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In my newsletter #338, I asked you if you were fed up with Google and looking for a new direction online – one where Big G couldn’t just wave it’s wand to destroy your business.

Incidentally, I am keeping everyone updated on my own Kindle successes on a Kindle Journey Facebook page I created.  It’ll tell you a weekly breakdown of income from the books I am creating for Kindle.

A business model that excludes Google

imageI mentioned Kindle Publishing as a possible alternative, and Geoff Shaw’s Kindling course as possibly the best guiding light to show you the way.  The way I saw it as I wrote that newsletter was that I could put the same amount of effort into a Kindle book rather than an Adsense site, and get similar returns on my investment in time.  All the while removing Google from the equation.

Well, my perspective has changed somewhat.

I know believe that Kindle has far more potential than Adsense, and done right, could become a very lucrative career, WITHOUT the help of Google.

At the time I wrote that newsletter, I hadn’t been all the way through the course so was not in a position to give you a full review.  Now I have, so hold onto your seats, as I bring you a full review of what I think may just be the best course I have ever recommended in my newsletter.

When you sign up for Geoff’s Course, it’s a single one-time payment for lifetime access.

That includes all updates, and there have been a lot.

Geoff’s plan is to make this membership area the only place you need to go for any information relating to your Kindle publishing career.  If you kind find something you need, contact Geoff and he’ll tell you where it is (I got a reply within hours when I asked for help), or if it doesn’t exist, Geoff is likely to add it to his list of updates.

It can all look a little confusing for new members, so if you are a complete Kindle Newbie, go to the Newbie section and Geoff will have you publishing your first Kindle book in a very short time.  This one isn’t meant to make you rich – just show you the ropes and give you the confidence to go onto greater things with your Kindling business.

If you are not a newbie, and maybe you have published something on Kindle before, I suggest you start with the first item in the left hand margin and click on that to go to that tutorial.  Go through them all in the order they are listed in the left navigation menu.

Also, every time you login, check the updates page to see if any of the tutorials you have already covered have been updated, and read/watch those if there are any.

When you have finished the left hand navigation menu, switch over and now go down the right hand menu.  There are a lot more tutorials running down the right side.  Over recent days/weeks, I have seen sections of the course disappear from the left navigation menu, and appear on the right as they are brought up to date.  Geoff’s Kindling course is becoming Kindling 2.0.

Need Support?

At any time as you work through the course you need support, Geoff gives you his personal email address.  I used it once and got a reply back within a few hours from Geoff himself – he does answer the support questions himself!  In fact, the question I asked him is covered in the course – I had just missed it.  Even so, Geoff was polite and efficient in his reply.

Why is Kindling so good?

I guess you are wondering why I am so excited about this course (and what it could do for my own business)?

Well, to begin with, I was just looking at Kindle as a way to publish books in niches where I have websites. Geoff has changed my mind about that.  Despite never having written any type of fiction before, I now want to try.    I think my old English teacher at school would of laughed her head off if she thought I was writing Fiction.  She was a pretty useless teacher and I left that school not knowing my pronouns from my adverbs (ironically, this was a Grammar School).  Mention a particular verb tense to me and I’d give you a quizzical look (I still would in many cases).  I remember when I left that school to complete my “A” levels somewhere else.  She told me that if I left that school to go to a Comprehensive school, I’d never make anything of my life.  When I qualified as a teacher myself, I was tempted to see if she was still around so I could tell her she was right.  I was a teacher just like her!  Anyway, I digress Angry smile

Geoff has convinced me that I can become a fiction writer.  After all, if I can write content for a website, or a weekly newsletter, or even just emails to friends, surely I can write a story?  In fact, I doubt that there is anyone reading this that could not.

If English is not your native language, Geoff actually recommends you write in your own language.  This will give you a double opportunity later on, with possible English translations if your native audience like your book.  Being able to write in your native tongue will mean you can create the best story possible, without having to worry about English spelling or grammar.

My wife started her first book this week.  Although she started writing it in English, I persuaded her to do it in Spanish (her native language) so that she could fully express herself.  The advantage for her is that Spanish is one of the most spoken languages on the planet!

So, even my family are getting involved.  I guess my enthusiasm has rubbed off on them too!

So what is covered in the course?

I guess you want more than just EVERYTHING, don’t you? Winking smile

When you login, the main page is an introduction to Kindle publishing and what to expect.

Down the left, the first section of the course is labeled “Home”, which is a little strange as this section covers a wide range of things.  It’s kind of an introduction to many of the important techniques and ideas that you’ll need as a successful Kindle publisher.  Things like:

  • how you can get your readers to work for you in generating sales,
  • co-authoring and it’s advantages in terms of coverage in the Kindle marketplace,
  • Planning ahead with the way you create and publish books to explode your Kindle business,
  • Social proof and how to get it,
  • building your authority status and turning that into affiliate sales,
  • Which markets NOT to target,
  • Research for your book so you can make it better than other books out there in the same niche.

