Customizr Pro – A Great Responsive WordPress Theme

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It seems that a lot of my website visitors like the WordPress theme I am currently using on the site.  The theme is called Customizr Pro, and it really is very highly customizable.  If there is something you would like to change, there is probably a way to do it within the customize screen.  If you get stuck, there is also great support from the author of the theme.

I recorded a video to show you around the backend of the theme, and how to customize the appearance of a site using the theme.

If you want to try out the theme, there is a free version available.  It’s not quite as powerful as the version I show in the video, but it may be all you need.


If you want to try the free version, click through to the demo site and you’ll get a download link.

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15 thoughts on “Customizr Pro – A Great Responsive WordPress Theme”

  1. So which theme are you using on this site? On your sidebar it says “ezSEONews Uses: and then I see an ad for Studiopress.

    1. Good catch Dianne. I had been using a Genesis child theme from Studiopress until recently. When I switched to Customizr Pro, I forgot to update that banner. It’s now updated.

  2. Hello Dr. Andy,

    I’m one of the ones who like your theme. Especially the comment boxes. I don’t believe I ever mentioned that.

    I use Artisteer to generate my own themes. You can do some fairly spectacular stuff with it, but it is a generation behind what is available with current bought themes.

    I had not had any experience with purchased themes until this past August when I helped a guy to move from a freebie web host to WordPress. I found and set up the Magaziner Theme for him.

    For his purposes, a fan site, I think it’s great. Not too much of a learning curve to set up. But like I said I had never worked with this before. All sorts of built in buttons and switches for simple customization.

    Since my last site HostGator had changed up their WordPress setup some. That was a little disquieting. More, seems like before when I’d make a change to a widget it would be available immediately. Now I see it is not. Takes awhile on its own. Or, only becomes visible after you update a post or page. Strange! That gave me fits for awhile until I figured it out.

    WordPress in general has come a long way in the last year or two. Much more friendly, quicker and easy to use.

    The link to Captain Zant’s gee whiz site is included with in my name if you want to go look. The link above has the seller demo.

    One hint. I needed to put a background behind a sidebar in my next site. After much lookings I found that it was HARD! No way was I going to go into the innards of the php to do that, etc… and then I found the answer to the maiden’s prayer.

    If you have need to do something fancier with a sidebar widget you NEED this: Black Studio TinyMCE Widget …. A WYSIWYG widget designer. Like, if you wanted to put a link in a text widget. ANYTHING you need. Works just like Tiny MCE. It’s free, stupid simple, and massively useful.

    1. Hey Norm
      Do you have a CDN configured with your site, or caching plugin? These can prevent widgets appearing straight away. If it is a caching plugin, clearing the cache can make it appear immediately.

  3. Hi Andy

    I’ve been using ThriveThemes with Thrive Content Builder and Thrive Leads. They have a number of themes, all are responsive and when combined with their content builder and their lead system, it all looks great and works very well. They also provide excellent support and are always updating and adding value. Their overall focus is conversion based websites.



    1. Thanks Steve
      I tried the Content Builder but found it very buggy. Maybe I should take another look to see if things have been sorted out.

  4. Hello Dr. Andy,
    Great demo video of Customizr Pro. I used the free version before but never saw a features demo of the Pro version, so thanks for creating one..
    My favorite theme is Parabola by Cryout Creations

    They only have a free version but do offer great support for a low cost donation. I sent in a donation but have never needed the support. I find it easier to customize than Customizr. I prefer it as you can choose one of 14 color schemes that changes the colors, fonts and layout . It also has easier font control than Customizr and overall more features in a free theme than any other theme I have used. Both paid and free.

    They are constantly improving it with updates and improvements. You can pretty much make Parabola look like anything you want and its hard to tell it is Parabola. I can also export a set up and import it into another Parabola install so that save a lot of timee.

    Just like you I used to use Genesis framework but found their themes difficult to customize and I had to use a lot of plugins to make customization. I don’t think they have kept up with the trend to make themes easier to customize so I don’t use them any more.

    I own the whole Studiopress library of themes as well as as lifetime access to the entire Elegant Themes and Divi plus many more themes I have purchased. So I have a lot of choices. But after using them all I prefer Parabola. It is so easy to use and feature rich and fast that I think I will stay with it.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Charles. Yes, I still use Studiopress on some sites, but generally have moved away from them for the same reasons as yourself.

  5. Linda Peppin

    Hi Andy.

    I started using Customizr Pro a few months ago and love the way it looks and find it easy to customise.

    However, I don’t know if it is coincidental but the in the last couple of months I have been hacked a few times with eroneous files turning up in my folder structure. I now change my (strong) passwords every couple of weeks but I still find odd .asp files turning up. #

    Have you had any security issues since moving to Customizr?

    Also, I notice you have a good Cookie notification popping up. I’ve not seen this option within Customizr which one are you using?


    1. No Linda I haven’t had any security issues with Customizr Pro, but with any theme you should be securing your install. I use WP-Secure as a first line of defence (search this site for details).
      The Cookie popup is a plugin. There are several so search the plugin repository for one you like.

  6. Hi Andy. On the customizr pro, I am trying to put my header and tagline text under my logo centered? it says that adding your logo usually causes the header and tagline to not be visible. They were correct, the text does not show, but the logo does. I just switched from a godaddy website tonight to a wordpress site and am currently test driving several themes (I am currently trying out “Senses which is limiting compared to customizr pro”) before I make my choice and add my entire contents.

    I have an existing wordpress site. I am not as proficient as I want like to be with wordpress, though I stumbled through setting this one up with no help. I run my own business single handedly and get frustrated researching the sparse internet offerings on learning wordpress. I just found you about 5 days ago and have already learned a lot more by watching your online training video’s and reading your book than other means of learning I have used in the past.

    Thanks, Morgance

  7. Hi
    Is this theme Adsense optimized? Does it have display ad space?

  8. Ryan McCain

    Hello. I’m currently taking your WordPress course on udemy and it’s great. Anyways, I have a question. Why did you choose the current theme you’re using on this site rather than Hueman? I know they’re made by the same company. I’m deciding between the two currently. Thank you

    1. Mainly because Customizr Pro was available a few years ago, Hueman wasn’t. I like both themes, and have used Hueman on my site.

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