EzSEO Newsletter #353 – Optimizing for Google’s RankBrain

It's raining here in North Wales!  In case you missed my last couple of newsletters, I have moved.  Having lived for the last 18+ years (I don't remember exactly how many) in Spain, I've moved back to the UK with my wife and kids.  My wife and kids are Spanish, so it's possibly a bigger adjustment for them than it is for me.

Just about everyone asks me if I am crazy, but my response is simple.  Spain can be a great place to go on holiday, but it's not alway a great place to live and work.

With rain outside, I decided to write a newsletter today.

In this issue:

1. Optimize for Google's RankBrain

Have you heard about RankBrain?  If you are building websites, you should have as it is now the third most important ranking signal at Google.  If you want to learn more about RankBrain, and also what the other two “signals” are, then read my new article on the site:


Please leave your thoughts or comments in the comment section on that page.

2. Do Outbound Links Help in SEO?

One of the factors that I have worked into my own SEO efforts is to link out to authority sites, where it makes sense to do so.  It's common sense that this is a good idea for your visitors, but is it a good idea for you?  Google have denied that it can influence web page rankings, but not everyone agrees.  Here is an interesting article, with experimental results that are at odds with what Google have been telling us:


3. TubeBuddy

Do you create Youtube videos?  If so, you might be interested in a browser plugin called TubeBuddy.  There are free and paid versions.  I am currently testing the former and found it to be very useful.  I am not in any way affiliated with this product but do recommend you check it out if you are a video marketer.  If you use the paid version, please let me know what premium features you like most and make the upgrade worth the cost to you.

Tubebuddy can found at https://www.tubebuddy.com/

4. Udemy Sale Now On

If there is anything you want to learn, now is a great time.  Udemy have just started a $10 sale where you can get most Udemy courses for just $10.  Here is a link to explore the courses for yourself.


That's all for now.

Have a great week.



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