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In this issue:

1. Reader's question about Post-Panda Content.

2. A course that guarantees success?

3. A joke to finish

Hi Again

In this newsletter I want to answer a question that I was sent about writing content for your website in the aftermath of Google's Panda update. One reader sent in her formula for great content, but despite writing very informative articles using her system, it's not enough if you want your sites to be a long-term business. I'll explain why.

Also in the newsletter I want to tell you about a course that I subscribed to that guaranteed to make me my first affiliate sale. A lot of stuff is done for you, and in fact I did very little and didn't even follow the guidelines in the course, yet I made two affiliate sales from the system in the very first month.  If I had actually followed the course, I could have done so much better.  The guy who runs the course is a super-affiliate in health niches, and he is your guide & mentor.  He will show you the niches, the products and how to promote them, in great detail.

Let’s get on with it….


1. Reader's question about Post-Panda Content.

I got a question from a reader who thought they had the answer to writing good quality content.  I got permission to reprint parts of the email.  She asked:

"I have been trying to come up with a "formula" for creating great content, and I think I have it.  It seems so simple though that I was wondering what you thought of my system. 

I basically search Google for my main phrase, and open up all the top 10 pages.  Then I take notes on each of the top 10 pages, so that my final article includes ALL of the information  found in those top 10.  This usually means a big article – 1500 words or more.  Since each of the top 10 may have little bits of different information, my article will contain information that some of the other top 10 articles don't have.  Would Google then see my article as the most authoritative?"

Its an interesting question for a number of reasons.  Let's consider the very last bit first.  Would Google see the article as "authoritative"?

Authority is something that is earned.  It is generally earned by the number of quality sites that link to you, but also your "brand".  How well known are you or your site on the internet in your niche?  With social sites, branding is something that the search engines can easily monitor.  Is your name, or website found around the web in the context of your niche?

In this respect, the article would not be seen as authoritative simply because of the content.  If it got a lot of re-tweets, bookmarks, links from quality sites, then it could become authoritative.

I guess Authority is not really the word the reader meant to use.  I think she was basically asking whether that type of article would be seen as quality in the eyes of Google.

If you asked me today, I would say that an article written this way would certainly have a head start in ranking.  However, I always prefer to look long-term with anything SEO related.  That is one of the reasons I loved Feeding the Panda so much.  You can read my Feeding the Panda Review if you missed that one.  The advice in that book is all about future proofing your websites, and not instant fixes that may only work for the next few months.

As a strategy for creating content for the long term, I would take another look at the post on Google's Official Blog relating to the Panda update.

At the end of the second paragraph there is a vital set of clues:

"This update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites – sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful. At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high-quality sites – sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on."

Google clearly values uniqueness and visitor experience.  If you copy all of the main information from the top 10 websites in Google and write a single article with all that information, then sure, you have a more complete article, but essentially the information was copied from other sites.  It may have been written in your own words, but there is no new information on your page that isn't already in the top 10…

I am sure that today, with all other things being equal, an article written in the way this lady suggests would probably rank very well  (remember, I said with all things being equal – page rank, site authority etc).  However, what about the future?  Google gives us clear advice at the end of the paragraph.  They want:

"sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on"

In other words, they want you to work on your information and provide EXTRA value for your readers:


Google don't just want the same information re-hashed.   For Google to really like a page, what they are looking for is the "X-Factor".  Something that none of the other pages have.

A very clear example would be to use a personal story in your content.  A personal story, if not reprinted on any other web page, will be personal & unique.  It will have real value as long as the story has a purpose that is of interest to visitors.

My advice to the lady who asked the question is that she can start writing an article like that.  Once it is finished, cut out any fluff or duplicate information, and think how she can add FAT.  I referred her to my own "Creating Fat Content for 2011" course which is free.  Don't let the price fool you though – there is a lot of stuff in there that will spark ideas for you so that you content can truly shine, attract quality links and eventually attain authority.


