it to (my fault for not looking at their demo).? However, I could work around the way the software functioned, but I did want to see if I could bring the bugs to their attention.

I went to the forum to try to get help on this product, but it doesn't look like the forum is moderated at all because it's full of obscene photos from Russian websites.

I therefore contacted their support via e-mail (three times in total to ask about different issues) to ask for help in using their software. The replies I got back told me:

1. the software will not work the way I want to (that's OK as I said earlier, I can work around that).

2. I was told that the software did auto-subscribe correctly to the article directories (not on my computer it didn't). So a denial that I could possibly be having any problems with the software working as intended.

I looked on the website for a refund policy or a guarantee of some sort since the software was not working the way it was suppose to on my machine, but the webpage had no legal documents whatsoever. There was no privacy, no disclaimer, no terms of use, and most importantly no purchase agreement. When I saw this I realised that there would not be a refund policy but I e-mailed their support to ask what their policy was anyway.? I was not intending to get a refund, but I wanted clarification for my newsletter subscribers should I review the software.

Here is what I asked:

“I have looked all over your site but cannot find a purchase agreement of any kind.? No legal docs etc.? What is your refund policy?”

.. and here is the reply I got in return:

“It's in the license agreement that you accept when installing.

Due to the nature of the software, i.e. submitting to web directories in a very short period of time, we are not able to provide refunds on our product.? It is for this reason we provide a trial of our software so that you can understand how the software works prior to purchasing.? We also provide a range of video demos which clearly demonstrate the features provided with the software.

I can assure you that it is incredibly rare that we are asked to provide refunds, and we have many thousands of happy customers.”

So it seems that their official line, should you ask, is that there is NO refund policy.

However, let's look at the relevant section of the install agreement:

 Pivotal Systems Ltd. warrants that for a period of six (6) months from the date of acquisition
, the SOFTWARE, if operated as directed, ?will substantially achieve the functionality described
?in the documentation accompanying same. Pivotal Systems Ltd. does not warrant that ?the
 functions of the SOFTWARE will meet your requirements or that operation of the SOFTWARE will
 be uninterrupted or error free.

 Pivotal Systems Ltd?s sole liability for any breach of this warranty shall be, in Pivotal Systems
 ?Ltd?s sole discretion:
 A. to replace the defective SOFTWARE; or
 B. to advise you how to achieve substantially the same functionality with the SOFTWARE as described
 ?in the documentation through a ?procedure different from that set forth in the documentation; or
 C. if the above remedies are impracticable, to refund any license fee you paid for the SOFTWARE.?

See section “C”?? Does that seem to suggest a no refund policy to you?? Clearly what you are being told when you install is not what you will be told if you do ask for a refund!??? Legal or not, this is really unethical.? Giving buyers the impression that if the software did not work, they could get a refund, though my experience with their support staff suggested otherwise.

So far this year, I have only bought two products that did not offer a refund policy.

The first one you may remember, was a script for WordPress called WP Review Site by Dan Grossman.? I wanted a script that would let me turn a WordPress site into a Review site complete with visitor reviews and ratings.? I bought a multisite license but could not get the script to work on my servers.? Dan told me there was no refund policy, so that was $199 down the drain.

Incidentally, if you are looking for a plugin like this, I have tried a few and written a review of them here:

WordPress Ratings & Review Plugins

I guess I should learn a lesson from this. Don't buy something that does not have a refund policy (or at least a FULLY working trial).

Even a one-week refund policy would be enough for me because I could tell within the first day or two whether a product is any use to me.

Here is where you can help.

I would like to create a section on this site that lists products that do not come with a refund policy. More importantly, did the product works for you?

It is obviously clearly unfair if you buy something that doesn't work and there's no way to get your money back, so I would love to hear about it.? And dont think Paypal will protect you because they wont.? I have contested a purchase in the past that did not work, and Paypal judged in favour of the seller.

If you have a product that did not come with a refund policy or full trial version, and it DID NOT work or was complete junk,? please leave a comment at the end of this newsletter and I will try to put together a section on the website where we can list of products without refund policies and potential problems with those products.

I am not really interested in sites that clearly display their NO REFUND policy, as this is more a case of buyer beware than buyer being tricked into a false sense of security.

