A good editor doesn’t have to cost a fortune

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I’ll tell you a little secret.  I recently started using a proof reading/editing service for my Kindle books and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Not only is my chosen service fast and efficient, it is also much cheaper than any comparable service that I have found online.  If you are an independent author, looking for an affordable service, I’ll tell you who I am using later in this post.

OK, so why did I take the plunge?

I received an email the other day.  Here it is:


I have to laugh at emails (and comments on Amazon) like this because this person seems to be very concerned about my grammar, without caring too much about his own.  However, he does make a good point.  My grammar is not very good. I blame my English teacher, and my peers as I grew up in Birmingham, UK.  I write like I speak (I think).  However, blame isn’t very constructive, is it?

This email wasn’t the first time I have been pulled up over grammar and spelling (I was once accused of spelling colour wrong in my newsletter because I used the UK spelling, but that is another story).

Here are a couple of reviews of my Kindle books on Amazon:





Here is a comment someone left in response to someone complaining about errors:



It’s not good to get reviews like this and I can confirm from my own testing that 1 star reviews do hurt book sales.

As Kindle publishing is becoming a big part of my own future, I decided I needed to find an editor/proof-reader for my books, but I didn’t want to pay too much.

There are a lot of services out there, but the ones I found were quite expensive.

Here is one service:


Let’s take my WordPress for Beginners book.  That is 39,500 words, roughly, which equates to $513.50 for 7 day turnaround.

If I wanted it in 48 hours, it would be $790.

If, like me, you are just starting out with Kindle publishing, then that is expensive and I can see why people (like me) decide not to hire a professional proof-reader.

Here is another service (the price in the ad is roughly what I’d have to pay for my WordPress book):


.. and here is another one:


These are the first three services I looked at when searching Google.  They are also way too expensive.

However, I put out some feelers, and I did get lucky.  It turns out that a friend of mine (called Andy Aitch) had just started his own proof-reading service, and his rates were spectacularly low (as a kind of introductory fee).

I tried him out with one of my books and was really impressed with the level of detail and attention (I’ll show you exactly how detailed in the video below).  I have now had 5 or my Kindle books proof-read/edited by this guy, and the total cost of all 5 books together was less than the quotes listed above for just the WordPress book.

So how can Andy afford to charge such low prices?

Well, first off, he lives in South East Asia, where the cost of living is much lower.

Secondly, he put together a special deal for me, which fortunately I’ve managed to get him to extend to my newsletter subscribers.  He has put together a PDF that you can download from his website that explains what he does, and how much it will cost.  You can download it here:


NOTE: I do not make any commissions by recommending Andy’s services,  I just want to share a really outstanding resource with you and help Andy out.  Also note that he can only proof-read so much in a day, so this offer (and the pricing) will be on a strictly first come, first served basis.  He also does proof-reading/editing for authors who are not native English speakers.   Whether it’s website content, eBooks or articles for submission, he can do them all (and that is not just for not native speakers, Andy proof reads/edits all types of documents).

I’ve recorded a quick video showing you how the editing process works.


If Andy’s service is something you think would be useful to you, then contact him sooner rather than later.  He will get fully booked up very quickly, whether that is via my newsletter recommendation or his own promotion.

Whether it’s a one-off document you need proofing, or regular books (like myself), Andy can handle it.  He comes with my highest recommendation.

If you have any comments (even if it is just to tell me I need to get Andy to proof my newsletters), please leave them below. Thanks!

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21 thoughts on “A good editor doesn’t have to cost a fortune”

  1. Chris Cobb

    Hey Andy –

    Great suggestions on the proof editing stuff. I too was not paying attention during the grammar courses in school and thus, being from Texas, I speak and write in Texan.

    For some time I’ve used Grammarly (www.grammarly.com), a paid service for proofing my own work. There is a learning curve, but it saves a ton of money outsourcing it does a great job with gerunds and split infinitives . . . and you learn a little grammar along the way.

    Thanks for your continued insight and help –


  2. Hello Dr. Andy,

    Bam Zoom! When I see Andy on a mail it’s Katy bar the door because I’m going to drop whatever I’m doing and go straight to it.

    If you say Andy#2 is good, then anyone who has been your fan for any length of time knows it’s so. I just wish I could afford him.

