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Back in July 2012, I started publishing on Amazon Kindle.  That journey has resulted in a substantial monthly income from my books.  I have been so impressed with the potential of Kindle publishing that I intend to devote a bigger chunk of my own time to this market.  I had even considered writing a piece of software to help me decide on the best books to write (i.e. those with big markets that are selling well in Kindle).  However, last week I saw an email promotion for something called the KD Suite.  I went to watch the video on the sales page and immediately bought it.  I’ve been playing with it ever since and I love it.

The “suite” contains three pieces of software:

1. KD Bestseller Analyzer – searches all ebooks on Kindle network.
2. KD Search Analyzer – Uncover hidden keywords in the niche.
3. KD eBook Marketer – helps you promote your book.

You also get two video training courses:

  1. Azon Profit System
  2. Azon Traffic System

Let’s look at the components of this suite, one by one.

The first piece of software is called the KD Bestsellers Analyzer.  Remember that software I nearly wrote for myself?  This software does all that and more.

IMPORTANT: Before I tell you about the tool, let me just say that each of the three tools need to be activated when you first run it.  You need to enter your name and email, then you get sent the activation code that needs to be inserted in the software to run it.  I did not receive my activation code for any of these tools, but there is an email address you can send a message to, and your code will be returned in seconds.  This worked for all tools, so if you have a problem activating, just look for the email address 😉

Let me show you the first tool.

KD Bestseller Analyzer


More video demonstrations are coming when I get time to record them.  However, for the next couple of days, this suite is on a 50% discount, so if you are interested, get it now.  I believe the sale ends on Thursday 20th June, but you can check out the countdown clock on the sales page to make sure.  You can also check out the video on the sales page to see what the other two pieces of software do.

Check out KD Suite here.

TIP: When you get to the sales page, watch the video and read the page.  Then, when you are ready to buy, close the page and you’ll get an exit popup.  Click “Stay on this page” and you’ll now also be offered a bunch of other bonuses in addition to the original ones.  I haven’t been through them yet, but there does look like some great stuff in there.

The limitation of the Bestseller Analyzer (at least the way I want to work), is that you can only search by Amazon categories.  I need to be able to search by keyword phrase, and that is where the next tool comes in.

KD Search Analyzer


The final piece of software in this suite is the eBook Marketer, designed to help you promote your Kindle books.  Let’s look at that.

KD eBook Marketer


Azon Profit System & Azon Traffic System

I am not going to be reviewing these courses in this review.

The Azon Profit system is an 18 (and growing) video course on how to create your first Kindle book and how to build a list of leads with Amazon traffic.  I haven’t been through it, but it does look really interesting and comprehensive.

The Azon Traffic system is a 7 video training course designed to build traffic to your Amazon books.  Again, I haven’t gone through this.

Finally, before I finish, I just wanted to remind you that when you go to the sales page, close the browser to get the popup, and STAY ON PAGE.  You will then be offered more bonuses, and one or two are excellent.  For example, there is a tool called Pin Inspector that allows you to do a lot of research on Pinterest.  I can see this one being really useful.  There is also the Amasuite package that contains the Azon Top 100 Analyzer, Azon Product Inspector, and Azon Keyword Generator software.  You may have heard of this before, especially if you are an Amazon affiliate.  It’s a pretty useful set of tools.

OK, that’s it.  I highly recommend the KD Suite to anyone that writes (or hopes to write) Kindle books.  You can read about it on the KD Suite sales page.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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25 thoughts on “KD Suite”

  1. Thanks Andy – I’ve been looking for a program like this and again you’ve helped out!

    Already ordered the software and will begin using ASAP. . .



  2. I purchased the KD Suite tonight because Andy does good videos. I could have purchased directly from Guindon since I had purchased other products from him. However the productpay.com fulfillment system absolutely sucks. I did not get my bonus downloads because the bonus page got closed before I could get all the membership BS set up and then back to the download page. As opposed to other systems such as JVZoo where you get download information and login information from them, productpay sucks your money and does not much else. And they have no way to contact them without setting up another account with them just to send a support ticket. Plus they hide behind Domains by Proxy owned by Godaddy.com. What kind of legitimate fulfillment company needs to hide their registration information. I have contacted Guindon directly about this and I am sure Dave will make it right. But what a pain in the butt process. If you purchase from productpay.com just be forwarned to download everything first then worry about any membership BS.

    You can bet none of Dr Andy’s membership sites worked like this. I know because I bought a lot of his products.

