Marketers selling their Kindle courses often prove they are not successful, but hope you are too stupid to realize it

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Over the last year or two, I’ve watched as one Kindle course after another was released.  Some even promised to make you rich.

Now, I’ve been around the marketing block a time or two, so what have I done when these courses were released?  Ignore then and keep doing my thing?


Actually I have been interested in every one of them.

I haven’t bought many though.  In fact, the only Kindle course I bought was Geoff Shaw’s Kindling course (no longer available), which got me started (and I still whole-heartedly recommend). I did also buy a suite of products to help me with my Kindle business.

So, why have I taken such an interest?

Simple.  The marketing of these courses often provides me with PROOF that let’s me see if that marketer is making money with their book.

A lot of marketers promoting their Kindle course will record a video showing their book’s rankings on Amazon.  They hope that the rankings will be enough to prove to you that they are making big money from Amazon.  Ignore the rankings, and grab the book title and author name.

Armed with this information, you can do your own due diligence.

Let’s take an example.

Suppose a marketers created a course, and told you that their book ranked #1 in Amazon for the term “Vertical Marketing”.  Note, this is an example, and the book I am going to use as an example IS NOT one released by a marketer as far as I know.

In their video, they will show you that their book not only ranks #1 in Amazon Kindle, but across all departments in Amazon for the phrase “vertical gardening”.


Therefore this book is successful, correct?


Click through to the details page and check out the Amazon Best Seller’s Rank:


This book actually ranks 131,106 in paid Kindle Store.

According to data I have analyzed on the sales of my own books, that means there are more days when the author does not sell a book than when he does.

OK, so that book isn’t making much money.  What about the other books by the same author?  Maybe he is making money from other books?

Well, next to each book, you can see the author name. If you click on it, you are taken to the author profile, which usually lists all of the books by the author.  In this case, the author has 54 books:


I could go through all 52 books and check the sellers rank for each book.  I can then see whether this author has any best sellers, or just decent sellers.  Since the author of this book is not a known marketer to me, I won’t do that analysis, but I have done it on a couple of Kindle Gurus that have promoted their courses to me over the last year.

Here are the Best Sellers Rank for these 3 authors:

Author #1 – 6 books

Author #2 – 12 books

Author #3 – 1 Book


That last marketer only showed off one of his books before selling his course for nearly $300.

OK, one last author.

Author #4 – This one was a student of one of the courses listed above, and was promoting the course as a “successful author”.  He has 4 books:


My question to you.  Would you buy a course of these guys for hundreds of dollars, knowing what you know now?  Well, perhaps you need to know what those numbers mean before you can answer that?

I have included a table below that shows best sellers rank and the equivalent book sales per day.

Incidentally, if you want to know which plugin I used to hide this data in exchange for social shares, click here.  I am testing it on niche sites of mine, and it has exploded social sharing across those sites.

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6 thoughts on “Marketers selling their Kindle courses often prove they are not successful, but hope you are too stupid to realize it”

  1. Hello Andy,
    I did manage to grab a good Kindle book awhile back from an author on our Kindling FB page. (You get to join once you purchase the course.) I don’t recall… I spend $2.99 or maybe it was $.99. It contained a plethora of things I had never heard of…some of them quite good.

    On the other hand…One gal was selling something about using her software to get yourself good reviews for books. Well, I suppose it might have worked. But the first thing I did was to go check out her books and her reviews. I saw no evidence the thing she was selling was working for her.

    I’m pretty convinced at this point that for the unknown author without a following there is no magic formula for becoming a best seller other than presenting quality material and keeping all fingers and toes crossed. All this free book day and posting to social media just has not worked for me.

    Naturally, you can tilt the equation by applying careful SEO studies to book subject choices…but I’m not chasing trends this time around. I write what I want to write and take my chances.


  2. If I remember correctly ‘Vertical Gardening’ was a demo book put out by marketer Ryan Deiss when he first got into Kindle. It was written, or rather ‘put together’ and added to, by his in-house writing staff. If it was a similar quality in regard to spelling and grammar as the ‘Kindle Revolution’ book he put out just before that one, then it would not have been too good.

    My apologies to Mr Deiss if I’m wrong but I seem to remember he put a video out about the creation of this book.

    Tony C

    1. You remember correctly Tony, and your assumption about the contents was right too as I downloaded it and formatting was a bit of a mess at the time. However, it wasn’t the book that I showed in the tutorial. His book was in the top 5 for that term though.

  3. Hey Andy, another good article with tips we all can use, especially since we appear to be in the Kindle gold rush phenomenon of IM’ers, lol

    I’m just now starting with my Kindle business and have quite a few books just from articles on our site i can definitely leverage and been reading through your info here and from what i can see that Geoff Shaws course is the best out there and then to use KDSuite for tools, which I do have. Anything else I should be on the lookout for?



  4. I’m about to teach how to be successful selling ebooks on Amazon Kindle. What you explain here is correct. All my ebooks (3 plus 1 I’m about to launch) have a bestseller rank in the top 1000 ebooks on UK Amazon for a non-fiction niche, – as well as have hit the number 1 “bestseller” spot this year and making me great income every week. I have built a platform of my own on Facebook and my own blog. If you don’t have a platform it is hard to make actual sales to an audience. I’d say 80% of the success is down to my relationships I’ve built in this particular niche. This is the hard part for most – they are not willing to take the time to build a platform…and then wonder why they can’t make good money from their ebooks. Hope this helps.

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