1. Introduction to Createspace tutorials

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Over the coming weeks, I am going to write and publish a set of tutorials aimed at those authors/writers/publishers wanting to publish their work on Createspace.  For those of you that don’t know about Createspace, it’s an Amazon owned company that prints books on demand.  If you write a book, you can create a “Createspace” version and submit it to them.  Once approved, your book will appear on Amazon (and other places depending on how you set it up).  The best part is, it is totally free.  You pay nothing.  When someone orders a copy of your book, Createspace prints it, packages it and sends it to the customer.  You get your royalty commission.

We’ll get into how much your royalty is as we work through these tutorials.

Many of you will know that I started my own Kindle Publishing journey in July 2012.  I set up this Facebook page to discuss my journey and share my successes, failures and some income reports. In May 2013, I started converting my books over to the Createspace format.  By June 2013, I had converted six of my books, meaning I now had Kindle & physical versions on sale on Amazon.

Has the work been worth it?

I’ll let you decide.  Here is a screenshot from my Createspace control panel showing sales volume of my “Createspace Books” in July 2013 (remember, this is only the physical books and does not include sales of the Kindle versions).

That highlighted line shows sales volume and royalties for my 6 physical books, for July 2013.

thumbI now have a 7th book that I want to add to Createspace and I am going to show you the entire conversion process.

It’s my latest Kindle book called WordPress SEO.

You can find it in the US Amazon Kindle store here.  On other Amazon sites, search for it by it’s ASIN: B00ECF70HU

This book was only released today, 6th August, and so is on special price of just $1.99 for today.

NOTE:  Unlike my other books, I have no intentions of offering this book on a free promotion, and $1.99 is the cheapest price I could sell if for on Amazon because of it’s size (3 MB).  In a day or two, the price will rise to $2.99, then a minimum of $3.99, so get it today if you want it.

My free Createspace Tutorials

I had to learn how to convert Kindle books to Createspace versions the hard way.  Research, trial and error.  Over the coming weeks, I am going to show you how you can take a Kindle book (or Word document) and turn it into a physical book on Createspace.  I’ll cover basic formatting of the documents, images, table of contents, proofing, covers and a whole lot more.

Here is the link to all of the Createspace tutorials.

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11 thoughts on “1. Introduction to Createspace tutorials”

  1. Wow Andy!

    If that screenshot isn’t motivation and inspiration enough, I sure don’t know what it!!!
    Good for you!

    I myself, and I hope many others look forward to your upcoming tutorials, as I’d love to lean toward that business model with Kindle and Createspace and not have to worry about any black and white critters any longer. I cant believe this is only from those few books??

    Even ol’ Michael C. in B.C. said he’s fed up with G, so that told me something, and now seeing your small handful of books doing this well, is incredibly encouraging.


    1. Mark
      In June, I only sold 42 (I think) Createspace books, because I didn’t have one thing in place. As soon as that one thing was in place, sales started to increase dramatically. I’ll reveal all in the tutorials.

      1. Sounds great Andy, can’t wait for your course! I’m really excited for your initial success!

  2. Dr. Andy. I have never made a request of you like this before. Hurry up!!

    Your fan,

      1. Aw, it’s slow Andy. I have a monstro full scale freebie campaign on this week aimed at my first novel, THE RYO LODGE located near Cowchip. I put in a LOT of extras, graphics and such into this project. It’s going have to catch a wave, looks like.
        So far, you’re the big winner with your “how to” stuff. BTW, there was a discussion going on in Geoff’s Kindling group about CreateSpace yesterday and I pointed them here. I’m really chomping at the bit. I’d love to see the novel in print. I’m just waiting for your instruction.

        Your bestest fan in Cowchip Alabama

  3. John Matenkosky

    Andy, there are those of us who are very cautious about using social websites such as Facebook. I’d like to see your sales volume screenshot like the rest of your readers; can you figure out another way to allow “the rest of us” in?


    1. John
      I will probably remove that eventually, but a social share is a small price to pay to see real data on my business.

  4. Hi Andy

    Am really looking forward to the Createspace tutorials!

    I wonder if you could clarify one thing?… You say you won’t be putting your latest Kindle on free offer. Does this mean you no longer think it either worthwhile or a good idea from the point of view of marketing your book? Would really like to understand your reasoning behind this.

    Many thanks!


    1. I am not putting it on free to see who it works. I don’t recommend everyone do this, but I do have a list and a following so can get the initial sales I need to boost my book in Amazon. Without my list, I would once again use free.

  5. Hello Andy,
    I am not published yet however I am working on getting there. ?I happened upon your newsletter and I see the helpful information, so I wanted to take advantage of all the good information you are sharing. Keep up the good work. Thanks,

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