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I am always on the lookout for new Kindle publishing tips as I continue with my own “side-career” as an author on Amazon Kindle.  I currently have 7 books on sale now, with an 8th one that is a “bundle” containing both of my SEO books as a single, cheaper download.  Anything that can help me better promote these (and future) books is worth investing in.

I cannot remember where I heard about the Kindle Bestsellers Secrets course by Derek Doepker, but I nearly didn’t buy it because it is being sold on the Warrior Forum.  Ever since Clickbank tightened its regulations, there seems to be more and more crap appearing over on the Warrior forum.

Derek’s course is put together very professionally.  The course itself is contained in a membership site that includes videos, PDFs and MP3 audio files.  Most of this can be downloaded to your own computer.

The Main Course

image The course is made up of 6 main modules that I’ll describe in a moment, plus 4 bonuses (we’ll also look at these further down this review).  Most of the content is delivered as video, so if you don’t like learning from video, this will be a problem for you.  There is a main PDF that covers all of the main points of the course, but you are missing out if you don’t watch the videos.

Module 1 of the course is called “Success Secrets” consisting of 5 lessons totaling nearly two hours of video.  These lessons are not so much about Kindle publishing as they are about business mentality – roadblocks, motivation, innovation, success, failure and money.  This module certainly gets the message across that success is achieved through hard work, but through that work, anything is possble.  That is something I think a lot of people need to hear.  For so long now, we have been bombarded with products promising to make you rich while you click a few buttons on your computer, sitting on a beach, drinking cold beer.  Although you won’t learn much about Kindle publishing in this first module, it is well worth listening to so you know the reality of creating a business.

Module 2 of the course is called “Research” and consists of 3 lessons. The first video looks at the research you need to be doing BEFORE you start writing.  Research is a very important part of your work as an author, after all, there is no point writing about a topic if no one is interested in buying books in that niche.  Once you know what niche you want to write in, the second lesson (an article) talks about how you can get ideas for your books.  The final lesson in this module is the authors “proven formula” for coming up with ideas for books that will sell well.

Module 3 is called “Book Setup” and consists of 2 lessons.  The first looks at how to structure (and format) your book to maximize conversion rates.  The second lesson in this module is about converting your book to Kindle format.  The author actually uses a Fiverr gig to do this, so you won’t be learning how to do that yourself.  I am not sure why people don’t tackle the formatting themselves.  Perhaps it’s horror stories they’ve heard from other authors, but I can tell you now, you do not need to hire someone to format your book for you (or buy a tool to do it).  Formatting the book is a quick process if your book is in Word or OpenOffice format.  I cover all of this in my own Kindle Publishing Guide (available as a Kindle book on Amazon).

Module 4 is called “Cover Creation” and looks at ways you can create covers for your books.  He also covers outsourcing this.  Once of the best parts of this module is his video tutorials showing how to use GIMP (a great free graphics tool), to replicate the covers of his own books.  If you want to create your covers yourself, you’ll love these tutorials. There are also some good resources listed here for finding free fonts for your covers.

Module 5 of the course is called “Publishing” and consists of a single lesson walking you through the process of uploading your book to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Module 6 of the course is called “Marketing” and looks at ways you can promote your book to increase sales.  There are a total of 9 lessons in this section, and some of them are ideas I haven’t tried myself.  Derek provides you with lists of sites that can help promote your books, including those free book promotion sites, Facebook fan pages and press releases.  Overall, this is the module I enjoyed the most.

OK, so the course is quite comprehensive.  I’d have liked to see a more comprehensive coverage of book formatting, but hey, the author hires that out for $5 a shot, so that is what he teaches here.


The bonuses that come with this course are actually very useful.

The first bonus is a mini-case study showing data from the launch of one of his own books.

The second bonus is a set of 3 video interviews with Kindle authors that are quite successful.  These interviews are not an afterthought. The first is nearly 88 minutes long, the second 27 minutes and the third one 34 minutes.  These authors tell their story and offer great advice to anyone starting out on Kindle Publishing.

The third bonus is called “DIY Bestseller” and is a set of 10 video tutorials.  I guess this course was a product that was previously sold and is now being offered as a bonus.  The hosts for this course are Justin Popovic and Brad Gosse, looking at how to create and publish your own bestseller. This course touches on outsourcing the writing of your books as an option and tells you where you can do this for a good price.  While this course seems to be less about Kindle and more about publishing in general, there is a lot of really interesting information.

The fourth bonus is “Video SEO”, and it’s a link to a product called Video SEO Firestorm.  I cannot say any more than that as I haven’t looked at it (it requires you to sign up for someone else’s list).

In Closing….

Derek’s course is great for anyone that likes learning through videos.  There is a lot of information in here that will help you as a Kindle author.  Overall, the bias in this course is towards non-fiction books, but you will still learn a lot if you are going the fiction route.

If you want to read more about this course, you can read the sales page on the Warrior Forum.  Overall, I liked it and did learn a few nuggets that made it worth my while.

Alternatives to this course?

The best course on Kindle publishing in my opinion is still the monster “Kindling Course” by Geoff Shaw, though that is considerably more expensive.  Geoff’s course is still the material I myself turn to if I have a question. Also, if you are tight on money, my own Kindle Publishing – Format, Publish & Promote Your Books on Kindle will show you the exact steps I took on my own Kindle publishing journey and this covers everything from formatting to promoting.

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3 thoughts on “Kindle Bestsellers Secrets

  • Allan Starling

    A very comprehensive review. I’m definitely going to check into it. I already read both of your Kindle books and found them extremely helpful in publishing my book.
    I noticed one little “oops” above. You say: “Overall, the bias in this course is towards non-fiction books, but you will still learn a lot if you are going the non-fiction route like myself.” I take it you intended to say his bias is toward fiction books. Is that correct?

    • Andy Williams

      Thanks for the typo Allan.
      I meant to say the bias is towards non-fiction so not sure why I ended the sentence like that. I’ve updated the review. Note: Goeff’s course has a fiction bias.

  • Carole

    This is a great course and very good value. Have you seen the recent webinar which Derek is promoting?

    It’s from John Tighe of Crush it with Kindle – I thought it strange as Derek seems to be handing it over to John and will be losing out but he seems to think the offer at the end of the webinar is so good it justifies him doing this 🙂

    Love to know what you all think of it.