That’s quite a mixed bag of information for the “home” section, but it is definitely great information to know before you start on your first book.

The next section of the course is “Where to Start”.  You learn how to pick a category for your books, and then, believe it or not, you go to the “Newbies” Section where Geoff will have you create and publish your first Kindle book in record time.  This is a great strategy.  So many people get paralyzed because they see there is so much to do when starting a new venture like this.  Geoff’s approach seems to be to push you through the first book – to use as a learning exercise, then you can concentrate on other books, with the comfort of knowing that you can do this.

After publishing your first Kindle book, you should now have a lot of confidence.  You know you can do this.

You can now work your way through the rest of the course.

Geoff is currently changing the content navigation menus around, so if it looks different when you login, you’ll know why.  Let me just go through the sections as they are right now.

  1. Formatting – This has sections on how and when to use page breaks.  You’ll learn to insert a clickable table of contents into your book (especially useful for non-fiction).  You’ll learn how to preview you book before you upload it, as well as how to make changes to published books (the contents, the cover,etc) without them becoming unpublished.  This can be particularly useful if your book isn’t quite making it.   Geoff also talks about links within the books, and how you should use these to build your Kindle Publishing business.
  2. Author Training – As Geoff says, “It’s more than just adding your author details”.  Geoff shows you how to setup your account at Author Central, and how to do it properly to help brand your name (or penname).  He also goes into details of author images, and shows you how you can avoid using a real photo of yourself if you really don’t want to (and it’s nothing to do with buying a photo of someone else at a photo sharing site).
  3. Categories – This is where Geoff tells you all of the different categories you can and which ones you should be publishing in, after all, not all categories are the same, and some have far more potential than others.  He also talks about “Kindle Singles”.
  4. Fiction Writing – Geoff is on a mission with his course.  Although he shows you how to write various types of books, he REALLY wants you to try your hand at Fiction.  The reason?  Because that is where a lot of the easy money is.  The fiction section of this course is well laid out, and will have you convinced by the time you finish it that YOU can write and sell a story.  The Kindling fiction section covers everything you need – planning your book, creating the plot, plotting the end, proof reading and promoting.  Each tutorial in this section is an action tutorial – he tells you what to do and you follow the instructions.  There are also exercises to help map out the plot of your book.   Also covered are fiction genres, writing styles and putting things into perspective (like criticism you may think you’ll get from readers). I loved the fiction section so much that I have my first fiction novel planned out.
  5. Non-Fiction – This section covers the non fiction books that many of us will write.  Geoff looks at a type of non-fiction called “summary books”, and explains why everyone should be creating these.  He’ll tell you what kind of information you can put into these books and how to create them.  It’s often super easy!  Geoff points you in the direction of an example Summary Book to have a look at.  I am sure everyone who looks at it will realize that they can do this.  Geoff also has more tips and advice for this type of book, and even covers how to reformat a badly formatted book (the example book he uses is one that was uploaded a long time ago, before Kindle publishing really took off, so it needed a little work).  To finish this section, Geoff gives you a “Summary Book” template so you can easily get up and running.
  6. Romantic/Erotica – While not for everyone, this genre of books is very lucrative if done properly.  Geoff has a whole section on this type of book, starting with an interview with a colleague of his that is in this niche.  It’s a very interesting interview!  Geoff also gives you some other things to think about, to help make sure your books in this niche stand a chance.  Next in this section of the Kindling course, Geoff talks about writing Romance books/stories.  He advises that ALL novels can include romance but there are those novels that are just Romantic novels and Geoff tells you which ones sell better.  Geoff then concludes this section of the course by discussing Romance plots and he even gives you basic plot ideas for a 2-book series.  Great stuff Geoff!
  7. Episodic books – It’s probably common sense, but if not, Geoff spells out why a series of books can be very lucrative.  Think of any series, either books or TV.  Watch one, get hooked and want to watch the rest.  With this type of series writing, you’ll have a growing and ready database of customers when the next book in your series is released.
  8. Ranking – Geoff tries to unravel the complexities of Amazon Kindle book ranks.  I don’t think anyone knows exactly how it works, and it you go looking on the Amazon Kindle site, it will probably drive you mad as the same book appears to be ranked at a different position depending on which page you start your search.  Geoff has a section called “Best Seller” where he explains recent changes (March 2012) in ranking on Amazon.  He then gives you the “Plan” to help your book rank better.   This is an easy plan to follow, but that’s not all.  Geoff also has a complete section on:
  9. Promotion – This starts with a look at how existing customers are likely to boost your sales if you follow just one tactic in your publishing career.  Geoff works through some hypothetical numbers to show how the numbers stack up in terms of income.  It’s nice that Geoff uses realistic numbers here.  No instant millionaire (although some Kindle publishers clearly are).  Geoff does spend a couple of tutorials in this section showing you how you can boost sales – it’s not something I would have thought of.  In the next tutorials in this section, Geoff talks about Kindle optimization.  How to optimize your submissions so that they are found during searches on the Amazon search engine.  Finally there is a look at paid advertising.  This is something you can do, though it’s not essential.  As an internet marketer, you are already way ahead of most Kindle publishers in marketing & promotion.