2. A course that guarantees success?

Over the last few years I've seen so much junk being sold that most of it never ends up being reviewed in my newsletter.  Many software products & courses promise you the world and deliver diddly squat!

Very few actually guarantee your success and really believe that you will achieve it. I was therefore interested about a membership site that seemed a little different. At $39.97 a month the price was good and the guy actually guaranteed I would make my first affiliate sale using his system. 

I'll tell you more about the membership in a moment, but let me just tell you quickly that I signed up in May 2011, and with very very little effort (I built a few backlinks to a website that I was given as part of my membership by submitting a spun article to some article directories) I made two sales. 

It may be a surprise to you then to learn that I cancelled my membership. Since cancelling, I have been in contact with John who runs this membership site just to tell him why I cancelled. His reply was a little bit of a surprise. From a membership site that I wouldn't have recommended (I'll tell you why in a moment) this has now become a membership site that I would very highly recommend.

OK, so here is the deal.

When you sign up, John will build you your own unique mini site in a health niche and get you signed up with an excellent affiliate program that provides LIFETIME commissions.

Inside the membership there are tutorials and help so that you can build out this mini site into something a little more authoritative. For long term success this really is essential, although I didn't personally touch the mini site that I was given.

I should also add that every mini site for every member is completely different with its own unique content. 

So why did I cancel? 

The main reason was because these domains are hosted and owned by John. If you cancel your membership, you can keep ownership of the domain by paying $14.99 a month otherwise you lose your domain and any work you put into it. I didn't like the fact that I was tied into the membership program where essentially the domain wasn't really mine.

However, since talking to John, there are a few things that seem to have evolved with his membership. You can sign up, take the content on the free website, rewrite and add to it, and publish on your own domain that you own.  That means you can follow this course and get all the benefits of this membership WITHOUT spending effort or worrying about the free mini-site, if you wish.

You can follow the tutorials to build out your own site, and take advantage of the back linking features provided by this membership.  You might think this sounds a little cheeky, but John encourages this because he is on 2-tier commissions with the affiliate program, so the more successful you are, the more successful he is.  He really does work hard to make sure YOU succeed 🙂

The idea is that you build out your site and you create backlinks to it using the sources and system laid out in John's course.  Any backlinks that you build to your site will be "turbo-charged" because John's system will then link to the pages that link to your site.  This is a powerful technique to give more link juice to links pointing at your money site.

The member’s only forum is extremely active not only with tutorials, training calls & success stories but also with John who is a regular participant.  As I was leaving, they were just setting up a case study site that is being built by Dan Ho (who I think many of you will know).

Here are a few benefits of being a member:

  • There is on-going Pre-selling training and pre-selling examples of how to sell the health products effectively.
  • John publishes live examples of his pre-selling copy, so that you can get a clear idea on how to sell these health products from proven examples.
  • John includes on-going case studies of successful mini-sites he owns including sales reports.
  • Remember, the Health affiliate program you get to join is a Special Invite affiliate program that is available only through the private forum.
  • You get free access to john on private message or email for one to one advice.
  • On going keyword research for all of the low competition keywords for each health product and the entire health niche within the service.
  • Clear videos on how to outsource your content the right way, and uncover the exact services John has successfully been using in building his sites and the program.

As I said before, I made two sales in the first month, and no doubt would have continued making many more had I followed the system the way John has laid out. Remember I didn't even change any of the information on my free mini site. Moreover, these are lifetime sales. So, if the customer comes back to buy again I will get credit over and over again.

The site, as it was given to me made 2 sales.


The idea, and what John is encouraging, is that you not only build out the free site but you also start new sites (in niches that John has researched and knows are profitable) to expand. As I mentioned above, I personally would probably ignore the free site and just use the tutorials and resources available to build my own health sites on my own server. In that way, if I ever do decide to leave, my work would be mine.

If you struggled to make affiliate sales, then I really do recommend you take a look at John's system. 

