EzSEO Newsletter #324 17

In this issue:

1. High Page Rank Links on-demand?

2. Backlinks are useless without…

3. My Interview with James Martell

4. Update on the List-Building Plugin

5. I got rid of Google's Friend's Connect

6. My favourite Android Apps.

Hi Again

In today's newsletter I want to share a video with you that shows you how you can get high PR (PR6 & PR7) links to your website.  The method only takes a few minutes.

There's lots of other stuff today as well.

Let’s get on with it….


1. High Page Rank Links on-demand?

Who doesn’t want high PR backlinks to their site?

There are a lot of services that advertise X number of high PR backlinks, yet quite often, it's false advertising.  On closer examination we quite often find that the page rank of the PAGE that the links are on is ZERO or N/A.  What these services actually mean is that you can get links on Authority domains – i.e. domains with high PR.

The thing about Page Rank is that the link juice a page will pass onto your site is based on the Page Rank of the PAGE your link is on, not the domain.

A link from a high PR domain (even if its on a low PR page) will perhaps contribute to the TRUST your site has, after all, if high PR domains (that Google obviously see as authority sites) link to you, then that says something about your page.

OK, so where are we going with this.

Well, how would you like to get high PR links for free?  These are links on high PR pages and you can get them very easily.


Well go and watch this video and make sure you sign up for the follow up videos.  You could have a PR 6 or PR 7 link to your site within the next 10 minutes:

Free High PR Links


2. Backlinks are useless without…

..a quality, sticky website.

I know black hatters out there will argue that you can get any page to the top of Google with nothing more than backlinks, backlinks and more backlinks.

Sure you can, but….

…those backlinks WILL NOT keep you there.

Google's algorithm ranks pages according to a number of factors, and backlinks is a big factor.  By adding lots of backlinks to a page, it will rise in the rankings and eventually hit the top 10.

That is where all of your backlinking efforts either begin to pay off, or maybe prove to have been worthless.

You see, Google hires REAL people to comb through top 10 listing to make sure your page really deserves to be there in terms of unique quality content and top visitor experience.

Pages that are not up to the quality expected will be dropped or penalised.

Back on the 3rd July 2005, I wrote and article in my newsletter called “Google Report Analyzed“.

That article was inspired by a document that was doing the rounds at the time.  It was suppose to be the document that Google gave it's team of “raters”.

Fast forward 2011.

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, “Pot Pie Girl” had found a 2011 version of the document.

Again, there was a lot of discussion over the authenticity of the document. Pot Pie Girl even had a download link for anyone who wanted a copy.

Then she got the email….

An email from Google asking her to stop linking to the document.

If there were doubts about it's authenticity, I guess Google dispelled those doubts with that email request.

For those who downloaded the document after my last newsletter, read and digest it.

For those that didn't, sorry but I cannot give it to you so please don't email me asking for it.

When I have talked to people about “Google Raters”, some have found it difficult to believe that Google hires real people to check search results.  If you are in that camp,  have a look at this job posting – Lionbridge Internet Assessors Program.

Sound familiar?

3. My Interview with James Martell

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but a few weeks ago I was invited onto James Martell's affiliate buzz podcast.  If you haven't heard it, you can listen to it here:

Affiliate Buzz

It's an excellent (and free) podcast and I highly recommend you subscribe to it.  You can find it on iTunes.

I have been listening to the Affiliate Buzz for many years.  I like to go for a walk a few times a week and listening to Podcasts while I am walking is a great way to keep up to date on what is happening in the industry while exercising.


4. Update on the List-Building Plugin

Last week I mentioned a free plugin to help build a mailing list called PLM Lite.

After I mentioned it, one subscriber left a comment saying her host had reported the plugin as an “Insecure Plugin” and closed down her sites for a period of time.

I wrote to the author of the plugin and mentioned this.  They gave me this reply (that I have also added to the relevant section of last week's newsletter).

Hi Andy,

We aren’t sure why they called it an insecure plugin. Maybe because we used the Timthumb script to process images that in the past, that script had a security hole. However, the script has been updated to the latest version, and we also do some changes to the script to tighten up the security. We’ve also tested the plugin in some servers, including Servint and Host Gator, and we didn’t encounter any problems with each host admins.

Maybe GVO has blacklisted PLM lite so users who installed that plugin have their sites blocked. If this the case, maybe you should warn your subscribers to NOT using PLM lite if they use GVO to host their sites.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Thank you!

So far, I have used it without problem on 1&1 and Hostgator.

Neither of those hosts reported a problem and I have not heard from any other subscribers with problems.

5. I got rid of Google's Friend's Connect

imageYou may have noticed that this site has had a small change.