  10. Branding – This section is all about building relationships & branding you and your books and why it is so important (and easier than most people think).  There’s also information on the importance of  good book covers (and how to create professional looking covers for next to nothing).
  11. Various – This section covers a lot of information that does not quite fit into another section of the course.  Things like managing your time properly, pricing of books for the best profits, checking book sales in other countries etc.  There is a section on word counts, the kind of mindset you need to create, even on writing non-English books.  This latter section was enough to get my wife and her sister interested.  Both have since started their own books, in Spanish.  Geoff Shaw finishes this section by showing why you should not obsess over lack of reviews for your books.
  12. Slapped – Here Geoff talks about the things that can get your Amazon slapped (yes, it’s not just Google that are whipping people).    Follow Geoff’s advice from the start and your account should stay safe!
  13. Recipe Niche– A lot of people jumped on the recipe niche bandwagon when Kindle publishing took off.  However, the recipe niche is notoriously difficult to do well in.   Geoff goes through the main problems and shows you what not to do if you decide to go into this niche.  There is a nice video highlighting the big problems, many of which are obviously created by internet marketers trying to make money on Kindle.  Geoff then goes on to show you what you should be doing to dominate this niche.  The final tutorial in this section is one that everyone should watch, not just those interested in the recipe niche.  It’s called the “Branding Circle” and it’s a great idea!OK, that brings us to the end of the left hand navigation menu. We haven’t finished yet though – the right navigation menu is packed with tutorials as well.
  14. Tricktion – Geoff was originally going to release this section as a Kindle book, but decided it was better to teach it in this Kindling course so he could use video and audio in addition to the text.  There are several sections in Tricktion, starting with plots.  Geoff shows you a great way to come up with plots for your books.  Not only that, but he’ll also tell you a great way to create believable characters for your books.  There is also a great “trick” on how to create realistic, believable settings for your scenes (this is so easy).  One secret that many authors use to make their books more realistic, factually correct and easier to write is also discussed in this section.  Geoff then goes on to ask a single question.  This question is something you can ask yourself at any time in the planning, plotting or writing stage of your novel to change your plot into something much more exciting.  There is a lot more in this section, including tips on creating believable, consistent characters as well as using a Google tool to help create realistic (and factually correct) settings for your scenes.  Finally in this section, Geoff talks about an easy way to “write” your books in record time.  It’s a method that some people use, simply because the thought of sitting down and tapping away at their keyboards seems too daunting.
  15. Outsourcing – This section will be of great interest to a lot of marketers who don’t want to actually sit down and write the books themselves.   Geoff says that the only people who NEED outsourcers are those where English is not their native language, but I know there are a lot of people who want to be the conductor, outsourcing everything with minimal time investment themselves.  After all, time is money, and if you value your time, outsourcing is a good way to go.  Geoff has a video that will help you decide if you need to outsource and what exactly you need to outsource.  If you do decide to outsource, Geoff covers everything you need to know in this section, including translation of your books into other languages if you decide to go that route.  Geoff seems to either hire local students or workers on ODesk.  However, there is information in this section that you MUST read (see the Private Jobs section) to make sure you don’t end up getting ripped off.
  16. Marshall – This section is about some Novel Planning Software that Geoff uses (he mentions alternatives and tells you why he does not recommend them).  I bought Geoff’s recommended tool myself as I can see the value in using this type of tool to plot out a novel and this IS something I want to get into.   The software is not cheap AND it certainly isn’t essential.  To be honest, if you are writing your first book, you can follow Geoff’s own planning and plotting tutorials which closely mimic those taught within the software.  In no time at all, your story will be mapped out and ready to write.
  17. Copy Success – In this section of the course, Geoff Shaw takes a look at several successful Kindle writers.    He talks a bit about each writer and that writer’s strategy.  For one writer, Geoff recommends downloading one of her books.  In the UK the book is free, but here in Spain I have to use the US Kindle store, and it cost me a couple of dollars.  The book is hugely popular.  I read it in a couple of days and while it is a good story, it really does highlight one thing – normal people can be successful at Kindle publishing.  The book in question is a zombie story.  Not only is it riddled with spelling & grammatical mistakes, I also noticed at least one factual error – I mean everyone knows that you cannot kill a zombie with a chest shot!  Even with the errors, this book has achieved phenomenal success for the writer.  All of this authors books have similar problems, yet this woman makes millions from her books.  As you go through this section of the course, you will gain confidence that you too can be a successful author on the Kindle platform.  There is another author highlighted in this section who sells more books than “John Grisham, Stephen King and Dan Brown combined”.  This author gets other people to write the book drafts!
  18. Kindling 2.0. – The Kindling 2.0. section is yet more advice, tips and tutorials designed to “get more people to get better results easier and faster and to make better decisions every step of the way”.

