Market Samurai SEO Competition 9

The Market Samurai SEO Competition module is extremely powerful in helping you decide on phrases that are worth your efforts to optimize.  The tool will show you your SEO competition, and tell you what you need to do to beat that competition. 

The Market Samurai SEO Competition module will show you a snap shot of the top 10 ranked websites for any phrase, with a breakdown of both on-page and off-page factors.  You can then dig deeper into the rankings if you wish, but looking at Page Rank of the pages linking to your competitors as well as the anchor text inbound links use.

Here is a video showing an overview of the SEO Competition module in Market Samurai.  And don’t forget, you can get a fully function trial of Market Samurai.

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9 thoughts on “Market Samurai SEO Competition

  • Con Van Dyk

    Excellent video and the info is just what I needed. BTW, the quality of the video was excellent. Thank you for your ongoing effort producing videos on Samurai, keep them coming.

  • Randy

    Hi Andy, as usual a good helpful vid. You said in the video that it helps your rankings if you can use your keyword within your url, right? Well in your example keyword it is a brand name, right? How do we use someones brand name in our URL? It’s not a good idea to do that is it?

    • Andy

      THere is not usually a problem using a brand name in the FILENAME of the webpage, I just wouldn’t use it in the domain name.

  • John Cowburn

    Hi Andy
    Excellent video!
    One thing that I am starting to realise is that if a keyword is at all competitive, it is rare for the top ten sites to have a domain age of less that 2 years.
    Which begs the question is there any point in starting a new website with a new domain unless you are in it for the very long haul – making money with a site under 2 years old would seem to be very difficult.
    So should we be buying aged domains? And does the age benefit of a site carry over to the new owner? or does it carry over if the focus of the site changes? What’s your view on this?
    And another question on the benefit of the keyword in the url – should this be in the top level of the domain? or can it be in a directory of a domain?

    • Andy

      Hi John
      I think if you are building sites, you should be in it for the long haul. Just concentrate on longer tail phrases to begin with, get some authority links to the site, and you can rank very well for “money” terms within a month or two. The key is finding the money terms as a lot of webmasters will go for phrases that have a lot of demand, but in reality are phrases people type in when looking for information.

      As for buying aged domains, I am no expert as I have not bought an aged domain, but my understanding of it is that Google sees a site as being “born” on the day it is first discovered.

  • Andy A

    Great vid as always Andy, Thanks for posting.

    I have over 25 sites all 3 years and older (one is nearly 5), and after reading this weeks newsletter, i really think i’m missing out on some opportunities with many of these clean dot com domains.

    I might just post my story one day if you’re interested? it could make an interesting read on how i got started in internet marketing, what mistakes i made, and where i’m at today. A lot of it would be typical stuff with the exception that here i am some 5 years later, still not hitting a comfortable income after being at it full time since day 1. Could even post it as an anonymous piece if you like with no reference to name or links to anywhere 😉 It might just start a conversation.

    Anyway, helping folks to help themselves, and in return helping yourself back is a healthy way to surround oneself with a neat little community of genuine online marketers.

    Thanks once again. Thoroughly enjoyed the vids this month.

    Andy (Thailand)

  • ben

    Hi Andy

    Nice video, definitely cleared a few things up for me. I was wondering if on pageo SEO and a few good links was enough to outrank an aged, perhaps authoritative domain that is only ranking in the top 10 because it is well.. aged and authoritative.

    A lot of keywords searches I have performed from the keyword research module (which show the competition may be low) end up having about 8 or 9 authoritative domains in the top 10 results, although upon inspection of the URL they don’t appear to be targeting that keyword specifically.

    Just wondered on your thoughs about this.


  • Leslie West

    I have bought Micro niche finder. I am using Market Samurai as a trial via The Challenge. I have run hundreds of searches and found a lot of good domain urls. I bought a bunch of domains using MNF and they were not very good as a whole. I have changed my search parameters to give a closer result with market samurai.
    I will buy MS.
    I was watching Andy’s tutorial and was once again astounded at his demonstration of a feature I had not used. Thanks Andy! I am still watching the rest of the tutorials. I expect to see more good stuff.

  • glen james

    I purchased both Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder and i personally just go for Micro Niche Finder as with this software i can upload a bunch of keywords which i have saved in a notepad file and get all the information i need to see if i go for a particular keyword or not. And what is great about Micro Niche Finder is that it actually gives you a green light for GO if the keyword you are targeting is ripe for the picking.

    I just find that i get a bit of information overload using Market Samurai but that is not to say it is not a great keyword tool because it is and well worth the investment