It really is a shame I cannot recommend SubmitEaze for the reasons stated above, because if it did work the way its suppose to, it would be a really useful tool.

3. Adsense 30 Day Video Course, Forum etc

Do you publish Adsense on your website?

In recent months I have highly recommended an Adsense course by a guy called John.

His Adsense Masters course is one that really does put a lot of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together.? It is the course I've been using to create my own Adsense websites, and though I have been changing a few things to make my sites a higher quality than the average “Made For Adsense” site.

John makes an incredible living from Adsense and his e-book shows you how you too can start making money with Adsense.

During this week, John kindly gave me access to his private members forum. Anyone who has bought his Adsense book can get access to this forum for $47. I seem to remember that this forum was a monthly subscription in the past, but $47 bow gives you lifetime access (as long as you behave yourself of course).

I have been on the forum myself for probably a couple of hours each day this week, just reading. What strikes me about the forum is that the people on there genuinely try to help each other. They are all at different levels and they all started at different times. Some are just starting out while others have become quite successful using John's system.

There is a great section in the Forum called “Success Stories, Journals & Testimonials”.

This area has people providing live updates to their own success.? What you can see in these forums are people who are working hard and starting to see the benefits of their work. You get to feel their excitement at breaking $10 per day, $30 per day, $50 per day and much more.

This forum is only open to those who've bought Johns course.

However I know a lot of people who read my newsletter have bought the course, and to you I would say that the forum really is worth the $47.

Just login to your account and you'll see an option on the right to subscribe to the forum. I don't think you'll regret it. And before you think I'm telling you this to get a commission, I'm not. If you join the forum I don't get anything.

One of the things John is doing at the moment is preparing a 30 day video course. It should hopefully be available at the beginning of May (but don't hold me to this as I'm just quoting times from the forum). The video “diary” is going to go on sale at $197 when it is ready, but John is offering forum members a pre-release price of just $99.? I personally cannot wait for this video series.

To quote John from the forum:

“I have decided to put together a video series that documents my work, starting out from scratch and working over a 30 day period.

I will open up a new Adsense account to show you my daily earnings, every work day's tasks: From niche selection to keyword choice, content creation and site promotion.

Only 2-3 hours of work will be done each day, and every step of the way (including earnings reports) will be recorded on video.”

This video course has the potential to be outstanding, and from what I've seen of John and his work I have no reason to think it won't be. If you already subscribe to his forum, I think you should seriously consider pre-ordering the video course because it's not often you get to see a business being built from scratch within 30 days working 2 to 3 hours per day.

For those of you who have bought Johns book, I would highly recommend that you consider joining the forum.

When you're in the forum, spend a few hours reading what people have to say about John, his course, and their own personal progress and success. I think you'll see why so many people are very excited about the new video course. Once again, although I am recommending you consider the video course, I won't make any commission if you buy it. I am just making you aware that something “interesting” will be available very soon.

If you would like to get access to John's Private forum, you will need to buy John's Adsense Masters Course first. Once on the forum, you still have time to pre-order the video course if you want to.

Well, that's it for this issue.? If you want to ask a question or have a comment about anything in this newsletter, please leave a comment at the end of this newsletter.

Have a great week!


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27 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter # 279

  • Fly Fishing Colorado

    I love my computer but hate most cell phones because they are too complicated. Looked at the Blackberry and Googles phones. Blackberry is very powerful but complicated to me.

    Yesterday a friend showed me his iPhone. I’m in love with it. The touch screen works great and most of what I saw was intuitive. Got to get one. Esp if I can get it for 99 dollars like he did.

  • Fly Fishing Colorado

    re:products with no refund policy. I think our Federal Trade Commission requires a 30 trial and refund period. I do know they take these kind of deceptive advertising such as buring the no refund in the software license very seriously. I also know the FTC currently loves to investigate internet marketing scammers and put them out of business. Here is where you can start the complaint process.

    Take a look at some of the current investigations page.

    The FTC also has reciprocity agreements with most of the major EU countries so someone based overseas is not exempt from prosecution either.

  • Jason

    Andy i own all these products (not affiliate links)
    I really like the Icansoft products I own most of them

    Icansoft ArticleBot from Michalis “BIG Mike” Kotzakolios see him on the warrior forum
    aff link http://www.jasonfrovich.com/icansoft/articlebot-v1.0/
    its only 24.95.
    Dont mistake the low price for a cheap product.