The course will take you days to go through, especially if you take action along the way.

One of the things I love about this course is that it is being updated with the most up-to-date information by a successful Kindle Publisher – Geoff Shaw.

I would even go so far to say that this is possibly the best course, with the most potential, that I have ever recommended on my site.

WARNING: I do not recommend this course to anyone who simply wants to make money with no effort.  Don’t buy this course and then not take action.  Geoff’s course is an EDUCATION in building a business.  You do need to work, and there is a lot to learn.  However, for those that are prepared to work hard at this, I think you can succeed.  Just set aside a block of time every day (or week) to go through the course, and in no time, you’ll have your first published Kindle book.

NOTE: Since buying this course, I have finished my first non-fiction book (around 11,000 words) which now just needs editing before I can publish it.  I have also written a plan for a second non-fiction (which will probably be closer to 5000 words), and I have just finished writing out the plot for my first fiction book.  Not bad for someone who left school with a very poor grasp of grammar.  I am excited about this!

Don’t think you can write a book?

A lot of people are just daunted by the idea of writing a book – fiction or non-fiction.  However, Geoff’s course really changed my own mind on this.  I am sure I could write non-fiction (I have written several small books in the form or reports that I have given away or sold to my newsletter group), but fiction has always been something that brings me to a roadblock.  The idea of writing 50,000 word stories is just too much.  Well, Geoff recommends you start off writing short stories to test the water.

Now I know I can tell short stories as I make them up for my kids at bedtime.  However, for a written short story that could sell on Kindle, what are we talking about?

Believe it or not, 5000 words is a short story, and they sell on Kindle.  Write a 5000 word short story in your niche, publish it on Kindle as a free book and promote it using the methods in this course.  See what reaction you get.  It might just be enough to persuade you to write more books in that genre, maybe a series following on from the first book, and one that you can sell to fans of your first book.

So how long is 5,000 words?

Well this review is 4055 words!  That’s over 80% of the length of a short story, and it only took me about 4 hours (with breaks).

Yes, you can do this.


Where can I buy Geoff’s Kindling Course?

That’s easy.  Go to this link on the Warrior Forum and buy it there.  The sooner you do, the sooner you become a Kindle author.


Kindling – Geoff Shaw’s Outstanding Kindle Publishing Course

NOTE: If you are still undecided, why not go over to the Warrior Forum (link above) and read the comments of those that have purchased this course? I know the Warrior Forum has sold some crap in the past and much of that crap has had glowing comments, but I can assure you that people who are gushing over this course are doing so because it deserves it.  I agree with this quote from one reviewer – “This is being able to CREATE YOUR OWN PRODUCT and letting Amazon promote it for you….pure gold”

Bought the Course? Have an Opinion?

If you have bought Geoff’s course AND taken action with it, I’d love to know how you are getting on in your Kindle Publishing career.  You can leave a comment below.

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56 thoughts on “Kindling Course by Geoff Shaw

  • MIrsad Hasic

    Andy, I have read all the comments at the Warrior forum and I will purchase the course asap. Diversifying our income from Google is a must considering that no one actually know what Google wants!

  • Olivia

    Hi Andy,

    I bought the Kindling course several weeks ago on your initial recommendation. I’m so happy with everything I’m learning and have already published my first fictional short story, Code for Karma, which is the first story in a series I’ve entitled The Reluctant Avenger. I already have the next few stories in the series planned out.

    After years of article marketing and web content creation, I never imagined I’d be able to write fiction. It is so much easier and three times as fun. I highly recommend this course and want thank you for bringing it to my attention.

    Great job on the review!

      • Pearson Brown

        No problem with her link, just your location. You have to buy from your local Kindle store and each store requires a different link.

          • Andy Williams

            Hi Pearson,
            Yes I know it exists, but I don’t want to register there because prices are higher than if I buy through which I do for most non-Kindle Amazon stuff.
            If I go to the link you listed for Olivia’s book, I get the message:
            “Kindle titles for your country are not available at Please shop for Kindle titles at ”

            Therefore it wants me to shop for Kindle book at

            If I go to, and search, I can buy it, but it is the first Kindle book I have ever only been able to buy at To buy it, I’d have to give up my right to buy at (convert my account) by the looks of it.

            It’s all very confusing….

  • V. Michael Santoro

    I am a published author and Internet marketer. I first wanted to say that I enjoy your newsletter and have been subscribed for years. Our focus now is offline marketing for local and small businesses.

    I have coauthored an award winning novel called the Dyodyne Experiment a couple of years ago which we recently formatted and published on Kindle. I also coauthored an Internet marketing book for local businesses called Niche Dominance, with is also available via Kindle.