John makes this a no-brainer, with the guarantee that means this really is no risk other than you having to spend some time working:

"You have 90 days to prove it to yourself. If it hasn’t performed EXACTLY as I promised, just say so. Every cent of that 3 months membership will be promptly returned. You have my word on it."

Check out Healthy Wealthy Affiliate for yourself.  I cannot guarantee you will make affiliate sales from the system, but John can.


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
3. A joke to finish
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

A woman was sipping on a glass of wine, while sitting on the patio with her husband, and she says, "I love you so much, I don't know how I could ever live without you."
Her husband asks, "Is that you, or the wine talking?"
She replies, "It's me… talking to the wine."..

OK, that's it for this newsletter. 

Until next time.  Have a great week!

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12 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter #311

  • jeremy123

    Hi all,

    I’m a member of HealthyWealthyAffiliate and what Andy says about the quality of the membership is true. I’ve made 2 sales, and happy to know they are my customers so when they buy again I will earn more commissions. You can have John create a site for you or as I’m doing create your own site.

  • conray

    I know its short term, but my garbage sites are ranking higher and getting more traffic than my “fat content sites”. Is this a temporary glitch in the panda update?

  • Mark

    Hi Andy…

    Regarding the email you received where she wanted to take bits and pieces of info from the top 10 sites then recreate her own article.

    Well I’m very happy that you suggested putting in some unique storyline. Because…as I was reading this before you got to that point, I was thinking, as possibly many others have as well, is that we NEED the internet to track and hunt down info to supplement what we may already know on a particular subject.

    I would think that a great majority of the content we have on our own sites, does indeed come from other sources on the web. Now even though it’s a VERY good idea and sound advice to throw in a storyline to make it unique…however.., it may be rather difficult to do so all the time, plus…if we add too many stories, it will possibly dilute the impact and uniqueness of the content which already has stories.

    Therefore Andy, do you have any other suggestions other than adding a storyline? Just so we don’t wear thin using that plan of attack, while at the same time, not depending so highly on other site’s content to replicate…?

    Thank you indeed for your time Andy 🙂

  • Norm

    Hi Andy,
    You confused me a little with this one. You’re promoting it, but you quit it. Honest Abe that you are you told on yourself. But, you didn’t say you rejoined. I’m always following your lead on stuff, but if you didn’t like it enough to stay… See why poor Norm is confused?

    • Andy

      I quit because I didn’t like those couple of things I mentioned in the newsletter. However, after talking with Johnny about this, his system is flexible enough to allow you to develop your OWN sites if you want, and ignore the free site that comes with the membership. You get access to all features within the membership, and you can build sites on your own domains and your own hosting if you want. That means I no longer have a problem, and actually endorse this membership. I am a member again. I think my username on the forum is DrAndy, though I am more of a lurker there.

      • Norm

        Hello Andy,
        I figgered you joined back up. Thanks for the reply on that! I was right. Ha!

        When I visited the site and read the information, I was sitting there thinking…Where have I seen this before?? Then it came to me. I actually use my own version of the mini-site technology already. Guess what? It works. Using my site within a site approach is pretty darned powerful.

        This isn’t exactly what he is offering, I suppose, but suffice to say that if you own an authority site, if you build a mini-site inside it, instead of just a page, I think Google gives the mini-site more juice. Actually, I know it does.

        Lately I have been using a combination of FrontPage and xSitePro to accomplish this, over what I have done with FrontPage alone. I suppose you could do a variation of this technique with WordPress, though I have never tried it.

  • Abraham

    Andy, is there some other investment needed for this system to work, other than the monthly fee? I assume that a domain is needed, and then some outsourcing for the backlinking or something.

    Even for outsourcing, how much do you think someone would need to invest in one site, to start making money like you did?

    • Andy

      Johnny provides you with a domain & hosting as part of the fee, so you actually don’t need anything else. You can do the backlinking yourself, so no need to outsource anything unless you want to. All I did was submit a spun article to article directories. That’s it. 5 minutes work (using an article submitter) for 2 sales in the first month.