    PS i just noticed this
    All sales of Incansoft products are final and are non-refundable.

    To be truthful i own 6-7 of his products installed on multiple pc and never have an issue.

    other software Brad Callen’s Free Article Submitter and Magic Article Submitter
    TimG from the old days, posted this

  • Sunshine

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for both the Xfactor forum and video diary information updates.

    I’ve owned the ebook for quite some time and love the way he teaches but unfortunately John does not use an autoresponder notice of any kind to send out product updates to his clients.

  • john lundgren

    Question for Andy:

    I have a special form of diary that I created in memory of my wife of 40 years who passed away from breast cancer. My product could enhance the lives of couples everywhere and help to save marriages as well.

    I would like to have an application created so I could market it through iphone and blackberry. Can you recommend a way of having an application created? Is there a software out there that would allow me to do it? (I am technically challenged though.)

    thanks john lundgren

  • Leo

    I share your pain about the no-refund thing. Paypal won’t refund based on the quality of the product. As long as the seller can prove he delivered the product, Paypal will side with the seller. So if you order a gold brick and got a piece of paper instead, as long as the seller shows a UPS delivery receipt, you are out of luck. For this reason I always select credit card as my funding source when I use Paypal. If you paid with your credit card, contact your cc company they may be able to dispute the charge based on the product is significantly different than what was described. Also, when you create that section on your site, please also include the products that have refund policy but the merchant won’t honer it. I have had a few times that the merchant won’t respond to my refund request even though they clearly stated on their web site of their 30 day “no question asked” refund policy.

    Dan Kenney always stress about how important refund is. He said to refund even if it’s over the refund period; refund even if the product returned damaged; refund even if the customer is clearly at fault. One of his students got stubborn and refused to issue a $50 refund. He ended up losing his entire business to the law suit. Not worth it!

  • Carlos

    Hi Dr. Andy,

    You’ve favorably reviewed John’s Adsense Course.

    Do you still plan to offer your own as you alluded to earlier?


    • Andy

      Not sure Carlos. My system is based on what I learnt from John plus my own twist. I don’t think I can ethically sell my own system when a lot of it is so similar. I have given details on how I changed his course.

      I have been working on a system that uses Adsense/Amazon. That is something I might develop into a course.

  • Brian Kindsvater

    The FTC does not require a 30-day refund policy.

    Regarding SubmitEaze … excellent, excellent program. It has a free trial which is better than a refund policy. You get to try the program for free and then decide to pay only if you like not.

    Not sure what you’re complaining about.

    Just because it is not setup for a particular use you wanted, for pre-existing accounts, hardly warrants a spam comment.

    For its intended purpose it works great.

    More significantly, you shortsightedly failed to notice the additional potential expansive use of the software via its database features.

    For example, using your other article above about Adsense, say you buy an Adsense course and develop a 12-step approach to use to maximize Adsense earnings on your websites.

    With SubmitEaze you can setup a custom setting called Adsense SEO Steps. Then instead of adding directories, you add each step.

    Now, for every website you create you have an automated checklist you can mark off to make sure for each website you have done each step.

    A lot better than trying to remember this stuff. Super easy to add and delete anything as well.

    Bottom line: your anger and wanting to economically harm any program without a refund policy by calling it a ‘rip off’ is not only legally risky, but it caused you to completely miss the value of this free trial software.

    To use your own words, plain stupid to buy a program without first making use of its free trial.

    And it’s just terrible to have a license agreement to be agreed to before installing. Just what does Microsoft and thousands of other software owners think they are doing? Shame on them to make sure you know what you are doing instead of relying on some fine print on a TOS page you may never have seen. It’s their fault you decided not to read the contract?

    Finally, you do have a good point about the SubmitEaze forum – someone needs to cleanup the recent spam attacks.

    • Andy

      Actually Brian, IMO the trial is NOT better than a refund policy as it has a limited number of entries in the database, so you dont see problems with article sites like those that have been hacked, but obviously missed by the SubmitEase fortnightly update. Or are you telling me that all those article sites were hacked in the last 2 weeks since the last update?

      You know Brian, what is legal isn’t always ethical, and legal or not, I want to warn my newsletter subscribers about the unethical. They can then make up their own mind.

