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If you are looking for Whiteboard Animation Software without monthly fees or royalties to pay Easy Sketch Pro is a good option.  At the time of writing the tool only costs $29, so I decided to put it to the test.

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Easy Sketch Pro 2

What I liked

  • Interface is quite intuitive, meaning you’ll be up and running in minutes.
  • Final videos are a reasonably good quality.
  • A range of clipart is included.
  • Sketch to video feature.

What I didn’t like

  • There are currently a few bugs in the software.  It was due for release in the third week of November, but they brought the release forward 10 days.  I wish they would have delayed the release to make sure the bugs were ironed out first.  However, having said that, after reading their Facebook page, it does seem like they tend to get updates out quite regularly, so it should not be long before the issues are fixed. Since the software is currently reduced from $147 to just $29, II  highly recommend you get it now before they put the price up.  Remember, their nearest rivals charge a monthly subscription for this type of tool.

Want more information on Easy Sketch Pro 2?

Head on over to their website for details.

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2 thoughts on “Easy Sketch Pro 2 Review

  • Morten Mikkelsgaard

    Just bought Easy Sketch Pro 2 based on your review, and I have to say this software is the most unfinished thing I have ever downloaded and installed on my mac. Right down to the app icon itself, which looks like it’s made for an arcade game of the eighties… That said, it seem to have potential to become quite good, but a LOT of work is needed first. IMO – this software should definitely not have been released yet. Impossible to use for client work, as the boards, placement of objects, settings etc. are not the same when saved and opened again. Some of pictures of the hands are clearly edited too much, the skin tones washed out and doesn’t look good at all.

    It’s cheap (for now), but it’s not usable either if you ask me. The experience might be better in Windows, The app is clearly not designed with mac OS X in mind. It’s got a very unfamiliar GUI.

    • Andy Williams Post author

      I did mention that there were a few bugs, though many have been fixed since my review video. I cannot speak about the Mac version as I am a PC user predominantly, though I agree the interface is not very Mac-like. Having said that, far too often software is released as PC only, so this un-Mac-like version is better than no version at all.