      1. Andy You are welcome. Your software has always worked out of the box without a lot of bugs. And the very few that came up you fixed right away. Your courses were right on the mark too. For what it is worth, Dave got about 5 emails from me tonight so maybe he will rethink his choice of fulfillment companies.

        The KD Bestseller analyzer was worth the hassle of getting it and getting it activated. I have played with it for about 3 hours tonight. My niche I was writing in is a real loser for making money. The fiction, adventure, romance are really hot now. I have one more herb book to do and then will start working on my fiction book which I have started mind mapping in xMind.

        One of the other interesting things i noticed tonight is that you don’t have to have a lot of reviews to get into the low numbers on paid Kindle where the big bucks start to flow. I saw one book in self help with only 22 reviews but a rank of 907 overall. The money was rolling. Like Mark Coker says at Smashwords. Write a really good book first. The reviews and sales will come if the book is good enough to get a lot of word of mouth advertising.

        I also noted there is a time to raise your price up to make more money and then lower it to make more money depending on your ranking in paid kindle. Very useful piece of software. Now let’s see if we can get Dave to fix the bugs and add Barnes and Noble to the software. Would be worth a paid upgrade for me to get B&N added.

  3. Bought the KDP suite yesterday. Very pleased with it so far, ‘though haven’t looked at everything. Completely agree with Marshall.

  4. Addendum to my comment about productpay.com. I decided to request a refund on the Book Cover Pro after trying it out. It just was not for me. Productpay refunded my money within two hours of my request and it was back in my PayPal account in less than 4 hours. That is what I call good service. The main difference between productpay and jvzoo ius that productpay only sends out the user and account login information on the first product purchased from them. JVZoo sends it out with each product purchased. I keep all that stuff in a database and apparently did not get the productpay info into the DB from the first email. That was my bad. But I used their password reset function to change my password. That process also worked easily. So it is not all bad.

    I played with the KD Bestseller software until very early this morning. Too bad I did not have this analyzer before wasting my time writing a book on growing herbs. But then I would not have learned to make good quality book covers in gimp, xara extreme and eCover Pro. Nor would I have learned how to make a word template for kindle that has all my formatting on the quick format bar when the template is used. I would not have learned how to research better than I did before writing. And I would not have met so many nice people. The journey has been worth it.

  5. Andy

    You mention in your latest video getting in touch with people and offering to send them a copy of your Kindle book in return for an honest review. But, is it okay to do this? Does Amazon accept reviews from people who have not actually bought the Kindle book on Amazon? Would very much appreciate your thoughts on this as I had presumed Amazon would only accept or take note of reviews which arise as a result of a purchase.

    1. Linda
      There is no problem with doing this. A lot of authors do and it is standard procedure in publishing to give out review copies. I would probably ask the reviewer to mention they were given a review copy in the review though, as Amazon are clamping down on what they see as “fake” reviews.

  6. Thanks for the reviews Andy, it helped, just bought it and this is going to help jump start me to get moving on Kindle. I have a lot in place, stuff most would probably kill for, lol

  7. Hi Andy

    Thanks for making all the excellent videos and giving us this great review. Am definitely buying this as soon as I finish writing this 🙂

    Re the keyword search analyzer tool.

    You said you are going to identify a good niche for a kindle book and then build a website around that niche as well and from that website you hope to get trafic and will then sell your book through Amazon Kindle.

    Will you be using this tool for your keyword research for the kindle book and website?


  8. I was hesitant about buying this, but finally did mainly because when Andy says these tools should help him ramp up his own Kindle publishing business, I know he means it. I am a big fan of Dr Andy’s products, and WCS has remained the most useful tool I have ever purchased as I test my hands in IM.

    So why was I hesitant about KD Suite? The claim on the sales page about using legal loophole simply stopped me on the track. Was it not loophole exploits that got many Google slapped?

    I am yet to install the software as I do not have an immediate plan to use it. I am however hoping Andy, as you have given the tools a good test drive, that you may be able to give us some reassurance that the legal loophole is not something we will eventually as it proliferates, get us kindle slapped!

    1. Jeff
      I hadn’t even read the sales page when I bought the software suite. I just checked and the “loophole” they are referring to is a method of linking to your book to help it rank better. There is nothing underhand about this technique – it’s just a way of linking to an Amazon search results page which only shows your book. It’s been shown to help it rank higher. If it is something that worries you, you can avoid it, but I don’t see anything wrong with the technique that might cause problems. When a lot of marketers use the word “loophole”, they expect that word to excite the reader and encourage the sale, but my newsletter readers have come to be wary of that word. 🙂

  9. As regards the magic link showing ONLY your book, in my case, 3 others are shown just under mine together with a clickable link to show 278 others. No doubt the example Dave showed was a less competitive niche.