      Let’s look at the agreement I got when I installed shall we?

      Here is the relevant section:

      Pivotal Systems Ltd. warrants that for a period of six (6) months from the date of acquisition, the SOFTWARE, if operated as directed, will substantially achieve the functionality described in the documentation accompanying same. Pivotal Systems Ltd. does not warrant that the functions of the SOFTWARE will meet your requirements or that operation of the SOFTWARE will be uninterrupted or error free.
      Pivotal Systems Ltd’s sole liability for any breach of this warranty shall be, in Pivotal Systems Ltd’s sole discretion:
      A. to replace the defective SOFTWARE; or
      B. to advise you how to achieve substantially the same functionality with the SOFTWARE as described in the documentation through a procedure different from that set forth in the documentation; or
      C. if the above remedies are impracticable, to refund any license fee you paid for the SOFTWARE.”

      So, would you agree that if the software did not work as it was suppose to (no, I dont mean work as I want it to, I mean work as it says it does in the manual), and there is no quick “fix”, I should be entitled to a refund based on “C”???

      “C” is hardly in agreement with what their support staff told me is it? “C” implies that if it doesnt work as described, they can fix it or WILL refund. no?

      If as I was told via email from their support staff that:

      “Due to the nature of the software, i.e. submitting to web directories in a
      very short period of time, we are not able to provide refunds on our
      product. ”

      Then am I wrong in thinking that “C” is only there to mislead people? And if that is correct, is misleading people in this way ethical? Is it even legal if their policy is actually to not award refunds as I was told by their support team?

      Over to you….

      • Brian Kindsvater

        I agree what is legal has nothing to do with whether something is ethical – or whether anyone can agree on whether something is ethical.

        Andy, you mention hacked sites in your comment response. I cannot and do not speak for SubmitEaze, but I can say after using the software for several years that the directories the software automatically adds come and go. There is an option to report problem sites, and from my experience they do end up being deleted from the database. It is a very useful feature to click a link, explain why a site is bad, and have the report sent to SubmitEaze.

        The issue of hacked sites, though, is not in your original post.

        That issue was you already have accounts at numerous sites, in different formats, and you did not believe the software was able to accommodate your needs.

        What I do is create a custom field and use that for my access information. I suspect it is a feature you did not try. Using custom fields I have username/passwords in all sorts of different formats.

        That is useful for manual submissions, although it may not be practical for the ‘turbo’ mode – which is intentionally narrower in process to allow faster submissions to certain specified sites.

        Do I agree that per 4.C. you cite that refunds in some situations must be given? Absolutely.

        Do I agree that some products are simply scams which is why there is no refund policy? Yep.

        Do I think there is a breach of warranty because a user does not take the time to fully explore a product’s features? No.

        To answer your specific question, I think they could have provided better support explaining to you how the software can be used. But we don’t see the full conversation.

        Someone asking for support about how to do this or that is often treated, as human nature tends to do, differently from someone wanting a refund for a spammers product because some of the default sites are now bad or they do not see how to use all of the software’s features.

        This is what I think and why I’m taking my time to write – some products are deserving of your scathing review. Many are outright scams. Especially in the Internet marketing field.

        SubmitEaze is not one of them. It is very flexible and useful. Of the many Internet marketing related products I have bought (or any software product for that matter), how many have I kept using years later? Very, very, few. but SE is one of them.

  • Evelyn Guzman


    Even those selling online with a refund policy do not honor them. I can name names and I think you have a brilliant idea of publishing them not only to put them to shame but also so they won’t victimize others and tarnish the names of other people who do and offer legitimate work like you.



  • Leslie West

    I have had a problem with a physical delivered program. The thirty days started from the time of purchase. Naturally, it took a week to receive the product. You did not get a thirty day trial period. You were lucky to get 3 weeks to evaluate the material.
    I called for a refund on the 31 st day from purchase and they refused the refund.

    • Andy

      This is one reason I rarely buy a physical product. It would be impossible to return it within 30 days as I probably wouldnot have even received it by then. 30 days from the day I receive it, then maybe.

  • Drew

    Hi Dr. Andy

    My pet hate is with the auto payment renewal of some sales and online services where they don’t send out a notification email prior to that deduction. I even have a $4 hosting account that send me an auto email every month for my recurring payment, giving me he option to cancel before the payment is made should I wish to do so. As far as I’m concerned, this should be a legal requirement for online merchants.

