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In this issue:

1. Tutorial – Multi-Level Spinning

2. Getting Google Results for Different countries

3. Automatically updating WordPress blog content

4. Shane Rips Into Marketing Hype

Hi Again

With both kids back to school / nursery now, I am starting to get back into the full time groove.  Hopefully this will mean I can get my newsletter back out to a weekly schedule 😉

I have a couple of items in today's newsletter that were inspired by comments that were left to the last newsletter.  In one video, I'll show you how to do article spinning on the paragraph, sentence and word levels.  Its actually a lot easier than you might think, and can create BILLIONS of unique versions of the same article.  Don't believe me?   Read on..

There is also a section on automated updating of blogs, hiding your real IP address from Google (and pretending to be from somewhere else), plus a great video highlighting the levels of hype we are subjected to on a daily basis.

OK, Let's start…


1. Tutorial – Multi-Level Spinning

After last week's newsletter, Carole left the following comment:

"Re spinning, you say for the best results spin at paragraph, sentence and word/phrase level but I can’t locate how to do this on TBS toolbar. Can you point me in the direction where I will find this info? Better still do you have a video of you doing this?"

It's funny, because I had just finished a video showing how to do this.  This will be the first of a couple of videos showing how to properly spin content.  In this one I'll show you how easy it is to spin at the paragraph, sentence and word level, with one nice twist.  Next week I'll follow it up by showing you how you can spin the HTML formatting of your articles to make then even more unique. 

As you should already know, the spinner I use is The Best Spinner

OK, here is the first video:

In the intro to this newsletter, I said that a well spun article could create billions of unique copies. Actually it'll create a lot more than that.  I thought you might like me to back that statement up, but my maths is a litle rusty.

Have a look at this webpage, and they will show you the maths.  If their maths is right, each of their articles will create 116,415,321,826,934,814,453,125 unique variations.  And you know what?  They don't even spin on the word level.

An Ultra Spinnable Article

If you would like to have a look at one of their articles for yourself, I have a demo one I can share with you.  Right click and save the text file, then copy it into the Best Spinner and try a few spins.

Sample Ultra Spinnable Article

Do you see how a well spun article can be so valuable?

2. Getting Google Results for Different countries

Carole (I assume it is the same Carole) left another comment on the blog after I showed you how I use the Google Wonderwheel to help map out a niche site.  She said:

"I love the Google Wonderwheel which is excellent for mapping out a site niche. Trouble is I used it for 2 ideas I have and then realized because I live in London it automatically gives me searches for google.co.uk

I tried changing it in the browser to .com and then went into Google Wonder Wheel but still no success. Any ideas? "

The problem with Google is that it does like to show you results that are biased towards your current location, and this isn't something we always want.

countryipThere are a number of ways you can prevent Google from using your current location, and fortunately there is a free Firefox plugin that can help called the Google Global Firefox plugin

Once installed, it will add a button to your Firefox browser that allows you to search Google from different countries.  I use this to look at Adwords ads in my target country, but it has a lot of uses. hma

While I have not tried this with the Wonderwheel, I think it should work. 

The other option is to use a Proxy service.  I personally subscribe to Hide My Ass Pro VPN (HMA), but there are other alternatives.  What I like about HMA doesn't just affect my browser, but my whole computer so any software I am using will appear to be working in the country I specify.  I can select the country and state or city I want to be in, and then my software will use that IP address.


3. Automatically updating WordPress blog content

Another comment from the last newsletter was from Spencer.  He said:

"I like your video on wonderwheel. I just got a free wonderwheel plugin from Edwin Boiten that will make categories from the results. I nice little plugin for wordpress. So, this video ties nicely with that plugin".

So, I went looking for this plugin.  It appears that it use to be free, but is now only available as part of the WP Article Poster plugin.

However, I got watching Edwin's video on what this posting plugin can do, and immediately bought it to review it.  That was about an hour ago, so I have not set it up yet on my test site, but let me tell you what it can do.

Before I do, let me tell you why I am interested in this type of plugin:

You see, I have bought other plugins that do similar auto-posting to my blog, but they were always quite limited.  What I wanted was a plugin that could grab quality content from article directories and drip feed them to my blog over time so I would not have to update that blog manually, and can just leave it growing over time. 

OK; so what does Edwin's plugin do?

Here is a list:

1. Adds article directory articles to your site based on rules you setup.  You can have as many rules as you want, so can have different categories of content posted to the same site, presumably in different categories.

2. Posts within the TOS of the article directories.

3. Can add relevant Youtube videos to your posts.

4. Can add Flickr images to your posts.

5. Can add Yahoo Answers and Questions to the posts about your topic

6. Design your post layout, and even using spinning to help make posts more unique.

7. Google Wonderwheel integration – Add keywords and categories based upon Google Wonderwheel results. Display what Google expects to see in your niche!

