6. Adding a new title to Createspace

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We haven’t finished editing the book yet, but it does help if we add the book to Createspace so we can do a few checks as we go along.  That’s what we will do now.

If you haven’t already got a Createspace account, you need to sign up for one.  You’ll also need to submit your tax forms like you did with Amazon.com when you signed up for their Kindle program.

When you get in there, click the Add new title button.

You need to fill in a title for the project.  This can be anything, since it will only be used to identify your book in the Createspace interface.  Also select Paperback.

For beginners, I recommend you select the Guided setup process by clicking the appropriate Get Started button.

This will take you to the Title Information page, where you fill in the details of your book, including Title, subtitle, author, edition number, language and publication date.  This should be familiar to you as it is very similar to the forms we fill in over on KDP.

When you are ready, save & continue to the next step where you will need to choose an ISBN option.  I cannot advise you on this.  For my non-fiction books, I choose to use a free Createspace ISBN number, but if you have big plans for your book, you might like to buy your own ISBN and use that instead.  Here is an article that might help you decide.

When you have made your selection, and clicked Continue

You will now get a message saying your ISBN cannot be changed:

Click Continue again.

It’s now time to select the trim size and paper type. You can always change this selection later, so don’t worry too much about it just now.

For non-fiction, I select white paper, but for fiction, I have heard that it looks nicer with the cream.

You also select the trim size (the physical size of the pages).  For fiction, I guess 6”x9” is the most common, but for non-fiction, there are very good reasons why you might like to use a larger trim (I use 8.5” x 11” for most of mine).

OK.  When that is all set, you should upload your book in it’s current state.  This will help show you some basic errors you may be making.  For example, if your chosen trim size does not match your settings in the Word document.  Incidentally, if you need to change this in Word, select the entire document first, then pull down the Size menu on the Page Layout tab:


In my Word, measurements are in cm, while Createspace uses inches.  To convert inches to centimeters, multiply by 2.54.

As you book uploads to Createspace, it will also convert the book to a PDF and check it for errors.  Remember, one page of your Word document is converted into one page in the PDF document.

In my screenshot, the automated check found 7 issues (each issue can have multiple offending items).

Launch the Interior Reviewer to check for problems.

Here are a few errors in mine when it was first uploaded:

1. Trim and document settings don’t match.

2. Images not high enough resolution.

Notice that exclamation mark over the photo of me?  If I click the exclamation mark, I get details of the error:

As you can see, this “issue” affects a lot of images in my book.

There will actually be a list on the right side with all errors that need to be fixed:

OK; lots of things to fix, and I’ll show you how to fix them later.  For now, close the internal reviewer:

In the next tutorial, we’ll look at trim size in more detail, and why you might want to select a larger trim size for your books.


I haven’t completed the tutorials on this site.  Instead, I’ve re-written most of them, added a lot of new ones (plus a number of video tutorials), and created a complete “Self-Publishing on Createspace” book that will take you through the entire process of converting your manuscript to Createspace format.  You can buy the book on Amazon Kindle.

Publish on Createspace

I also have my Kindle Publishing book available on Kindle, together with the Self-Publishing on Amazon book that contains both of the first two books.

Kindle Publishingself-publish on amazon

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  1. Hello Andy,
    Super. Just super stuff! As usual, I’m your most delighted subscriber!

  2. Hi Andy,

    I recently uploaded my book to Createspace and I followed all the steps there. In the end I was surprised to see that the minimum price that I could set for the book was a whooping $31! Is there any way I can lower that? It is a 6”x 9” book with about 250 color pages. I see your books are a lot more affordable and they too have color pages. Thanks! Don

    1. Actually Don, my books are black and white. It’s the colour that raises the price significantly.
      A 6×9 book with 250 colour pages would need to be priced around $31 to break even.
      A 6×9 book with 250 pages in black and white could be priced around $8 to break even.
      The only thing you could do is try increasing trim size to maybe 8.5 x 11, as that would reduce page count and probably take it down closer to $20, but you’d have to check.

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