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1. Why Google Plus is Different

2. New Web Content Studio Trained Authors

3. New Look ezSEONews.com

Hi Again

In today's newsletter, I want to talk a little bit about Google plus, and why it's something you need to embrace in your online business.  While Google have tried and failed in the past with social media sites (like Google Buzz, Jaiku and others), Google+ isn't going away.  You need to understand how it works, and how to use it.  Did you know that Google plus content is being served up on Google already?  And, as they say – “you've got to be in it to win it.

I also have news of a new author that is trained to use Web Content Studio.  If you want to outsource health content to a real expert at a price that is unbelievably low, read on.

Let’s get on with it….


1. Why Google Plus is Different

Everyone knows Facebook and Twitter.  These two giants have been a firm favourites with people of all ages for the last few years.

For a long time, Google has tried to create it's own social platform to get their slice of the “social bandwagon” cake.  In October 2007, they purchased Jaiku (a social networking and mocro-blogging platform similar to Twitter).  After playing around with their new toy for a few years (and failing to make much of an impression), they finally shut Jaiku down on January 15th 2012.

In May 2009, Google unveiled Google Wave – part Twitter and part instant messaging.  In August 2010, Google waved goodbye to Google Wave.

On 9th February 2010, Google announced Google Buzz – a social network and microblogging platform (sound familiar) that was integrated into Gmail.  With Google Buzz, people could share photos, status messages etc with friends, family and colleagues.  Google Buzz never really took off, did it (apart from a few hardcore Buzz fans)?  On December 15, 2011, Google Buzz closed down.  When they announced the decision, Google said that they were closing it down to concentrate on Google Plus.

Here we go again….

Or do we?

Google Plus (also written as Google+) is a social networking platform very similar to Facebook that was launched on June 28th 2011 (though by invitation only at that stage).  In November 2011, Google launched Google+ pages – which works in very similar ways to Facebook pages.  Now businesses would have a new focal point for their social media strategies – a Google+ page.  With Google controlling their own search engines, would they devalue Facebook pages and/or Twitter stuff?

By January 19th 2012, Google+ had apparently passed 90 million users, with estimated at 625,000 new users EVERY DAY.

So what is to stop Google+ being just another flop?

I would say that the biggest reason this will NOT fail is that Google have started integrating Google+ into all areas of their business, including the search results.

Google even removed the “+” search operator sometime last year so that you could no longer force words to be included in your search term by typing:

“centrifugal juicer” + white

Now you have to include words that must be present within quotes, so the search term becomes:

“centrifugal juicer” “white”

The “+” has been used for as long as I remember and has been adopted by every other search engine.

Why have they done this?

Well you know that twitter users can be searched for by using the “@” symbol?  Check out this page if I search for my Twitter username @ezSEONews.  You can find all sorts of stuff I published online.

Well, Google have their own system for identifying Google plus users – they add a “+” sign at the start of the name!

Speculation mounts that the “+” symbol has now been reserved for Google+ profile searches.

Andy Baio has written an excellent article on Google Plus and the “+” search operator in his article Google Kills its Other Plus.

So it really looks like Google are putting all of their efforts into Google+.

I am sure that unless you live under a rock you will have had your emails about Google Privacy updates, but have you also heard the expression “Search, Plus Your World”?

This is where Google have started integrating Google+ content into the search results in three different ways.  I won't go into details here as there is an excellent article by Andrew Tarantola of Gizmodo.com called Google Changes the way its search engine works – privacy be damned.

All of this is just further proof of where Google are intending to take Google+.

From my own perspective, a lot of the changes at Google recently have screwed up the search engine so that for me, Bing is now a better search engine. I am not alone in my thinking.

Danny Sullivan at SearchEngineLand.com wrote a great article showing “Real-Life examples of how Google's “Search Plus” pushes Google+ over relevancy“.

Not only does his article highlight the increasing importance of Google+ (people AND Pages) in search, but also how competing networks like Facebook and Twitter are being frozen out by Google.

I think it is very clear that as Marketers, we need to be using Google+ now.

However, where do you learn?