    The primary thing I’m noticing is that its all about marketing and promotion as writing the book is only the beginning. There is such a relief when you complete the book and then you feel like you got hit with a bucket of ice water when you realize that it requires as much or even more effort to market the book. 🙂

    I began as you said with Kindle to replace building Adsense sites and our books are selling – but not to the point that I can live on the income.

    I am going to purchase the course to check out the niche research and marketing sections and I hope I have a few “Ah Ha” moments as the other Kindle marketing courses were no more than rehashing what Amazon does anyway to market their products.

    Thanks for the recommendation and I’m looking forward to going through the course and hopefully take my Kindle writing career to the next level. 🙂

    All the best,

    • Andy Williams

      Hi Michael
      I cannot guarantee that this course will tell you what you need to take your business to the next level – I am new to this Kindle Publishing thing. However, from what I have read from other people that I trust, this is the best Kindle Publishing course around, and I am really excited about it personally.
      I did have a quick look at your books on Amazon. They seem to be priced quite high. Did you do any price testing? I’m no expert as I have said, but the authors who I have seen that make a LOT of money on Kindle seem to price much lower. Maybe if you buy the course you could chat with Geoff about this?

  • Martin

    I bought this course when it was first released. There was not a lot of content back then. But he promised to keep adding to it. He kept his promise. It grows and grows.

    There is absolutely no need to buy any other Kindle course other than this one. Nothing is left out. Plus, he (Geoff) will actually answer your emailed questions.

    There were a lot of Warrior WSO scams trying to make a fast buck on the Kindle craze. Some were charging outrageous fees. Some were foolish enough to buy them. This course is all you need. If you cannot succeed with Kindle and this course then your problems are not going to be solved with another course.

  • Bentley

    Like Martin, I bought this course back when it was first released. Reading Andy’s stellar review certainly makes me glad I did. I actually paid the exact same price as Geoff is currently charging for a ONE YEAR membership created by another respected Kindle marketing educator (in addition to his actual course which was close to $40 at the time) – I think I may cancel that one once the renewal date approaches.

    I LOVE it when marketers actually continue working on these resources (unfortunately, it seems to be a rare practice with Warrior Forum products). I didn’t even realize Geoff had added so much more already. Cool!

    Anyway, I do have a question for you Andy given the fact that you are outside the U.S. like myself (I’m in Canada). A recent email from Michael Campbell painted a pretty dreary picture for those not living in the U.S. in terms of working with Amazon selling these e-books for Kindle. During your kindle research have you (or anyone else) come across mention of extra hurdles that non-U.S. booksellers would need to deal with when partnering with Amazon?



    • Andy Williams

      Hi Bentley
      Thats a great questions and not one I can answer just yet. However, I know Geoff Shaw is in New Zealand, so I expect he’ll have some answers.

      • Andy Williams

        Hi again Bentley. I shot Geoff an email and got a reply within an hour or so. He is going to write a complete answer in the members area. Long story short, he lives in New Zealand (ie not States) and gets more than $2 commission on books that sell for $2.99

        I should also add that Geoff was an accountant so he knows his stuff.

        • Bentley

          That’s fantastic, Andy! Thanks for getting in touch with him.
          I seem to recall Michael Campbell saying you’d get that sort of commission for a $9.99 book (in a recent newsletter), so this is great news. I can’t imagine Canada being any different from New Zealand as far as Amazon is concerned (if anything I’d think there would be fewer hoops to jump through).

          I look forward to seeing what Geoff has to say about the topic.
          Thanks again


  • Alex Newell

    I too bought Geoff’s course when it first came out. The site then was pretty thin but Geoff promised to make the course the best and the growth in the site has been phenomenal. Like everybody else I have asked questions and got prompt and spot on answers.

    I have my first book out (here ) and since I live in the UK will have to take a deep breath and deal with the whole tax withholding issue soon.

    Think I’ll ask Geoff…


    One thing I have not done is look at the fiction section…hmm!

  • Jen

    Thanks for such a detailed review Andy. Have already had some success with writing non-fiction for Kindle but currently looking to build on that.
    There’s plenty of ‘courses’ aimed at turning out what can only be turned spam, but looks as if Geoffs course is aimed at creating something quality that lasts. Especially interested in what he has to say about fiction as have toyed with the idea of writing stories for my granddaughter!
    Let’s hope that Amazon doesn’t turn into the next Google.

  • Jim

    This is the second raving review i have seen on this product. The other one was written by Debra Conrad. She had a competing course. When she saw this one, she removed hers from the marketplace and started recommending this one. How’s that for a raving recommendation.

  • Norm

    Hello Andy,

    I’m here with a feeling I can’t quite put my finger on. This current track you are on is a HUGE departure from what has gone on before. And more strange it kind of mirrors a road I started down myself awhile back.

