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Funnel Flux is a new software tool developed by Vita Vee for tracking conversions of visitors as they progress through your site.  If you use funnels on your site, then you need to see this tool in action.  You WILL be blown away.  I bought Funnel Flux last week and have to say that I don’t know of any tool (at any price), that can compare to the features Funnel Flux.


For those that aren’t too sure what a funnel is, let me explain.  We’ll then have a look at Funnel Flux in action.

When a visitor arrives on your site, they are entering your “funnel”.  Do they click onto another page, or subscribe to your newsletter?  Do they click through on an affiliate link and buy, or leave that sales page without purchasing?  What they do next is anyone’s guess, unless you have sophisticated tracking installed on your site.  Google Analytics can help to a certain degree, but when you pay for traffic, you need to know exactly what your visitor is doing on your site.  You need to know specific pages where you tend to lose visitors, or parts of the funnel that convert better than others.  You need to know which keywords convert in your campaigns, which sources of traffic work and which don’t and even the demographics of the buyers and the tire-kickers.

Funnels can be simple or complex, but often include multiple branches to test what works best.  Let’s look at an example funnel.



I am not suggesting the above funnel is a good one, I am just using this as an example to illustrate my point.  In reality, this above diagram would probably illustrate an early experiment in designing a site funnel, to work out what works best.

Using that diagram as our example, let’s suppose you have traffic coming in from two traffic sources – Bing and Facebook ads.

You want to create a funnel to get the best possible conversion rate from that traffic, so you need to test to see what converts the traffic best.   The diagram above has four separate paths.

  1. To a short pre-sell page, that links to a second pre-sell page which encourages the “buy now”, linking to the offer page.
  2. Directly to the offer page.
  3. To a long-sales page which encourages the visitors to “buy now”, linking to the offer page.
  4. To a video sales page, which has a buy now button to the offer.

The traffic coming into this funnel will be split equally, so visitors have a one-in-four chance of going along any particular path.

Assuming you can track every detail of your visitors, what will this funnel tell you?

Here are some of the things:

  • Does Bing traffic convert better than Facebook, or vice versa?
  • What countries convert best with this offer?
  • Are the buyers predominantly male or female?
  • What age group are buying?
  • What percentage of visitors sent through route (1) get to the presell 2 page?  What percentage get to the offer?  What percentage buy?
  • Does the long sales letter convert better than shorter pre-sell pages linked together, or does a video sales letter perform better?
  • Which parts of this funnel have the biggest drop out rate?
  • The exact route taken by a visitor, including all of the pages they visit in the order visited.

Knowing this kind of information is powerful.  You can then modify your funnels to remove non-converting elements and enhance those that are converting.  Knowing this kind of data will allow you to turn unprofitable campaigns into highly profitable ones.  This is where Funnel Flux excels.

Features of Funnel Flux

  • Point and click interface allows you to visually design your funnels.  Here is a screenshot of a funnel during the design stage:
    See the video further down for a demonstration of this interface.
  • Track sales, email optins, and more.
  • Track funnels across multiple traffic sources.
  • Filter out traffic coming from bots.
  • Fantastic heatmaps to show you funnel bottlenecks for each traffic source, country and /or many other metrics.  This will give you the power to find the best marketing channels and eliminate the expensive duds.  There are heatmaps for conversion rate, revenue and others.
  • Track visitors by 40 different indicators including device, location, etc
  • Track conversions in your email marketing campaigns.
  • Conditional rules allow you to create multi-path funnels to cater, for example, for people coming in from different countries.  Your offer not available to those in Australia?  Then send Australian traffic through a different branch of your funnel.
  • Powerful statistics allowing you to track everything.  You have to see this to believe what is possible.
  • POWERFUL TECHNOLOGY allows you to actually collect conversion data from your competitor’s website, allowing you to quickly test a market.  Be warned, this would be considered by many to be Black Hat, but it is so powerful.
  • Self-hosted means your data is private.  Funnel Flux is fast and can be run from cheap, shared hosting allowing tens of thousands of clicks per day.  Inexpensive $15 hosting can handle 1 million clicks per day.

Funnel Flux in Action

Funnel Flux is very powerful.

If you visit the sales page here, scroll down a little and you’ll find a video where you can watch the Visual Funnel Builder in action.  If you’ve used other funnel trackers, I think you’ll be very impressed with the way Funnel Flux allows you to create funnels.

What particularly impresses me about Funnel Flux is the statistics offered by the program.  Here is a great video showing more on the stats, with particular emphasis on the use of built in heatmaps.

How does Funnel Flux compare to the other tools out there?

Vita recorded a video where he sets up a funnel in Funnel Flux, and Voluum (an expensive alternative).  This video is quite long, so if you don’t want to watch it all, I do recommend you watch from minute 17:25 as the end of the video highlights some great features of Funnel Flux.

Using Funnel Flux to Check out New Markets BEFORE Investing your Time

Funnel Flux has an amazing ability to let you test a market before you go to the trouble of setting up landing pages.  It’s quite simple….

You check out the conversion rates of your competitors.  Check out this video by Vita Vee:

If you use funnels, do check out Funnel Flux.  It’s an incredible tool that puts total power into your hands.  Vita is very responsive, and actively working to add new features to Funnel Flux.

It's important to realize that Vita isn't a developer creating a product for a market.  He is a developer that is creating a tool for himself, and offering it to the market.  That means he has a vested interest in making Funnel Flux the best it can be.  I highly recommend it, and hope to publish some of my own results soon.  I only bought it last week, so haven't got enough data to share.


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2 thoughts on “Funnel Flux review

  • Dale Reardon


    Does it perform the basic functions of a link tracker / link cloaker as well? Such as that offered by the script MyClickBoss.

    Just not clear if you create links in the software for those purposes too.


  • Norm

    Hello Dr. Andy,
    I got the mail from Vita Vee as well. I haven’t seen him around in forever. I’m not a candidate for his funnel like I would have been in earlier times. However, it was good to see that he’s still alive and kicking. That was one selling mail I was glad to get just to hear from him. He was probably about the first guru worth anything I ever had followed by the Adsense 100K guys. I don’t hear much out of them any longer either. Between them they taught me the basics of internet marketing.

    If a fellow would be into that stuff, I can say that I never knew Vita Vee to give a bum steer. It’s harder than he makes it look, but then what ain’t about making money the internet way? It’s like work.

    Super thanks for the bug update necessitated by friend Google the other day for WCS, btw. It was brought home to me once again that productive articles aren’t about chasing keywords. It’s about using WCS to *find* the right words. Works every time it’s tried! Recently I repaid a favor to an FB pal by spotlighting his site on one of mine using WCS to write the arkle. Guess what? My page comes up above his website for any relevant search you care to make including the name of his site.

    Got a new fiction series of books out about life starting 89 years after the end of computers. Civilization too. Two years in the making… and the first four books are on the market brand new as of this past weekend. Been boning up on FB book advertising…which I have not done to date. I have a plan. Heh heh.

    Your bestest fan in Cowchip/AL