There is quite a nice introduction to Google+ and it's features on the ReadWriteWeb.com website called How to Use Google+.

But what if you want to take your Google Plus education to a higher level?

I came across a great course by Russell Wright (of Themezoom).  The course is called “Google Plus Traffic System: 3 Traffic Methods In A Single Button

I bought the course last week.

There are 21 videos in the course and they take you step by step through a system that Russell and his colleagues have developed for getting content into the Google search engine(s) via Google+.

The course shows you a different way to use Google Plus – a way that will directly benefit you (unlike the way most people use Google+).

We are at an important point in SEO history.  Google is likely to be changing forever, and those that understand how it works are likely to reap the benefits.  Of course, you could wait a couple of years until this is all common knowledge, but then you won't have this opportunity, this competitive advantage over your competition.  Wouldn't it be nice to be one of the first ones to embrace this new technology?

At the moment, this course is selling for $24.95.  That's cheap for this level of education.  I like Russell's course a lot and highly recommend it if you want to be one step ahead of the competition in using Google+.

Even if this is something you don’t want to learn, do check out the video on the Google Plus Plus Warrior Forum Page as it gives you some great free information.


2. New Web Content Studio Trained Authors

Since the last newsletter there has been a new Web Content Studio trained authors that has submitted his profile over at the Web Content Studio Outsourcing Centre.

His name is Norman Morrison.

These authors know how to provide high quality content that is well themed, so if you struggle to write high quality content that meets the increasing demands of Google, do check out Norman (and the other authors).

OK, let me tell you a little bit about the new author.

Norman has been a long time subscriber of my newsletter and I always look forward to the comments he leaves on my blog.  I am sure many of you have enjoyed his contributions.

Norman can write content in any niche and you can read more about him, and read his demo article on  Norman’s profile page.  Norman’s contact details on on that page.


3. New Look ezSEONews.com

This is just a heads up in case you visit my site in the near future and think that you are in the wrong place.  I am planning a major overhaul of the site including new template and design, and different types of content.  At the moment it is there merely to keep my newsletter archive.   However, I want to expand that to include a lot of other stuff.  More details coming soon…

OK, that's it for this newsletter.  Hope there was something you found interesting.  If you have any comments, please leave them in the comment box below.

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13 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter #330

  • Andii

    Great newsletter Dr Andy, as usual.

    Sometimes, I wish the web and its associated tools and technology would slow down a bit so that aging geezers like have time to process all the updates.


  • Sean Breslin

    Hello Andy, I agree with you on Google+ and will check out your resource links later, Looking forward to seeing what you do, with the new look on ezSEOnews!!!

  • Lane Lester

    Here’s another geezer who sometimes wishes the Web wouldn’t change so much so often.

    Even though I’ve dropped out of IM, I continue to enjoy your newsletters. I had missed Google’s discontinuation of + for required terms.

    I’m sorry to learn your evaluation of Google’s new search results. As a confirmed Microsoft-hater, maybe I’ll switch to Duck Duck Go, although I’d miss Google’s ability to restrict the date range of searches.

  • Norm

    Hello Andy,
    Many thanks for the plug. Gosh!
    You know, as a poor Alabama boy who hadn’t been much further than Pell City a couple of times, the first thing I did in 1995 when I got my first Internet capable computer was to set out to make some pen pals.

    For that I made two friends. One in Russia…a really crazy redneck Cossack graphics genius type to whom I hear from to this day. Just got through responding to a mail a few minutes ago. And another person in Brazil with which I hooked up with to do my first major site for Brazil travel. That was fun while it lasted and got me off continent for the first time in a high flying jet kind of way. Also, I got the opportunity to help her son come to my locale here in Alabama where he went to school, got married, and is a typical American success story these days making about four times as much money as I ever did.

    I say this for the reason that for whatever reason, I don’t seem to be able to make a distinction between my local pals and my far off friends. It’s all the same to me.

    It is a constant fascination to me, this fraternity of Internet Marketers, and how great most of them are. All you have to do verify this is to visit the Warrior Forum and look at all the helpful positive mails on there. You’d think that our kind would be a lot more self-centered, but we’re not. Everybody seems to be eager to help everyone else, or at least give encouragement.

