EzSEO Newsletter #349 4

In this issue:

1. Adding a new title to Createspace.

2. Marketers selling their Kindle courses often prove they are not successful, but hope you are too stupid to realize it.

3. My Book Editor – Q&A plus a special deal.

Hi Again
I've published a few new articles on my site, which you can read by following the links below:

1. Adding a new title to Createspace
This is the next in the series of Createspace tutorials for those wanting to get their books into print.  In this tutorial, we'll upload the current version of the book and get a little shock.  Lots of errors to sort out.  Don't worry though as we'll deal with all problems as we go through these tutorials.  Read the full article here:

2. Marketers selling their Kindle courses often prove they are not successful, but hope you are too stupid to realize it.
I hate using the word scam, but when someone sells you something with false promises, isn't that a scam?  This article looks at how some marketers try to convince you that they are successful at selling Kindle books, yet in doing so, they give you just what you need to show they aren't!  Read the full article here:

3. My Book Editor – Q&A.
My final two books have just been completed by my editor, and what a great job he has done, as usual.  Ever since I mentioned Andy's proof-reading and editing service, I've had a lot of questions (usually the same ones).  Most of the questions are actually answered in Andy's FAQ on his site, but I've posted these questions and answers in this article, together with a couple more questions that weren't in his orginal FAQ.  If you are a writer, Andy also has a special offer for you, valid until the end of this year.  Read more here:

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4 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter #349

  • Linda

    Am probably placing this comment in the wrong place, as it’s related to the KISS conference in London. The conference sounds really good … won’t be able to attend, unfortunately, as I’m in Spain.
    After your recent email about the KISS conference, I started looking up info on Chrstine Clayfield. Her Newbie to Millionaire book is obviously excellent, and a good price. But, her latest product is a self-publishing course which costs $749. I only have a couple of her pen names – mainly the one for her animal books. I accept that these books have good positioning on Amazon etc for certain keywords. But, looking at the Kindle Seller Ranking for these books, I just don’t see that they’re making many sales.
    I don’t doubt this lady has made a lot of money on the Internet. And, her idea of outsourcing is good. But, I just don’t see that she’s making good sales.

    • Andy Williams Post author

      Hi Linda
      I think you are right to be cautious with anyone’s claims on earnings from Kindle, and if you have pen names for her, then you are in a good position to evaluate that.

  • Ken

    Hi Andy

    do you use your real name for all your kindle publishing, or do you recommend using a pen name perhaps for different niches etc

    Many thanks


    • Andy Williams Post author

      I use my real name for all of my non-fiction stuff. However, if I would use a pen name without hesitation for any books I released that I did not necessarily want to be recognised for. For example, my first fiction book, which I didn’t release, will be under a pen name. However, I did write a children’s book and used my real name. It all depends on the genre.