Ranking Without PageRank or Links

If you have read my Google Authority Sets eBook, you may still have a number of questions.  To answer the questions I received, I wrote another eBook, called Ranking Without Page Rank or Links.  In this eBook, I look at several of my pages on an old website of mine, and show their rankings.  This site hasn't had a lot of link building, yet in many cases, my pages outrank competitor pages that have higher Page Rank and more backlinks.   In the eBook, I try to explain how this is possible, and how you can achieve maximum punch with less effort.

NOTE: This eBook was written in February 2010 so is out of date. Despite that, the principles found inside this book are as valid today as they were more than 2 years ago, and so while some of the rankings shown in this book have slipped a little, many are still in the top 10 of Google.

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