    But..I’m not there yet. Partly my fault. So, cheapskate that I am, I found the solution to get me by. It’s called Ivona Reader. I’m still in the one month free period, but I’m going to buy it. It’s the best text to voice reader that the average poor person can afford. The model I chose was $59 and it works like a top. Integrates very nicely with Word 2007.

    I use the Ivona voice Salli. She reads my stuff back to me and I make edits as needed. Of course, I’m relying on my own proofing skills. However, having my stuff read back to me probably doubles my accuracy in proofing, I’d say.

    I looked all over the place for a voice and product I could live with, and this is it. Maybe one of these days when I make some money I’ll give Andy Version Two a ring. I’m delighted that you found someone to do you up a job, and a good one!


    1. Hi Norm

      If ever you have a short article that needs proofreading (say something around 800 words or so), then I could always do that for you in exchange for a glowing review of my services, but only if you were happy with the results of course 😉

      All new businesses need a leg up (Thanks Dr. Andy), meaning you have to give a bit in order to receive sometimes.

      Andy Aitch

  3. Hi Dr Andy

    You will find that many of your own mistakes will show themselves to you if you attempt to read what you have written out aloud before you send it for proofreading.

    So what’s wrong with some of the Fiverr guy’s? Quite a few have decent ratings for a 1000 word project. Mostly Americans who can’t really claim they write UK English admittedly but surely that’s near enough?

    Every writer should get their work at least proof read. I’m a writer and do both proofreading and copy-editing for others but I still (usually) get my own work read by someone else before I publish it anywhere. Proofreading just points out your mistakes. Copy-editing is where the mistakes are found AND corrected.

    Here is an interesting fact I’d not heard before. I offered to copy-edit someones WSO’s before they published them as their previous ones had a fairly high number of mistakes in them. In reply the gentleman said that those mistakes kept his refund rate low. Seems like only those that wanted to point out his mistakes were the ones that were either ‘tyrekickers’ or serial refunders. By leaving his mistakes in, more people not only didn’t refund, they actually used his WSO’s. Strange observation. Just the opposite of the Kindle experience from what you are telling us.

    Murphy’s law says that I’ve now left a mistake in this comment somewhere.


    Tony C

  4. Wow, those are dangerous reviews. That is my greatest fear in our new launch with the cooking multi media books. My chef is from Belgium and trashes the language. I do correct it through spelling and the accent is quaint and he is 1 0f 2 Belgium certified master chef’s in the us so I am not to worried. I did use grammerly for a couple of days but stumbled upon the proof reader as you type option on my mac through pages. It is very close to grammerly and is good enough for what i am doing. I believe that good reviews are important, at the mercy of the market.

    1. Not sure why you don’t see the send button. I tested the form yesterday before sending my mail and I can still see it there now. Are you using Safari on your Mac?

    2. Hi Mark

      Whenever I build a new website or create a new page, I always check cross-browser; well the main ones anyway. I’ve just taken another look based on your comments, and everything displays fine and functional in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari (Windows version).

      Please check again and let me know more details of your browser and OS if you still can’t see the ‘Mail Now!’ button, and I’ll look into it.

      Thanks in advance

      Andy Aitch

  5. Many thanks to all the above – Andy, Chris & Norm!
    At some stage I may use an outside service, but at this stage I do my own editing.
    I am probably even more pedantic about correct grammar than is probably warranted in today’s society – but then I was taught in the 40’s & 50’s [of course we didn’t have IT then, so had to fill the time with something]

  6. Hi Folks

    Firstly, thanks to everyone that has contacted me with offers of work these past hours. I have responded to you all, but please do check your SPAM folders if you haven’t seen my replies. It’s not uncommon for email programs and services to trash messages from unknown senders that have commercial type words within the body.

    Thanks in advance

    Andy Aitch

  7. Hi Andy,

    For some reason your contact form does not display fully with variants of the firefox browser for example PaleMoon or IceDragon.

    Still I have sent you two messages via Explorer. Is there an alternative way to contact you?


