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Ninja Outreach has a suite of tools that can help you create great backlinks to your website in the way I describe in my SEO 2017 book (which you can get from Amazon).

The most effective way to build backlinks in 2017 is with an effective email outreach program combined with the “link bait” style content strategy that I describe in the book.  Although it is not perfect, Ninja Outreach does include a suite of tools that can help with achieve this.  I've recorded a series of videos, and posted them on this page.  Work your way through each one in turn, as they follow the natural word-path of the tool.

Introduction to Ninja Outreach

This introductory video explores the user interface.


Content Prospecting

Ninja Outreach's Content Prospecting feature allows you to find content that has gone viral.  If you can identify the types of content that people are already going crazy about, you can create similar content for yourself.  Ninja Outreach also find contact details of people that might be interested in sharing or linking to your content.


Social Prospecting

The social prospecting feature allows you to find people on Twitter and Instagram with an interest in your topic.

List Management

As you find influencers and people in your niche that can share your content or link to it, you add them to lists.  These lists can be managed inside Ninja Outreach, including viewing and editing individuals on these lists.


Manage Templates

Ninja Outreach uses a template system, so you can write one template and use it in your email outreach to hundreds of people.  Each email will be personalized, using details from your prospects lists.  This video looks at the template system.

Outreach Mode

The final tool in the Ninja Outreach system is the outreach feature, which integrates with your email address, and allows you to conduct all of your outreach business within Ninja Outreach itself.  This is a huge benefit, as emails everything is in one place.

At the start of this review, I told you that Ninja Outreach wasn't perfect.  I want to finish off this review of the software with what I see are the pros and cons of this tool.


Cheaper than the alternatives.  If money was no object, I would go for Buzzstream (from $24 per month) + Buzzsumo (from $99 per month).  Ninja Outreach essentially combines the features of these two tools into the one package, though struggles to compete on all levels.

Contains all of the tools I need to implement an effective outreach program.


A little buggy, but it seems like they are constantly working on improving Ninja Outreach, and that may be the reason that some days are better than others.

The feature to find the “sharers” of viral content often comes up short when compared to the similar feature of Buzzsumo.

Ninja Outreach offers a free 14 day trial.  You can find out more about Ninja Outreach here.


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2 thoughts on “Ninja Outreach”

  1. Hi Andy

    A very fair review and appreciated as well. We’re glad you like the tool, and as you pointed out, we are dedicated to improving it and making it more stable and bug free.

    Dave @ NinjaOutreach

  2. Sounds amazing. Have not tried Ninja Outreach yet. But thanks Andy for sharing! Been using Buzzsumo and it works great. Have you tried it too? which do you think works better?

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