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In this issue:

1. Asking Google for Niche Content Ideas

2. Integrating a Review System into with WordPress – Part III

3. July Niche Blueprint 5-Pack

4. Monitoring Website Uptime – Update

Hi Again

Its been a little over two weeks since the last newsletter. I do apologise for the timetable lately, but my son has been sick, my daughter is on the summer holiday and my wife has badly sprained her ankle, meaning I am having to pull my weight around the house more.  That leaves less time for work…

OK, today I have part 3 in the series on integrating a review plugin into WordPress.  Today I add my first review and setup the review plugin to show the ratings on the review page.  There is more to come in this series, but today's instalment should give you enough to work with.

Also today, have you ever been stuck for ideas on content for your sites?  Maybe you want an idea for a new niche website?  Well, I'll show you how to ask Google exactly what is hot in your niche (or what niches are hot).

Let's get on.

1. Asking Google for Niche Content Ideas

I have never had a problem finding new ideas for writing content for my sites.  In my Free Affiliate Site Blueprint course, I mention a few ways to find content ideas including ask.com and wordtracker questions.

However, one of my favourite methods is to ask Google to tell me the best topics to write about.  In this video, I show you how to do that.  Once you learn this method, you will never be stuck for ideas again, and what's more, you'll have your finger on the pulse in your niche and always know what is hot!

Here is the video showing this system:

2. Integrating a Review System into with WordPress – Part III

In the last couple of newsletters we started looking at how you can create a professional ratings and review website, using WordPress 3.0 (and the free template that comes with WordPress 3.0) and a copy of My Review Plugin

Today I want to look at adding my first review to my Irritable Bowel Syndrome site, and configuring the plugin so that it shows the ratings and review boxes on my review pages.  This includes an author rating and best of all, any visitor to the site can leave their own review and rating when they leave a comment, and their ratings will be displayed along with their comment.

Note: In the video I add a fake comment for demonstration purposes.  I have actually deleted the comment on the site after the video was finished, so that only read reviews are included on the site.  You can see the review page on this site here:  Digestive Advantage Irritable Bowel Syndrome Formula.  Notice the author and average ratings at the top, and the ratings system integrated into the comments form.

Here is the video:

3. July Niche Blueprint 5-Pack

Last month I released a special 5-pack of Niche Blueprints for just $97 and it sold out in 48 hours.

Normally these Niche Blueprints are sold at $50 each to 100 people, but these 5-pack specials are only sold to 50 people, include 5 complete blueprints and only cost $97 for all 5.

I released another 5-pack special to the Niche Blueprint Notification list a couple of days ago and sold 38 copies.  That means there is 12 copies left if anyone is interested.

If you don't know about my niche blueprints, head on over to Niche Blueprints website and download the software.  It comes pre-installed with a free demo blueprint.

I never disclose the niches for these blueprints because that would add to the competition, but I can give some clues as to the 5 niches in the July Pack:

Niche # 1 – Difficult to give any clues about the niche, but it is a huge industry and I think everyone I know owns this product, yet they replace them frequently.
Phrases In Blueprint: 2743
# Phrases over $1 estimated CPC: 851
Maximum CPC: $11+
Niche Suited to: Affiliate Site and / or Adsense

Niche # 2 – This niche is one that has a lot of potential for a smaller niche site, or a large authority site on the entire blueprint. The topic is one that will target people who sit at a desk or computer for long hours.
Phrases In Blueprint: 670
# Phrases over $1 estimated CPC: 384
Maximum CPC: $11+
Niche Suited to: Affiliate Site and / or Adsense

Niche # 3 – This is a niche related to cars/vehicles, but not in the way you might think. It has the potential to be hugely profitable – just look at those CPC values below:
Phrases In Blueprint: 586
# Phrases over $1 estimated CPC: 851
Maximum CPC: $17+ (92 phrases over $5)
Niche Suited to: Affiliate Site and / or Adsense

Niche # 4 – This is a niche that will be of interest to most people, especially home owners. The industry is huge online and offline and the potential for profits is huge.
Phrases In Blueprint: 863
# Phrases over $1 estimated CPC: 573
Maximum CPC: $13+
Niche Suited to: Affiliate Site and / or Adsense

Niche # 5 – The niche is around a popular sport.
Phrases In Blueprint: 801
# Phrases over $1 estimated CPC: 242
Maximum CPC: $20+
Niche Suited to: Affiliate Site and / or Adsense

If these don't sell out soon, I'll split up the packs and sell the remaining copies at $50 per Blueprint.  If you are interested in getting all 5 Niches, remember, there are just 12 copies left.

Buy July 5-Pack Here (NOTE:If they are sold out when you arrive, sorry, but I cannot make any exceptions…  They will be gone for good).

4. Monitoring Website Uptime – Update

In the last couple of newsletters I have updated you on the server response times of some popular web hosts.  A few readers have sent in their graphs, so I have included them below.  Thanks to everyone who did send them in.  If I missed any I apologise in advance.  I deliberately did not include any where only the US access time was included, as it would not be comparable to those that included both US and Europe access points.

Remember, the lower the average access time the better.  Also look out for flat graphs as spikes mean there was a difficulty accessing the server.

Bluehost WordPress Site

InMotion Website

iPage Hosting

Netfirms Hosting

.. and finally a weekly summary report that one reader sent in:

Weekly Report for various hosts

You can sign up for this free service here:


Well, that's it for this issue.  If you want to ask a question or have a comment about anything in this newsletter, please leave a comment at the end of this newsletter.

Have a great week!


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3 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter #288

  • Norm

    Hello Andy,
    You know, I’m on every mailing list there is for internet schemes. I’m marked as USDA Prime Beef for the hungry marketers. They pass my email address around like a 5th ace in a card game. Unfortunately, by now, I recognize most of what is coming down the aisle for what it is…and that is crap. But, the daily and multitudinous emails serve one useful purpose… They remind me of what I have forgotten, or angles I hadn’t thought of. They give me ideas of other useful areas to pursue.So for that much, I’m grateful.
    One thing that was NOT crap is your Web Content Studio. It is the thing we use every day here. I can’t imagine being without it now. More, I really look forward to your newsletters. I know it’s part of your marketing outreach…but why do I NOT feel like I’m being marketed to by you? Today’s news reminded me about Google Insights. I knew about it. Glanced at it. Failed to appreciate it. Thanks to your great video, now I have another great resource in my pursuit of the dollar. And you didn’t hold me up for one dime or whatever you spend over there. Although we have never met, I look at you as a good friend Andy precisely because you exemplify what being a real friend is all about. I think I speak for a lot of folks who don’t write nearly often enough when I say thanks!!!