8. Multi-site license – use the script on as many of your personal blogs as you want.

If this is something that intersts you, go and watch the video on the WP Article Poster homepage.  Towards the end of the video, Edwin shows you a page generated with the plugin, and I have to say that I am impressed, especially at just $22!

4. Shane Rips Into Marketing Hype

Last week I recommended Shane's outstanding Backlinks Battleplan.  If you still haven't got it, I highly recommend you check it out.  A few people left comments last week on the blog which you can check out for yourself, but here are some:

Brent said:
"Andy, I’m really pleased to see you are recommending Backlinks Battleplan. I purchased it a month ago and have found it far and away, the easiest and most methodical way I have found yet to do backlinking. Shane is a helpful, friendly and down-to-earth young guy with such a refreshing approach to IM. He deserves all the recognition he can get. As I chip away at your IMProdigy course I have found Backlinks Battleplan to be the perfect compliment. Best Brent"

Pearson said:
"Just another vote in favour of Shane’s remarkable set of videos. I may be an old dog but he taught me a few new tricks."

Barbara said:
"I have got Backlinks Battleplan on your recommendation as I have found the way I have been trying to get build backlinks as totally laborious to say the least and was not seeing the results I had hope for. But I am so impressed with BB and Shane and all the tools out there he uses that I had no knowledge existed is making the experience far more enjoyable."

Mike said:
"I bought Backlink Battleplan because of the above review. I’d give the course a solid two thumbs up as well.

I’ve spent my life training people to be air traffic controllers, then, dental technicians. I know how to train people for a difficult task. Shane takes a pain in the ass task and breaks it down to the essential steps – easy to follow, easy to do."

Back to the original point of this section – Marketing Hype Exposed. 

Shane, the author of Backlink Battleplan created a video exposing the hype behind an affiliate marketing product released recently.  You have to like Shane, don't you?

Well, that's it for this issue.  If you want to ask a question or have a comment about anything in this newsletter, please leave a comment at the end of this newsletter. 

Have a great week!


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33 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter #293

  • Andy

    I was on Shane’s webinar last night (Saturday) and I have to tell you what a genuine guy he is, offering clean and refreshing advice.

    Backlink Battleplan is the missing link, which I have been waiting for!

    Fed up of websites rising and then plummeting in a downward traffic spiral, Shane’s program makes perfect sense to sustain website rankings – and he show’s you how to do it all, for FREE.

    My recommendation – get it from the link above, you will NOT be disappointed.


    • Andy

      Yes, it is unfortunate, though still great value I think for $37. I wonder if it is just coincidence that the price raised during the time I wrote my newsletter? Just went to check my invoice and it does say $22.

      • Edwin Boiten

        Andy First a big thank you for your review. I have just send you an email to make sure the price thru your link is $22. The $22 is a special offer I have and the normal price has always been $37 so it’s not because of your nice review 🙂
        So if you want to buy the plugin at $22 just wait a bit till the link is adjusted. The one that already bought I will refund the differnce as I can see who came from this page.

        Edwin Boiten

        • Mick Euan Tait

          Hi Edwin,

          I am impressed with your WP Article Poster video. I have only one question before I buy: Which article directory / directories does your software pull content from? I have seem other auto posters that use just articlesbase.com; does yours pull in content from various article directories or just one?


          • Edwin Boiten

            It’s articlebase.com but mainly because Ezinearticles has a restriction that you can not add more then 25 articles to a site. So I could add it as some other autoblogging tools do as the quality is better but I would have you tempted to break the TOS of the article directory and I am not sure if I should. As someone here below says there are articles in Articlebase that shouldn’t be so it’s best to keep half an eye on what is posted.

            In the update that is comming you will also have other article content sources like RSS feeds, CSV Feeds and PLR articles.

  • Andy

    I should have added…

    …Backlink Battleplan is the missing link, I was waiting for to accompany your IPRodigy.com wordpress course, which I would recommend to anyone looking to build an affiliate site.

    Thank you Andy,


  • Web Design Company

    thanks for sharing Shane’s bashing of the Auto Mass Traffic scam, this is really unscrupulous and trying to rip off some newbies investment. i actually just came across a similar video by an IM’er Mark Dulisse and he showed 2 other similar scam products. And the sites actually harasses you when u try to exit from their sales page. yes, we shld all be aware of such scams on the internet.

  • Scotch

    It’s refreshing to see IM marketers like Shane and Mark Dulisse highlighting the scams that are permeating the Web – without using such exposures as part of their own marketing tactics. If you can handle the language, the Salty Droid pushes this to another level, taking no prisoners in his exposés.

    Feel like I’m running out of people I can trust, so thanks Andy for keeping it real.

  • Glen

    Hi Any,

    I’ve got to tell you that I just LUV, the video and comments made by Shane about the total crap and BS that is now being put out by these ‘guru’ types.