    A good few years ago, I purchased a membership to an Article Submission service and agreed to the recurring payment which was annual. Well, I too was dissatisfied with the product/service and its bugs, it slow support, and unhelpful copy and paste type answers that more often than not were non-specific to the question(s) raised.

    After about 6 months I stopped using it. In fact I didn’t even see an increase in links-backs from author’s resource boxes, and most of the sites I was hoping to promote with this service ended up in the then Google supplemental index for about 9 months or so.

    1 year later, I saw a deduction from my bank account to the tune of $175 (or something like that), and traced it back to the above service. Yes, I’d forgotten I selected the recurring payment option (which may have even been the default and gone unnoticed), but I still think they should have sent out an email a few days before the payment was due to inform me that it was going to happen and also allowing me to opt out in good time should I decide I want to do so.

    I asked for a refund and referred them to the account which had not been logged into or used for half a year. Their answer went along the lines of; ‘We have no policy to refund a recurring payment after it’s been deducted’. I asked why they didn’t send out a courtesy ‘payment remainder’ to which I got no reply.

    Sorry. This was 5 years ago and I can’t remember the name of the service now, but be careful about subscribing to recurring payments, especially for costly items that are renewed annually or bi annually.

    I’ve just had the same thing happen from an annual hosting account. $200 went out without as much as a ‘Dear Customer. You account will be auto renewed on such and such a date. Please make sure your credit card details on file are correct, blah, blah, blah!

    The above is the kind of courtesy email I get from most monthly hosting accounts, and it feels right, so why the others don’t do this kind of tells me they are not particularly good or popular so have to claw cash into their bank accounts using sneaky methods.

    Brainstorm Generator (some of you will remember that) was another buggy product as it got older. Their support absolutely sucked and after a recent update (couple of years back now), every time I attempted to launch it I got a Trojan Alert from my Virus checker. I contacted the owner and got no reply! In fact the link to his support page went to some unrelated website, but I did find his contact using other methods, but still to no avail. Needless to say, I uninstalled that product and put this particular developer on my blacklist.

    It appeared that he ended up updating Brainstorm Generator not to make the tool any better, but to surrounding it with ads promotions for some of his other more recent projects.

    Finally, watch out for that ‘Life Time Support’ spiel. There are some out there whose products eventually die due to browser updates or new operating systems etc. Request support and they may tell you that the lifetime support refers to the life of the product, or service, of which has now expired.

    Phew, I’m glad I’m not as green as I once was, and lucky I never got really burned like some poor sods do when they’re eager to build an online career.


  • John

    Andy, as a software vendor myself I can say that you are completely in the wrong with your comments of SubmitEaze and their refunds policy – it’s YOUR responsibility to check that the software meets your requirements BEFORE you purchase. There’s no point crying foul afterwards because it’s your responsibility to check it meets your requirements before purchasing. And from what I can understand, you were given this opportunity before purchasing, so it is your fault, not theirs. They also provided you with a perfectly valid reason why they do not provide refunds, so sneer all you want, but you are in the wrong. Your complaint in my opinion is foolish, and has no sound basis, other than something didn’t go your way. boo hoo.

    “See section ?C?? Does that seem to suggest a no refund policy to you? Clearly what you are being told when you install is not what you will be told if you do ask for a refund!”

    No it doesn’t. Just because it didn’t work in the way you wanted it to work DOES NOT consitute a fault, and they do not need to give a refund.

    They are well within their legal rights not to issue a refund for software products. The same applies to literary material, underwear, and music, for obvious reasons. If you but a software product from PC World and open the packaging, they WILL NOT refund it. Why do you expect online retailing to be any different?

    So how about you accept responsibility like an adult. Your attitude is typical to modern-day culture of “it’s not my fault, it’s someone else’s”. Grow up, and admit fault.

    You seem like an unreasonable fellow, so no doubt you will delete this post, rather than have a constructive debate.

    • Andy

      Sorry JOhn, but I think you are mistaken here. I DID NOT say I had asked for a refund, I simply said I asked about their refund policy. I agree that I could not ask for a refund based on their agreement policy if the software simply didnt work the way I wanted to.

