Poll: Which Antivirus Software do You Use? 13

I recently switched from Avast Internet Security Suite to Bitdefender Total Security 2015.

I’ve been using AVAST for as long as I can remember (I don’t even remember what I used before that) and have always been happy with it, but after checking out a few comparison reviews, Avast seemed to always fall a little short.  The tool that more often than not ran out winner was Bitdefender.

As I research Bitdefender more, I was impressed by the features and awards it seems to have one over the last few years.  I am really interested in what others are using, so I drew up this anonymous poll.  If you’ve got a second, please choose your antivirus tool – it is totally anonymous.  If you are using a suite that includes a firewall, that’s fine, just select the make of software from the list.

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If you’d like to try Bitdefender, they are currently offering a 90 free trial from their Facebook page.  Just search Google for 90 day Bitdefender Trial site:Facebook.com and you’ll find it.

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13 thoughts on “Poll: Which Antivirus Software do You Use?

  • Ray

    Hi Andy
    I’ve ticked Other – I use Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security. it seems to work very well and their help desk is responsive. I bought it on the advice of an IT manager in a major international corporation and they use it in an enterprise situation.

    Until 4 years ago I used CA, Computer Associates – good when I first used it perhaps a decade earlier but it became bedevilled with problems and and their help, even at escalated senior levels was abysmal. This is a definite “Don’t buy” – Never!

    Regards and thanks; I appreciate your posts and offers.
    p.s. the results of the poll got stuck on ‘loading’ – bug somewhere??

    • Andy Williams Post author

      Thanks for the info Ray.
      Regarding the “stuck” issue, I am not sure. Maybe the plugin is conflicting somewhere. Your vote does not seem to have been recorded. I have made a change and hopefully it will work now.

  • Paul Ledsham


    I use Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) even though my broadband package includes McAfee at no extra cost. MSE is free (for personal use anyway) and it’s a Microsoft product (anti-virus) used to protect another Microsoft product (Windows) – for me that’s a no brainer.


  • Jerry Hancock

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the information on Bitdefender… I’ve never heard of it till you mentioned it. I’ve been using Avast! for the last 3 or 4 years, and I used to think it was the best on the market. Previously, I was using StopSign.com for a couple of years. It was able at that time to remove a nasty keylogger off of my pc which Microsoft Live One couldn’t get rid of. I found out about StopSign, it worked, so I dumped live One.

    I’ve also used Avast Total Support @ $179.00 per year, and the remote IT people working on my PC from time to time have been excellent, but I haven’t coughed up the renewal fees for several months now.

    I did not like at all the added feature Avast had (@ $29.95 a year) for Grime Fighter. And it seems Avast has changed some things around this past year as well.. My computer runs sluggish, but Malwarebytes finds no malware. I’m supposed to renew Avast in a few days, but instead, I’m going to try out BitDefender starting within the next few hours… It has a free 90 trial period as your link led me to find out about, so thanks for that too.

    • Andy Williams Post author

      Hi Jerry
      Yes, I switched from Avast to Bitdefender Trial, and my 90 day trial ran out a few days ago so I bought a 1 year license for 3 computers. I am very happy with it.

  • Sean

    Hi Andy,

    I use Avira, the free version and have had no problems. Which version of Bitdender did you go for – Internet Security or Total Security?

  • Sean

    BTW, did they offer you the buy one year get one year free offer, when you completed the 90 day trial?

  • rang smith

    Im now using bitdefender, i really like it, it runs quitely in the background with very few notifications (which i like) i will be renewing for another year when my present subscription runs out.

  • Keith Clay

    I use Bitdefender Family Pack. For $100 I get unlimited computers I can install. I have a central mgmt page where I can see what’s going on and schedule what’s need on each one. So I have all my family setup. I was using AVG but something was wrong with their billing activation code system so I had no virus software for weeks. I really like BD.

    Just bought you WordPress book on kindle and in the process of building a new site. Sitebuilder is hosting our current but using managed WordPress. Just found then before I found you. After reading your article on them I know I’ve made a good choice.

    As you do registrar and hosting separately, I also do dns separately for my business sites. EasyDNS is great.