    A little prologue… I am a born writer as I don’t mind telling folks. My first love is fiction. However, as I learned early on thee are a LOT more writers than places to get published, therefore, sadly, I put my fiction pen down and took up my article pen in 1995 or so. And when all that started blowing up with Panda and Penguin, I looked again to fiction…

    To tell you the truth, I’m not too worried about fiction competition from article writers. Fiction is a whole other thing. However, there are always with us for 2000 years about ten jillion fiction writers looking for a place to publish.

    So, methought, wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to be able to roll both IM and fiction into one package?

    Sometime back I mentioned that I was working on a new idea, well before this Kindle thing came up. And I kept mum about it, because it too was a grand departure. And knowing my IM chums, I didn’t want the competition at least until I had had a chance to complete the project.

    Then, well after I floated my idea of an idea you introduced Kindle publishing. (Boy! Talk about strange timing on both accounts!)

    Well, it turns out that my idea has mutated a bit. It is not exactly what it was. Your intro to Kindle thing changed my trajectory a bit.. I knew about Kindle but I didn’t know about the publishing aspect.

    So what I did was to incorporate it into my scheme.

    Norm’s new secret thing is called, and it is all about short stories. I am busy even now populating it with my old dusty short stories to have something to show visitors.

    My concept is to (using my SEO skills) make a good solid place to raise up a stable of authors to not only make FS more popular, but also to collect material for anthologies for Kindle. My expectation is that an anthology would sell better than a single short story… Especially after FS becomes better known and people are looking for new FS offerings.

    Just how the thing will pay authors for the use of their material in an anthology is still being cogitated. I’m not a wealthy guy, so we’ll have to work with one another about that. But it’s a HECK of and opportunity!

    I hope you’ll drop by and have a look. It’s my best site yet and it’s strictly for fiction authors and readers. The two most important parts to look at are the Writer’s Guidelines and The Fableshop Bullpen.

    I know this is real close to an ad, and if you feel like it goes over the line, I’ll understand. But in reality, it’s my first public announcement, and I’m making it here, where so many good things for my humble self seem to start. Debuting it here was always in the plan.


    • Andy Williams

      Hi Norm
      Good luck with that. BTW; Your comment was caught in the spam filter – I guess it was because of length or something.
      Have you thought of publishing the short stories on Kindle? Geoff Shaw says short stories sell really well. I know you have anthologies in your plans, but why not test the water with a few of your short stories? Geoff mentions 5000+ words for a short story, and it seems yours are 8000+ which would be perfect.

      Of course, to be elligible for Kindle, you would not be able to have other digital formats of your stories knocking around.

      • Norm

        Hello Dr. Andy,
        Gotta check into that. Absolutely, my output going to Kindle, separately or in anthology form.

        I read their rules and I’m unclear about the rules about already digitally published stuff. Something about time limits. I need to bare down on that, but I read enough to see that it can be worked around.

        Originally I had planned on seeing if *fiction* could be substituted for articles….but the mechanics is too hard, really. Too hard to control the flow for consistent results with Adsense. I have got some really strange ads on my articles! So the whole project has mutated to what you see there now.

        I have a couple of more stories to run up, then I’m going to flit back over to Kindle and really bore in to make sure I understand completely and get my ducks in a row. I want to have a nice, fine, secure nest for all the baby chick writers that I hope flock to

        You know, I do a lot of research on “Chronicling America,” which is a place to see U.S. newspapers from 1850-1922. This has given me a sense of the art of writing through history. I have found that while the publishing methods change, the core motivation doesn’t. Not really. More, I really feel a kinship with other fiction writers. I dunno if the feeling is mutual or not, though. Ha!

        The folks I never felt a kinship with was dang “editors.” Poo on editors! What do they know?

        Well, now everyone can be an editor, which is good, to a point. But I think there is still a place for good editors. Naturally the bad ones can all go to blazes. It’s a new world out there for fiction guys…but in many ways, it’s still the same old challenges.

        I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures, Andy. If anyone can succeed and thrive, it’s you. In the meantime we’re all of us beginning a new adventure. Luck to all!!!


  • Karen

    Please pardon my skepticism….. but it looks to me like you are an affiliate of Geoff Shaw because you have a link to purchasing his program on this blog. My heart sunk when I saw that. I thought Geoff didn’t make his money through affiliates.

    How do I know if it is worth my time to try this? It’s not the $77…. it is my time and not wanting to waste my time on another program that won’t help me make money.

    Again, please forgive my bluntness, but I just don’t want to get my hopes up and find out that that publishing on Kindle is unlikely to provide an income. I want to believe and try this, but I have been burned more than a few times in the past.