I use to have Google's “Friends Connect” on the site, and a number of subscribers and visitors signed up as Friends on the site.

This week I decided to dump the Friends Connect.

The features it provided really didn't add anything to the site (I guess that is my fault for not exploring the full potential).

Instead, I have created a Facebook page for the ezSEO Newsletter, and added a Facebook widget to the sidebar.  You can see it if you scroll to the very top of this page.  It’s right below the newsletter signup box.

I have been using Facebook pages for niche sites to great effect, and I decided that I wanted to add it to ezSEO News.

Over on the right you can find a widget that posts the last few updates on my Facebook Page.

You can also click the LIKE button (hint hint) to say you like the Page.

I will be adding a lot more updates to the Facebook page and I feel that it does add value to the site.

For example, I updated the Facebook page to warn you against installing PLM Lite (the list building plugin) until I had heard back from the developer.

If you had clicked the Like button before this update,  you would have seen the warning on your Facebook wall.

Of course, to get these updates you will need to click that Like button (see the top of the Facebook Widget – screenshot on the left).




6. My favourite Android Apps.

I use to have an Apple iPhone, but after my son dropped it for the 100th time, the on/off button stopped working.  To cut a long story short, my attempts to repair the button (with a replacement from Amazon) resulted in a dead iPhone.  I was heartbroken.  I relied on my iPhone for scheduling, reminders, alarms etc.

I went to the shop to buy a new one, but it was going to cost me around 750 euros to by a “free” one (ie use it without a contract).

I decided that this was too much for a phone that I could pick up for a few hundred dollars in the US, so I looked for an alternative.  After much searching, I settled on an Android phone (HTC Desire HD).

During the first day of using my Android phone I completely forgot about my old iPhone.

Now, after months of owning the Android, there is no way I would go back to Apple.  In this article, I just wanted to mention a few of my favourite Android Apps.  In no particular order, here they are:

  1. Plume – fantastic Twitter application.  I was using Tweetcaster but find Plume even better.
  2. Mighty Grocery – great shopping list program.
  3. Business Calendar – great scheduling/agenda program with really useful widgets.
  4. Calendar Snooze – fixes a gaping omission from the Android OS by adding in the ability to “snooze” and event for a period of time (e.g. remind me again in 20 minutes).
  5. The built in Android Web Browser – even better than the Apple browser which I use to love.  The android browser allows Flash, plus it automatically reflows the text when you zoom in so that you never have to scroll left or right to read a sentence.
  6. Double Twist with Air Synch allowing me to synch my music with iTune wirelessly.
  7. Astrid Tasks – great todo list program.
  8. BeyondPod – Great podcasting software that allows streaming of podcasts or downloads.
  9. ezPDF Reader.  A good PDF reader, but not quite up to the standards set by GoodReader on the iPad.  Good Reader on the iPad is one app I still turn to when I want to read PDFs.
  10. Fotmob – to keep me up to date with football scores.
  11. Missing Synch – to backup the phone to my PC.
  12. QRDroid – Barcode and QR code reader.
  13. TuneIn Radio – I know you have this on Apple too 😉 but it is a great web radio player.
  14. What and When Widget – allows me to see appointments from Business calendar and Astrid Tasks in one full screen widget.
  15. Cube Calculator – a great calculator app if you do a lot of work with numbers.

If you have any favourite android apps, please leave a comment at the end of this newsletter and let me know about them.

OK, that's it for this newsletter.   Until next time.  Have a great week!  If you enjoyed this newsletter, please share using the buttons below:


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17 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter #324

  • Gael de Kerdanet

    Hello Andy,
    Thank you for a great post as ever…
    For those of you – as I was – interested by the guide Andy is mentioning above, it is still readily available on Google if you try a little to get its details, then search for it 🙂
    Makes an interesting read!
    Good luck,

  • Ron

    Hi Andy,

    always a pleasure to read your newsletters.
    Are you, in the future, going to do any reviews about traffic generation courses?


  • Leo

    About “High Page Rank Links on-demand”, this video has been heavily advertised by many marketers recently. The method involves spamming Tumblr by creating stub accounts for backlinks – a sure way to get banned. Not only the links are spammy, I am really doubtful you will get much link juice out of them as thousands of people starting to spam the heck out of Tumblr. The link juice on that PR 7 page is divided among all the links on that page. When you get thousands of links on that page, each link is not worth very much. To be honest, Andy, I’ve never seen you promote any grey or black hat method so I am a bit disappointed to see it on your newsletter.

    • Andy

      Hi Leo, thanks for your comment.

      I kind of understand where you are coming from with this. However, let me ask you a question. Would you have been just as disappointed if I mentioned any other way of building backlinks?