    1. Hi Donovan.

      I think we have established contact since you posted the message above? I will send you an email later just to confirm though 😉

      As for those folks that never got my emails delivered to Gmail accounts (which was most of you), I’m genuinely sorry about that. I have no idea why Gmail blocked a “real email”, i.e. not a free account, especially since it was a brand new email – with no history – setup specifically for my Effective Edit venture. Being ‘blocked’ meant my responses didn’t even reach the Spam folders 🙁

      I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to establish contact with everyone now using an alternative address, but I will just post the instructions soon on how to Whitelist my Effective Edit address in Gmail, for those folks that are not sure.

      Thanks everyone for your patience in this matter. It was not only baffling, but time consuming too, as I tried to contact all those people waiting to hear from me.

      Best Regards

      Andy Aitch

      1. Hi Andy,

        Yes, we have now established communication. I will await your follow-up.



  8. Some of you have already Whitelisted my Effective Edit email over the weekend, but for those that haven’t here are the steps on how to do this.


    Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account.

    Step 2: Click on the Settings cog in the top-right corner and go to Mail settings.

    Step 3: Select the Filters tab from the choices that load along the top.

    Step 4: Click on Create a new filter, near the bottom of this area.

    Step 5: In the From field, add my e-mail address: eeditAT50ish.org (replacing AT with @ of course ;))

    Step 6: Click the Next Step button

    Step 7: Check the box next to Never send it to spam and then click Create Filter.

    That’s it! All being well, you should receive emails from me at the address above. This will make communication between us faster and smoother because I have my Desktop email client open all day. This is better than having to periodically login and out of Gmail to check for new messages.

    Best regards

    Andy Aitch

  9. I was pleased with the sample pages Andy sent me and look forward to having the book proofread soon!

  10. Last week I sent my 2 page sample for my ‘WinRAR How To – Starting’ Kindle eBook to Andy and received the proofread pages back a couple of days later. Even though at that time he was very busy sorting out the gmail fiasco as well as editing others samples.

    Despite having written for a couple of books plus regular columns in newspapers and magazines from the 1980’s through to the mid 1990’s, I had never realised just how much my writing could be improved until Andy made a much better job of it than I had! So I was somewhat reassured by his comment “Your writing is not at all bad. All I did was polish things up for you, that’s all;)”

    I highly recommend Andy Aitch’s service as exemplary! I will most certainly be using his services for all my books from now on

    Selwyn Arrow

  11. Thanks for the kind comments M.H and Selwyn. I’m happy that you’re happy with the proofread samples 😉

    Yes, the communication issue did put me back a few days, but I’m almost on top of things now. For those of you that are still waiting, I should have your samples pages completed in about 2 days from now.

    Regarding communication issues, someone sent me a message yesterday with an email ending in @gmx.eu Unfortunately, my reply got returned. The message said the mailbox was unavailable. So if you get to see this comment, please try again, perhaps using an alternative address?

    Best regards

    Andy Aitch

  12. I have finished the rough draft to the sequel to my action adventure thriller, ‘West of Panama’ currently offered on Amazon/Kindle. I am looking for a good copy editor/proof reader for it. Dr Andy suggested Andy Aitch. We emailed each other and Andy worked up a couple pages for me. He is what I have been searching for. Great job and reasonable prices AND quick turnaround. I can now rest easy and get back to ‘creating’ knowing my fine editing will be taken care of.

  13. Hi, Andy Aitch doesn´t take on any new freelance jobs. He has found a permanent job. Can you please update this thread with any alternative freelance proofreaders that you find to be effective. With thanks, Ken.

  14. Clifford C

    Andy Aitch’s editing/proofreading service is an extremely professional operation. His procedure is both smooth and efficient, offering high quality editing/proofreading at extremely reasonable rates. Combined with a very short turnaround time, and Andy’s easy-going manner, I was routinely impressed by his knowledge of both grammatical rules as well as common usage. Andy handled an extremely large project for me and did so with care, excellent writing technique, and humor. The entire experience was enjoyable from start to finish.

    Clifford C

  15. Andy Aitch has recently helped me with an extensive assignment consisting of a few thousand words.

    I was truly impressed with his attention to detail, and the professional manner in which he communicated and made valuable suggestions. Additionally, his extremely helpful and personable demeanor made the whole experience that more enjoyable. Very professional, very approachable, and always quick to respond.

    I would recommend Andy A. in a heartbeat to anyone who struggles with their content, or just needs an extra pair of eyes to ensure you’ve got it all correct before ‘going to press’ so to speak.


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