      Let me start by saying that I have no problem with some products not having a refund policy, but I do have a problem when its not stated in the buying process, and even more of a problem when the purchase agreement is not upheld.

      If I was going to ask for a refund, it would be because the software DID NOT WORK THE WAY IT WAS DESIGNED TO.

      • John


        So let me get this right, you’re lambasting this company even though you don’t actually have a problem with the product – that’s nice of you! What a nasty person you are.

        I’ve actually bought SubmitEaze since reading your newsletter as it got my interest and I wanted to see what it did. Personally, I can’t fault it – it’s a great product. I will NOT be asking for a refund.

        As a software manufacturer, they DO NOT NEED to say that they don’t provide refunds because it is implied that because it’s a software product that refunds are not given. When I go to PC World and buy a product I do not see big signs above the counter saying “NO REFUNDS ON SOFTWARE”, even though they will not refund opened software packages. If I am concerned about it then I would ask BEFORE I purchased – people can do the same with SubmitEaze if it’s something they are concerned about prior to purchasing. Are going to to start picketing PC World too because they don’t display a “no refunds” sign?

        As you demonstrated when you asked them, they did reply and stated that they don’t give refunds, and gave a valid reason why. They didn’t try and cover it up, but you still went on your one-man crusade to try and damage their business. Nice.

        Also, as they pointed out, the state their refunds policy on their license agreement. What more do you want?! Just because you couldn’t be bothered to read it when you installed it, that makes it their fault? Oh yes I forgot, it’s always someone else’s fault, isn’t it…

  • Michael

    I am also a member of John’s (Adsense) forum.

    I do have to say however that as time passes I grow less and less enthused with the forum and John’s process.

    John is clearly a stand-up guy but I feel he was not prepared for this business model and has bitten off more than he can comfortably chew. He regularly makes promises and then fails to follow through. When forum members express frustration and challenge his lack of follow through they are reprimanded by forum members and in several cases banned from the forum.

    At first I assumed the forum was going to be an open business climate where members could freely share experiences and opinions, even if those opinions were about the forum owner and the course. Sadly, this is not the case.

    Lots of genuine nice people on the forum but many have a blind faith in John’s process and will defend that process to the last breath.

    At least to me, how a person handles adversity is the true mark of who they really are. No one likes to be criticized, me included, but boy it sure does help to “sharpen the saw.”

    John is BRILLANT at generating an income from Adsense but the forum is ambiguous and quickly developing a groupie attitude.

    Like all things, I have a choice, and I choose to use John’s original Adsense blueprint to develop my plan but these days my visits to the forum are less and less.

  • CWalsh

    Hi, Andy.

    I’m so glad you are starting this section on no-refund rip-offs.

    About a year ago, I was looking for some software that would allow me to easily create a website for my client. We were under a tight lifeline on the project and so when I found Artisteer it seemed like a good product. I bought it outright and used it, and it seemed to do the job, but when I exported the website, it required LOTS of further editing to make it acceptable to my standards for my client.

    I purchased the product on Saturday and found out it wasn’t acceptable and asked for a refund on Sunday. They refused. I wrote about it in the forum and just got attacked by forum members…they accused me of trying to get the product for nothing (like I will use the hunk of junk!). It was awful the way people attacked me…said it was my own incompetence, etc.

    Anyway, every chance I get I bad mouth them. I hope they have lost way more than the $49 that I asked them to refund me.

    I think you like Artisteer, Andy, but it didn’t work for me and I think they made a mistake when they wouldn’t refund me after I had purchased the product just the day before.

    • Andy

      I understand your anger, but the situation with Artisteer is a little different in that they state on the purchase page that all purchases are non-refundable. Anyone who does not have a refund SHOULD state the fact in the buying process.

  • Ken

    Hi Andy, have you considered thekeywordacademy.com as an alternative adsense earner method. It will be very interesting if you could review this site. With thanks, Ken.

  • John

    re: Products with no refund policy

    Yeah, this sucks. I recently bought a wireless dongle for my laptop, was told in store it was top the the range and should be more than adequate for my needs. So i bought it. Only to find out the reception is worse than my exisiting dongle and it doesn’t support WPA wireless networks, despite not saying so on the box! very frustrating as now i can’t return it. Wished i had bought it online as at least then i would be covered by distant selling regulations.