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Cute FTP is perhaps one of the best known FTP clients. Now in version 3, I figured it was time I reviewed Cute FTP to see what all the fuss was about. Is Cute FTP as good as it is made out to be?

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What does FTP stand for?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is a language that has been built to enable two computers to talk to one another so that files can be moved from one to the other across the internet.
FTP client software is needed when uploading your web pages to the internet.

Cute FTP Pro

I always loved the early versions of Cute FTP because of the site manager. Again, here in version 3, Cute FTP Pro has an intuitive and easy to use Site Manager which allows you to group your FTP sites into categories so that you can find them easily.

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New in version 3 include:

  • numerous security features including transfers over SSH2 connections
  • password protection features
  • automation & scripting
  • Improved file and folder management
  • Better transfer recovery
  • Greater tolerance for non-standard ftp servers
  • New graphics & toolbar icons
  • Revamped menus & dialogue boxes

OK, many of you are not interested in most of these features. You want to know what Cute FTP Pro is like to use, right?

Cute FTP Pro is a joy to use. Not only is it intuitive, but a host of powerful features makes it my new favourite (dragging me away from my old copy of WS_FTP which I have been using for years). Some of my favourite features of Cute FTP Pro are: scheduled trransfers, FTP file & folder synchronization, compressing uploads, resuming broken transfers, verification of the integrity of transferred files and site to site transfers to name but a few. These powerful features are found in many of todays FTP clients software, but none have the finness & grace of Cute FTP Pro.

As if the FTP features of Cute FTP Pro weren't enough, it also comes with a built in HTML editor. While this feature is basic, it can save time for last minute editing of files ON THE SERVER. Yes, this HTML editor was introduced so that webmasters can make quick changes to HTML documents on the server without having to download them to your own PC. A great feature.

How much does it cost?

Cute FTP comes in several different versions. The main two are the standard version and the Pro version. Prices at the time of this review were:

Standard version – $39.99

Pro version – $59.95

For a limited time though, Cute FTP can be bought at 30% discount by using the links on this page. If you get there and the prices are listed as above, you are too late. This review was posted on 16th November 2003.

Mac FTP Client

Only the Windows version has been tested, but Cute FTP comes as a Mac FTP client too. If it is as good as the Windows version, then Mac users should definitely buy this software. Why not try the free trial?

Based on the Windows version of Cute FTP Pro
Easily the most intuitive and powerful FTP client I have tried.

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