    So, no matter the distance, politics, language, etc., it is a fact that we’re members of a really good fraternity of page makers.

    Now I’m off to check out your recommendation on that Google+ stuff, which I am aware of, use, and am totally confused about. Ha!

    I’m much better for knowing my friend Doctor Andy. He’s a constant reminder to strive for excellence. If you write content for your projects and you don’t have his Web Content Studio, you are backing up. Truly.


  • Peter Sundstrom

    Hi Andy.

    Very interesting about Google changing the meaning of the + symbol in a search. I wasn’t aware of that one and I suspect many other people wouldn’t know about it either.



  • JanPaul

    There are very good and legitimate reasons to use a pen name when marketing in certain niches.

    But both G+ and FB don’t allow you to do that.

    If anybody can come up with a strategy to use pen names I am all ears.

    • Andy

      I’m not sure you need pen names for either. Pages can be used for individual website projects you are working on, and Google+ is excellent at segmenting your audience with circles.

  • Norm

    Hello Andy,
    Norm again, taking a break from my latest brain swelling learning episode. I followed your advice on the G++ Russell Wright course. Jeez! I’m not half way through it yet. Several times I have yelled at the screen because Wright LOVES to ramble. I need more how-to and less anecdotes.

    That being said, the course is so complex I doubt many will profit from it. It’s not for beginners or folks who aren’t prepared to stay the course, as they say. Even with all his talking, there is a lot you need to know coming into the course to have a chance to make sense of it.

    It’s an ad wheel scheme unlike anything I have ever heard of.

    It just so happens that I have bits and pieces of many of the things required laying around, so I don’t have to start from zero. So, I’m a lucky guy.

    And I had never heard of the publishing sources he uses. I’m all signed up now.

    Unfortunately, I agree that IF Google is going where it looks like it’s going, folks not in the know about the stuff in this course are going to be in a world of hurt. But, ignorance is bliss, so at least there is happiness in the larger IM world right now.

    So, again, I thank you for this GREAT tip! It’s a total pain, looks like, compared to what we have been doing, but if this is what it’s coming to, then I plan on doing a full experiment.

    Back to the course now, where I shall yell at Wright some more to hurry up.


    • Andy

      Have to agree Norm. Russell has his own vocabulary built up over the years with his other products. I don’t think you need any of his other products to follow this course, maybe just a special dictionary to define phrase like “keyword DNA” and others.

      • Norm

        Hello Doctor Andy,
        I just wanted to add a follow up. I finally finished the Google Plus course FIVE days later. This is a world record for me. I hope later on that you will do your own follow up on how important you feel this technology to be. It’s either going to turn out to be VERY important or a time waster of colossal proportion. Only time will tell. I’m going to err on the side of safety. In the meantime, my full comments are on the WF at the Google Plus link you provided.


  • Chris Moore

    Hi Andy,

    This is a question totally out of context here; I asked something similar a few days ago on a years old newsletter, and have lost which one since there was no follow-up box to check.

    You had mentioned not to use the same tags as categories, and to use fewer than four tags per post. Can you use more than one category per post? And since I have multiple cats and tags on some posts, and some are identical, is there a simple way to clean them up, with a plugin maybe?

  • Mark

    I hate to admit it Andy but you are right. google + must be looked into and understood. It is a pain but otherwise our websites will get left for dust. I’m trying to get one of those pictures next to my articles in the search engine results.

  • Anna Bohl

    Thanks for the great information about Google+. I signed up early for the service but have to admit, it just “sits there” because I can’t figure out how to use it. I just want to use it for business and want to totally segregate that from my personal account. No clue how to get people in circles if I can’t add my real life friends and family.

    I totally agree with you that the recent changes to Google searches brings back subpar results. I have switched to Bing for now but wish that the “old” Google would be back. It appears that what is coming back now is the “authority” sites that give you a lot of uninteresting information.

    Unfortunatly, I don’t like Bing much better but I have to get my searches done somehow. Maybe there is a new marketing opportunity for someone who understands this stuff.