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Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin that helps you build your subscriber list, and it comes with features I’ve not seen in other WordPress plugins.  The biggest advantage of this plugin over every other one out there that I’ve tested in the past, is that Thrive Leads allows you to easily setup split tests on your optin boxes.  You can easily create an optin box, let’s say a lightbox, and then clone it so you can make a single change to the clone, then run the two versions on your site as a split test to see which version performs better.

Thrive leads comes with a variety of optin formats and several templates for each type.  Here are the types of optin with an example to show you what each looks like:

1. Lightbox optin boxes – popup optin box appears as a lightbox, with web page dimmed out.  Notie the clear X to close the lightbox, something that is missing from many optin box plugins.  This is essential to keep your visitors happy.


2. Ribbon optin boxes – ribbon appears at the top of the web page, and remains in place as the visitor scrolls down the page.


3. Widget optin boxes – These are optin boxes that can be inserted as widgets into your site.


4. Post Footer optin boxes – these optin boxes automatically appear at the end of the content on the page.


5. Slide in optin boxes – slide into the screen from top or bottom, left or right.


Check out my video to see how easy this plugin is to set up.

Find out what else Thrive Leads can do here:


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4 thoughts on “Thrive Leads”

  1. Hi Andy,

    Good review, helpful. I’m very surprised there have not been any other comments, as I’m a bit late to the party!

    I’ve actually been through Shane’s site, and although I don’t really need his themes, this plugin and the Content Builder one seem to be very worthwhile. Although he’s currently offering this at $67 (for one more day) I’d suggest that the Thrive membership is the more worthwhile option, to get everything (especially if you need themes).

    You’ll be please to know that I’ll be buying the membership through your link (affiliates can’t buy through their own, for obvious reasons!) so that’s something extra for all your efforts over the years…



  2. Dale Reardon

    Hi Andy,

    A very nice new feature has now been added to automatically insert optin forms into the middle of your content too.


  3. Hi Andy,
    Thank you for your post about Thrive Leads.
    Even looking at the video I didn’t find the answer of my concern:
    1) Wlll the plugin display or not the popup later (acording to the parameters) as soon as the user already subscribed and exists on the mail list? I haven’t seen any parameter to prevent to display again the popup few time later for an existing member list.
    2) It seems that no URL parameter exists to redirect to a specific address like a thank you page, or a download product page, after submission. Please could you tell me how to do it?
    I tried to get a clarification from Thrive team without success, no support without purchasing the plugin, even no pre-sale support !!!
    Thank you

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