    • Andy Williams

      As regular readers of my blog know, I don’t hide the fact that I am an affiliate for the products I promote on this site. Also, as regular readers know I don’t promote stuff that I don’t truly believe is a great product. Will you make money if you buy and follow Geoff’s course? I cannot say. Those who work hard most probably will. I am still working on this course myself, and have just published my first Kindle book as you can see from my Facebook page(
      As for Geoff making money from affiliates promoting his course, why not? Geoff is a marketer, and like most successful marketers, he has many streams of income, affiliate stuff is one of them.
      I think that if you read the comments in this thread, you’ll see how happy people are who are taking this training.

  • Jason Frovich

    Andy, Just bought your book and picked up the course.

    I’ve been very disheartened with google & seo since panda & penguin updated this year.

    Ive been looking for other ways to make money and support my family online.

    This looks like a great way to do it.

  • Mark

    Thank you for the review for Geoff’s Kindle Training. Its everything you said it would be. I have recieved lots of solid advise on what to do with my fiction. The forum is great. I am no longer confused or wary of what diration to go with my new publishing business. I am motivated and taking action.

  • Gilberto Navarro

    I´m from México, my lenguage is spanish.
    ¿Geoff Shaw´s course can be understood with the Google translator?
    Wirite a fiction novel. I want to publish on Kindle
    ¿I understand these texts with Mr. Williams?

    • Andy Williams

      Google translator is not great at translations so I don’t know. You certainly couldn’t write a novel in English using Google Translator on your native language.

  • jeff pearson

    Hi Andy, just a heads up, I’ve tried to join your list this afternoon but haven’t had any confirmatory ‘awebery’ letter yet asking me to click to join – just thought there might be a glitch somewhere you are unaware of and that you could be missing potential subscribers. I’ve grabbed both feeds so I won’t miss much in the meantime.


    I came across your site after looking for a good Kindle course on Gurgle and I’m just about to hit your buy link.
    I’ve been ghostwriting for some internet marketers for the past 18 months and I’m sick of using my words to make them a lot of money whilst being paid dribblings from the table.
    I can write in any genre quite happily… do you still stand foursquare behind Geoff’s product?
    I’m here in the UK – Is Geoffs course all I need to get things out there successfully? I’d appreciate your advice.

    • Andy Williams

      Yes, Geoff’s product is the best out there for aspiring Kindle publishers. That is where I learnt (and am still learning). It is all you need – well you need some ambition and a little hard work too 😉

  • Hamant

    Hi Andy

    Let me just say this – When I receive your emails I set aside a little more time than normal, because I know I am going to want to read everything.
    Loved your very detailed review on Geoff’s Kindle course.
    I too am very familiar with Geoff particularly with his earlier internet marketing courses. He just simply comes across as so down to earth and whenever I’ve had any questions – even his normal email he replies back to you with the answers.

    Even though I had seen the course published when he first launched it – I never ever thought I would be able to write or have a book published even if it meant outsourcing it, as I am a kind of one man band so to speak and I just did not want to get into a brand new world of managing outsourcing teams – to me that was just like getting another “job” and since I left the old fashioned corporate world, although I never ever had a proper job and had my own business since leaving school, I never entertained the idea of “creating” another “job”.

    I must admit I have purchased a few kindle courses as each time I have been tempted and I keep coming back to Geoff’s course,, as I am on that juncture in the IM world after having over 100 websites – and selling them off, Kindle is something I have been reading and researching.
    Your in depth article certainly made me re think and fortify my thinking about Kindle.

    Thanks Andy

    Ps I love Spain – Nearly moved there 10 years ago when I sold my business, but circumstances were not to be at the time. Maybe you can arrange a “Soiree” of Kindle publishers in Spain 🙂 once a year.
    Take care and thanks again

  • Bonnie

    I’m really interested in purchasing the Geoff Shaw’s Kindling, but every time I try to purchase I get an alarm from WOT saying the site that I’m taken to is untrustworthy. The ratings are bad. Is there any other way to purchase it.

    • Andy Williams

      What is WOT?
      The course is sold on the Warrior Forum and I have bought a lot of stuff off that site without any problem. I am fairly sure it is safe, so not sure what “WOT” is finding.

  • Jason McAllister

    Hi Andy.

    Thanks for the comprehensive review. I’m almost at the point where I’d like to purchase Geoff’s course. But first I thought if he’s making so much money on Amazon, he must have a few ebooks available on Amazon and it’d be worth checking them out. Yet I can’t find any.

    Any idea why this might be? Does he use a pseudonym?



  • Carole

    I watched this great webinar over the weekend and want to start kindling asap.

    I would love to know if you think Alicia’s method is similar to Geoff’s as am not sure which one to do.

    A few years ago I wrote a book so am OK with writing but have never done kindle.

    I would also like to know which is best for driving traffic to your website – kindle or ebooks?


  • John Carpenter

    Hi, Andy.