      The way I see it is that ALL backlink building is grey/black hat since Google don’t approve of any links that you “create”. Their Page Rank algo was supposed to show the best sites because of natural linking (ie not links that were “created” by the site owner). Google have made a rod for their own backs by relying on backlinking so much in the past. It’s probably a decision that ultimately lead them to employ human raters, since their Page Rank idea is fatally flawed.

      The problem for all webmasters is that they HAVE TO create links back to their site, because without them they are not going to compete for anything resembling medium or higher competition. I for one would love it if they could base more than 50% of their rnaking algo on the content on the page, because it is the content that ultimately decides the quality.

      Now, before you take this the wrong way, I have to tell you that as soon as I published the newsletter, I posted on the forum of my “Insider Group” telling them not to use it (at least yet). The reason is not that I consider this any more blackhat than other link acquisition strategies. It’s just that like you pointed out, all these links on that poor PR7 page is a shame for the owner of the page. If and when we use it, it will be much more “natural” (though still black hat in the eyes of Google).

      I also think that people in the industry should be aware of all linking strategies – hence the post.

  • Salamandar


    GVO is blacklisting something?

    In my experience they let their subscribers get away with pretty much anything! Good news for their clients but bad news if you’re getting spammed or scammed by their clients. There is little to no recourse through management.


    • Andy

      In fairness, the reply I got said they may have blacklisted something, not that they definitely had. I am also not familiar with GVO – I presume you don’t recommend them? Not too sure as you don’t really say what you think 😉

  • Norm

    Hello Andy,
    About the Google checkers. Who checks the checkers?
    Case in point… I have been affiliate marketing a company for a good while now. One day I noticed that a brand new site was ranking ABOVE the affiliate company. This ticked me off as I had never considered going for the actual name of the company. So I decided to have a go. I landed on page one, though I was near the bottom. Then, poofs…I go to page 4 or 5. My target is still high on page one.

    I have analyzed that page 6 ways to Sunday and I can’t see anything particularly page one special about it. Certainly nothing to rank it above the company they are advertising.

    Was I googleized? Maybe so. I was surely pandaerized with the last go around. I think Google has hit their stride now with their newest algorithm, and now you confirm what I suspected…humanoid google spies. Jeez!

    Now more than ever, and I mean more than ever, good unique content not only helps, but is essential.

    • Andy

      I know how you feel Norm. One of my sites was hit by the first Panda yet sites that remained in the top 10 had me scratching my head. Makes me think that Google employees are moonlighting as affiliate marketers and have tagged their sites so they wont be penalised.

  • Mike


    “Google raters” exist in exactly the form you described. A friend’s girlfriend works for Google as a “rater.” She and I had long discussion – she described what her tasks are – they’re exactly as you describe.

    Hope that helps.


  • Mark

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks as always for your weekly letter and content.

    Regarding the PLM LITE plug-in, I’m always intrigued and never get bored learning the psychology of designing and formatting websites to appeal to visitors. Everything from colours, to layout, icons, how many columns and ads, etc, etc..anything that triggers the emotion and catches the eye, but without overkill and done with taste.

    Therefore, regarding the PLM LITE, do you prefer to use either the slide-in ad, or slide-in opt-in, on the top or the bottom and….. whatever your preference is – why did you choose that particular one and not the other? – Psychologically speaking that is..

    Thanks Andy

    • Andy

      No psychological reasons Mark. In face, when I installed it on this site originally (I took it off when Ruth commented about her host blocking the script), I did so to test the subscription box in various places. To be honest, the thing I really liked about this plugin was that it was unobtrusive. I think people get fed up of having popups that DEMAND attention before you can read the page. At least with PLM Lite they are not so intrusive and people can ignore them if they want.

      • Mark

        Thanks for taking the time to reply Andy, I really appreciate it.

        Yes, this is why I am really interested in the slide-in opt-ins of PLM Lite, as I’ve seen them countless of times before, but just never got around to inserting them. They are MUCH more appealing, more tasteful and not as pushy and in your face at all, as the ones where the whole screen gets blocked out (opacity turned on), and you have no choice at all but to be slammed with an offer before continuing to read.

        Thanks again,

  • Robert

    Hi Andy,

    regarding the PR 6 or PR 7 link that you talk about, I did watch the video and followed the steps, and I did get a PR 7 link as described. However, it’s not as good as it sounds (unfortunately!). There were dozens of other links on the same page, and new links were being added by other people (who obviously knew this method) so fast that probably within a day or less my own link would scroll off the page. I wish it would have been a permanent PR 7 link, but then it would have been too good to be true!

    • Andy

      Yes, it won’t be a good strategy until that video dies down a little bit. The second video has a technique that won’t be affected in the same way 😉