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Over the Christmas period, I had a chance to play with Explaindio video creator.  If you haven’t heard of it, where have you been living?  It was one of the most hyped up video creators of 2014, hot in the footsteps of VideoMaker FX and Easy Sketch Pro 2 (if you are interested, you can read my Easy Sketch Pro 2 review).

I was actually going to buy and review Video Maker FX, but I heard about the imminent release of Explaindio, so held off on that.  As it turns out, Explaindio is a kind of hybrid of the two, and will probably mean me switching from Easy Sketch Pro 2 to Explaindio, as it’s just a lot more versatile.

To help you show it’s versatility, I recorded a few short videos:

Video 1 – Getting Started with Explaindio

Video 2 – Working with Explaindio Slides

Video 3 – Explaindio Sketch Slides

Video 4 – Explaindio Audio

Final Thoughts

There is no doubting the versatility of this tool for creating videos.  One issue I do have is that everyone using this tool will be using the same avatars (characters built into the slides).  One way around this would be to use a tool like Macot.ly which allows you to create a virtually unlimited number of characters for your videos.  I did buy Mascot.ly to test it out with Explaindio, so if anyone is interested in seeing a video tutorial on using that with Explaindio, leave a comment below and let me know.

The only real problem I encountered with Explaindio was the bug with the audio in preview.  This only affected the MP3 music audio, not the voice-over which played correctly in the preview.  I am waiting to hear what customer support says about this problem.


The customer support got back to me within 30 minutes of my support request.  That’s pretty good.  The good news is that there isn’t a bug in the software, just me, using it incorrectly.  When you add audio to a slide, you need to check the Play with Music checkbox at the bottom of the preview window:


When you do this, the audio MP3 does indeed play with the preview.

Overall, if you want to create engaging videos QUICKLY and without the learning curve of professional video creation tools, Explaindio might be a good match for you.

Importing Mascot.ly mascots into Explaindio video creator:

Check out Explaindio here

Learn more about Mascot.ly here



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5 thoughts on “Explaindio Video Creator Review

  • Mark

    Hi there Andy,

    I appreciate you taking the time to make these tutorials and provide a seemingly unbiased

    And whaddaya know? It’s even is Mac compatible!

    I’m hoping their scarcity by-line where they tell people to hurry before it goes ‘subscription’ rather than a one-off payment is either a ploy, or, it doesn’t turn into a subscription-based product anytime soon.

    Thanks again Andy!


  • Joseph

    Just quick FYI – I had seen your review and of Easy Sketch Pro 2 and my interest almost immediately lead me to the new Explaindio, which I bought instead as it was effectively “2 products in 1” for the same price or less. I have been using now for 2 months to create perhaps 2 dozen business projects and even revamped old ski trip slides into organized presentations for ski friends. Unlike many of the subsequent ultra-hyped products it works very well if you put in the time to do it right. And the customer support has been FAR GREATER and better than most highly priced software packages. I’m still shocked using it that I paid like $27 or $32 for it on early release. They were upgrading it with new features for free almost daily for a few weeks after.

    AND the Facebook Community for the product has been terrific – just another freebie. I suggest the only warning I would offer your subscribers is that they will be overwhelmed with other related and some unrelated offers from not only the builders of Explaindio, but others.

    https://www.youtube.com/c/namada never had a channel before. It’s addictive 😉

    • Andy Williams Post author

      Sorry James, I don’t know of alternatives, but I think there probably are some. Do a search on Google for “video avatars” or something like that.