    You seem to have dipped your toes into different waters with your new passion for Kindle publishing. I’ve been a professional writer for quite some time with modest success and would like your honest assessment on where you thnk the future lies in internet marketing: e-commerce or Kindle publishing. I realize it’s not an either or thing at the same time, my instincts tell me digital publishing by Kindle or Nook requires less capital, more freedom from oversight, and greater chances of seeing some auxilliary income in a shorter time than starting a website.

    What’s you take?



    • Andy Williams Post author

      Hi John
      It’s difficult to say really since I have a newsletter list that I can use to promote my webmaster related books, so my success was relatively quick. For an unknown writer, it would be a lot more difficult I think. That’s not to say you won’t do very well, it just might take a lot longer to get found. I would love to be a fiction writer full time, but my list won’t help me much getting traction there.
      Having said all that, writing and publishing on Kindle is certainly easier than creating a website and everything that entails. It’s also nice to not have to worry about Google.
      For me personally, I intend to mix Kindle with Internet Marketing. My ideal situation is to have a website, with traffic, and then write Kindle books to that market. This gives me that “list” that I can use to promote the books to. I have one niche in particular that I am working in that is nothing to do with IM, and I am trying this approach there. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • John Carpenter

    Thanks. If you’re really interested in fiction there are a lot of great books but two of the best are “Story Starters” and “The First Five Pages”.

    When you write a screenplay you have about seven minutes to “hook” your audience. With a novel it’s at most five pages and really should be the first line.

    That’s where “Story Starters” comes in. A really clever writer compiled a list of opening lines. There are hundreds of them. The really slick thing about them is that even if you don’t have a clue about a character or story his opening lines
    jumpstart you. Here are a few:

    The tunnels beneath the city were collectively known as The Crypt for a reason.

    Darkness protects us from seeing things we would rather not see.

    ‘I don’t love you anymore.’ Five words that can destroy a man or set him free.

    “Vampires, werewolves, zombies and demons aren’t scary. What’s scary is a fairy sneaking into
    your room and taking your teeth.”

    Check them out. these guys are pros and the great thing about Kindle fiction is that you don’t have an editor breathing on you telling you a chapter doesn’t work or a character needs to be more fully developed. You don’t have to be F. Scott Fitzgerald or C.S. Lewis. to write fiction that sells.

    Good luck.

  • dave


    It’s summer 2013, is Kindle publishing still viable? Getting stronger? More difficult to get into?

    Is there a future in this? What do you think?

    I know you got into Kindle publishing because chasing google algo changes got a bit tedious. I feel your pain, just worry that I’m getting into Kindle too late.



    PS. bought Geoff’s training. it’s good.

    • Andy Williams Post author

      I am spending more and more of my time working on Kindle books, rather than websites. That should tell you what I think of it’s potential, and no, it’s never to late to get started in this.

  • Jim Hunter

    Andy, you were publishing your Kindle income results for a while. Haven’t see them recently. Wouldn’t mind an update and, if increasing, might ease the concerns of this viewer.

    • Andy Williams Post author

      I may share another income report soon, I’m not sure. I have shared them with my “Insider Members” and I think they are quite impressed. My Kindle income is considerably more than it was in the last report I shared on my Facebook page.

  • Glenn Korbel

    Andy’s right.

    Consider this: A recent poll suggested about 50% of Americans have given up on the American dream.
    When you don’t believe a dream is possible you let it die. For those who believe the “American Dream” is possible it’s a great time to take a leap of faith. There’s now more room for you at the top than there has been in the past 10 years–and that includes Kindle. You’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg. I guarantee that a lot of people will take a shot, their book will disappoint in sales and they’ll pack it in. A lot of major authors had books turned down 20 times before someone picked it up. Hell, Ian Fleming almost gave up on Bond. Check out the documentary “Everything or Nothing” about the ups and downs of the “Bond Franchise” if you need motivation. Saltzman and Broccoli worked their butts off to make it happen.

  • Martin Hurley

    Hi Andy, I’m thinking about turning my previously published ebook/s into a Kindle. Is that something one could do? Thanks for the good, insightful read brother. Martin

  • Bevis Lowry

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for the informative article. I’m seriously considering purchasing this course.
    Now that it’s 2015, would you please tell me what your thoughts are on this course? Have you found the success in making and selling your books as you hoped?
    Also, would you please give me some links to some of Geoff’s books? When I look up Geoff Shaw on Amazon I just see an illustrator. I’d like to see how his own books are doing.

    • Andy Williams Post author

      Yes, this course is still the best in 2015. It focuses on fiction, but I found it really useful getting my own non-fiction published and selling. I have around 20 books now.
      Sorry, I cannot give you links to Goeff’s books as he uses pen names and rightly keeps them secret.

  • Andrew

    I loved this article, although I may have come a little late.
    But I have a question.
    I would like to ask if anyone still recommended this course.
    I’ve been looking on the Internet and this course is mentioned a few times and,
     seen the time that has passed, I wonder if it still works.
    Thank you very much.