    Ryan Deiss, is not the only guru type who has now stooped to ‘pimping ‘his lists with this type of ‘crap’, just about every week

    I can name at least 6 other ‘desperate’ gurus who have started doing the same thing.

    I mean how desperate are these guys?



    • Paul Lilley

      I thought it was just me noticing these”Guru’s” turning into just pounding their email list with crap. Well I have the solution for people who compromise their souls to this junk mail tactic. I am off all their list, they have no respect left.

  • Maria Mekus

    Andy – On the top of this page you have a link “The Best Spinner”. When you copy the link it is: “http://ezseonews.com/bestspinner”. When you click on this, it goes to the product.

    OK – I would love to know how to do the above. Do you have any videos or articles on the process. Please share this with me.

    Thank you – Maria Mekus

  • Cheryl

    I agree! BB was the missing link for me too. As far as the scammy stuff…I have unsubbed from so many gurus that I don’t see them so much anymore. But I always look at products/services you recommend, Andy. And now I feel like I can trust Shane, too. I sat in on his fifth session (in Battleplan Elite) on article marketing with Paul McCarthy and picked up a nugget or two that made the price of the whole package seem like nickels!

  • Kevin

    I just purchased WP Article Poster and installed it to my blog. When I click on options or wonderwheel with in the the admin of WP I get a 404. Are there other steps to installing this? I have looked for some documentation for installing but have found none. Anxious to try this out, any ideas for what I doing wrong?

  • Alex


    Always liked the integrity of your stuff, have been following
    it for years now. It is even more important these days with so
    much insulting promotions being put out, good for Shane.

    It’s a great shame so many people are following this form of
    marketing, we need more people like yourself and Shane with the integrity light shinning through.

    Keep up the good SEO info.

  • Scotch

    Andy, I look forward to your more detailed impressions of WP Poster Plugin. I’ve bought the plugin and am busy testing it on a new, photography-related blog.

    Everything seems to be working as Edwin explains in the video, but so far am rather disappointed in the quality of the articles. I guess I was hoping for articles of the calibre found on the major directories, but from what I’ve seen the content that’s been fed to the blog seems to be coming from all over, including Chinese companies promoting their products.

    I suppose one should never plan to leave a blog totally on autopilot and it looks like this plugin will require reviewing of content before it’s posted, unless one is happy to let anything go.

    • Edwin Boiten

      As I said in a comment above I do agree that there are articles in Articlebase that make me frown on how it was possible that it was excepted. So I agree on that yu should not always let an autoblog run and never look at it again. I could have added Ezinearticles.com because their quality is a bit better but it would just be against their TOS. Unless you stay under 25 articles a year. So to me I rather stay within a TOS of a content source and that made me decide against using them altho the biggest autoblogging tool out there does use it.

      But to compensate that ….there is an update comming real soon that gives you several alternative sources of article content. PLR Articles, RSS feeds and CSV feeds. And that will be a free update so for $22 you get what I believe is the most complete autoblogging tool out there for this price.

  • Carole

    Andy thanks for the great video… maybe this is what UAW does but automatically 🙂

    As soon as I get back I will download the Google Global Firefox plugin and if this doesn’t work I’ll get ‘Hide My Ass Pro VPN (HMA)’.


  • Ian Pritchard

    Hello Andy

    A quick question.

    Do you think that BB is best suited for affiliate sites or would it work for a site that promotes my own niche offline service?

    Many thanks

    Ian Pritchard

  • Martin

    Hi Andy.
    I am very appreciative of your newsletters with all your free recommendations and haven’t tried any that were not very helpful. Being a newbie to this and to speed things up, I’m looking for someone who could help us get our new site setup high in the search engines. Know of anyone who does that for a reasonable fee?

    Much Thanks!


  • Arindam

    I used to use your website builder and just started using wordpress. Would you help me in 2 following questions.

    a. In wordpress installation, I want to use static page as 1st page where I will sell my own ebook and want to put all regular blog posting under a directory called blog.

    Say my domain is xyz.com. I want to put all blog posts under xyz.com/blog. I will will use one static page at xyz.com.

    Just purchased autoblog software with a discounted price and thanks for the same.


  • Steve

    Hi Andy,

    I need a bit of clarification regarding Edwin’s WP Article Poster plugin. I’m thinking it is completely compatible with the Thesis Theme for WordPress. Am I correct about this?


    • Edwin Boiten

      If you do not mind me answering…It is. I even will add in the new update automatic support for the thesis thumbnails. So if you have an image in the post it will be added as a thumbnail which is used on the home or category pages for Thesis.

      • Andy

        Edwin, feel free to reply to any of the comments or questions on your products. I am very grateful for your time helping my readers.

  • Dan

    With one of these multi level spun articles, would you suggest posting each unique variation to as many domains as possible since they are truly unique?

    What is your take on the practice?