    That was one disappointment but the main one for me was when I used the Google shortened link and clicked the Pin It button, (Promo Accelerator) the link is changed into a more general Amazon one which means that nobody sees my book! No advantage at all for me but plenty for Amazon.

    When I used the shortened link manually on my Pinterest boards, they refused to accept it as shortened links are very suspect in their eyes.

    I have written to support at KDS about the above 2 problems with Pinterest but do not expect much joy.

    As regards the Review Sniper, I have sent about 20 emails and I have had 6 people who have agreed to do reviews. That is encouraging and shows that the software is reasonably efficient. It still requires a lot of sifting as I found that the results are a bit skewed as there are reviewers who do not list my niche in their interests so I wonder how accurate it is?

    Have not tried the other two modules so am reserving overall judgement. I still think it is an extremely useful piece of software and will not be asking for a refund as I aso like the bonuses. Especially the PIN inspector.

  10. Has anyone else noticed the categories shown in the Bestseller Analyzer do not match exactly to what is shown in the Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks

    Take a look and you will see what I mean. Look at nonfiction and compare to the software. Or do a filter in the category section. I have turned in a support ticket about this to see what they say.

    The other thing is my KDP dashboard categories do not match what is shown under Kindle eBooks Categories either. I have sent a support request to KDP about this too. Will let you know what they say.

    If the software is reasonably accurate and I believe it is, not being able to access the categories it shows as profitable in the KDP dashboard is not helpful.

  11. Thanks for the great review Andy!
    I just have 1 question with regards to this software: Are you running the software on a Max? If so, how did you go about the installation? Are you using any virtualization software + windows?
    I’m new to running windows on a mac so was wondering if you had any thoughts on wat’s the best solution (in terms of cost and ease of installation/use) to accomplish this.
    I have an old windows pc which I could use to run the software but would prefer to use my mac to have all my software and files on one machine.
    Thanks again for the review!

  12. Bought KD Suite last Wednesday after reading your review – unfortunately I’m still waiting for my activation codes. It obviously never comes through automatically and I’ve emailed them 4 times now and they completely ignore me.

    I don’t want to ask for a refund, I actually want to use the product but so far I’ve just got a piece of useless software sitting on my hard drive.

    I can’t believe that they just ignore you fos 5 days.

    1. Have you tried sending the email to the email address they give you if verification does not come through? Do that and they do send it back immediately. If you don’t then try sending from a different email address. Oh, and make sure there is some text in the subject and body.

      1. That’s exactly what I’ve done 4 times.

        I haven’t tried a different email address because I would have assumed that the activation code is linked to the email address used when I signed up.

  13. I got my verification codes thru opening up the bestseller and using the link there to request the verification codes. One code will enable all the softwares.

    Try the help desk at http://helpdesklab.net/ or contact dave at [email protected] If you don’t get a response. I suspect they are busy with some requested feature improvements.

    Also suggest you start using a database to hold all the different software codes, PayPal or other purchase emails, and so on. I have one I have used since 2000 and it is a real life saver. Based on old MS Access 97 but it still cranks out the results.

  14. Glenn Korbel

    Hi Andy,

    I was watching your videos–I believe it was the first–when you revisted children’s books for the second time. On that occassion it looked like a profitable potential niche but when you checked out the details of the book (and this happens
    FREQUENTLY) you’ll notice the book is a Kindle Book that has been previously been published by a major publishing house like McGraw Hill, Macmillan, Or Knoff and the author has a huge following.

    Do you interpret that as an indicator that there is interest in that niche or do you take the authors who have been published by the major houses out of the mix and see how the niche looks with books that only have been published by Kindle. In your case the author of those three children’s-biology book is the Stephen King of the genre.

    What inferences do you draw about the niche then–do you dig down 20 or 50 deep to see how profitable it looks?

    1. Glenn
      I hadn’t thought of that – great point. You will always need to do due diligence on this type of research. For me, the fact that the person was an author with a history of traditional publishing may or may not impact my decision. I’d check to see if more than one author was having success in the niche (ie if there are other authors whose books have sales ranks below 10,000. I’d also try to see whether people are buying the book because of the author, or, because of what is covered in the book. I’d have to weigh it all up before making a decision.

  15. Hello. im guy french

    I want to know if the software can analyse for all with Amazon.fr ?

    Can change com to fr on the software please ?

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