The Future of Kindle Publishing?

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Those that have read my last few newsletters know that I am really excited about publishing books on Kindle.  In fact, I’ll tell you in a few minutes about the 4 books I am currently writing for Kindle, and the challenge I have set myself.

First though, let’s consider why Kindle so appealing?

With Google seemingly changing (perhaps a more accurate term would be “enforcing”) the rules, webmasters (including myself) are looking for ways to future-proof their business and become more independent from Google.

However, I do have concerns over Kindle.

The good thing about it is that Amazon make it so easy to publish a book, and it then becomes part of the Kindle marketplace.  You can go in and see YOUR book on Amazon.  How cool is that?

This ease of publishing is also the bad thing about Kindle.  When anything becomes easy, with promises of monetary rewards, the sharks circle.

Amazon have already had to clear out a lot of junk from the Kindle Marketplace.  A lot of this was due to courses promising to make you rich by publishing PLR content as Kindle eBooks.  Being able to publish a book in a couple of minutes makes Kindle publishing a prime target for the get-rich-quick brigade and it is still happening.  The good news though is that Amazon are being more vigilant to prevent this type of “content” being published.

Even without going down the PLR route, it is still tempting for those who want to take short cuts.  Just create poor quality content and turn it into a Kindle book.  Who cares if refund rates are high because a lot of sales will stick, and when it only takes a few hours to write and publish the book, it’s not like a big investment.

The problem for serious Kindle authors though is that once people know they can get a refund without a hassle, everybody’s refund rates go higher.  People read the books, refund them and move onto the next.  Now, I know not everyone is like that, and that the vast majority of people are honest, but I know it goes on.

As long as Amazon stay vigilant, hopefully this scenario won’t happen. I have only been reading about Kindle publishing for a few weeks now, but I have already heard of some Kindle publishers having their accounts closed.  I don’t have details on why, but reasons suggested in some circles include high refund rates, publishing books at an impossibly high rate (at least impossible for an individual delivering quality).    Maybe Amazon do have this under control?

Whatever my concerns over the future of Kindle, I am jumping in with both feet.  I figure that if I get in now, and problems arise later when the get-rich-quick brigade find a new loophole, I’ll at least have had a chance to build my reputation on Kindle.  That will give me the best possible chance of surviving as a long term Kindle publisher if and when Amazon make changes to the program.

The book I am writing for Kindle

I mentioned earlier that I am writing 4 books at the moment.

The first one was largely written by my wife, but since English is not her native language, I am doing the editing on that one.  It currently runs to about 80 pages.   It’s a book that we are creating for a niche site I run.

The second book is going to be an updated version of my Future-Proof SEO book which will include stuff I have learnt about since the Penguin update.  That one hasn’t even been started yet, but should be fairly quick to write.

The third book is another book in the same niche as book number 1.  This one is all planned out and I am working on the writing.
The fourth book is fiction.  I am a big science fiction fan, so that is the genre I am writing in, at least for this book.  This one is the first part of a trilogy which I have mapped out.  I am working every evening on this book when the kids have gone to bed.  I have mapped out a total of 20 chapters, and last night I finished chapter 7, yay!

I should also add that my wife and her sister have both caught the Kindle bug as well.  They have both completed the first drafts of their respective books.  Those books are in Spanish, so it will be interesting to see how they work out.

My Challenge

OK, today is the 17th July.  The challenge I have set myself is to complete 3 of the 4 books by the end of this month.  That’s not finished as in published.  That’s finished as in completed the writing stage.  I’ll then have to proof-read and edit them (those who read my newsletter know that this is not my strong point 😉 ).  Of course I’d love to complete all 4 of them in that time-frame, but I think that is a little too ambitious.

To hold myself more accountable for my progress, I have setup a Facebook page to document my own Kindle publishing journey (I have seen a couple of other marketers do this, and I think it’s a great idea).

imageHowever, I have set the page up so anyone can contribute to the page.  If you are starting out writing for Kindle, please come along to the Facebook page, like it, and then post your own progress as well.  Feel free to post tips, tricks, interesting URLs etc. if you feel they will help us aspiring Kindle authors.  Go ahead, visit A Kindle Publishing Journey and say hello.  Let me know if you think I am crazy.  If you feel crazy too, set your own goal and keep us updated on that Facebook page.

For those sitting on the fence about Kindle publishing, or for those that are sold but want a little motivation, I saw a great webinar the other day.  As with many webinars these days, this one was setup to sell an expensive Kindle course (I seem to remember it was $997).  However, there is a lot of great tips & information given away for free in the webinar, and for those needing motivation, I think it will do the trick.  Here is the webinar (it’s not an affiliate link as I am not promoting that course).

If you are interested in dipping your feet in Kindle publishing, I actually recommend Geoff Shaw’s Kindling Course which is a lot cheaper.
NOTE: That link takes you to the Warrior Forum where this course is sold as a WSO, but don’t let the fact it is a WSO put you off.

Is Geoff’s course as good as the $997 product?  I have no idea as I haven’t bought that one.  I’m not going to either.  Geoff is quick with support too.  When I did ask about something that I felt was missing from the course, Geoff kindly created a new tutorial for his course covering that aspect.

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26 thoughts on “The Future of Kindle Publishing?”

  1. Andy Iskandar

    Hi Andy,

    I’ve been on your list for quite a while now and I didn’t realise that you are a science fiction fan. Should have known though considering that you use to be a science teacher.

    Anyway, just wanted to touch base with a fellow science fiction fan. It always gets me excited whenever I meet one, because I hardly do.

    So who’s your favourite sci-fi author and what’s your favourite sci-fi work? I love Isaac Asimov and my favourite sci-fi work is of course the Foundation Series by him. 😀

    1. Hi Andy
      Trying to pick a favourite author would be difficult, though I agree with you on Isaac Asimov. He wrote “I, Robot” too didn’t he? I never read the book, but enjoyed the film. I love anything set in space (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was a favourite when I was younger).

      1. Andy Iskandar

        Me too, that’s why I love Asimov. Most of his stories are set in space.

        Yup, he wrote ‘I, Robot’. You should read the book, it is much better. Also, he is the one who came up with the term “Robotics” and the “3 Laws of Robotics”.

  2. Hello Andy!

    Writing I know… It’s Facebook that gives me the heebies. Jeez! I guess I too will have to add a FB page for my writing stuffs… In the meantime, I’ll surely visit yours.

    In the meantime, I have two books published, with a third due out tomorrow. There are exactly 3 more to go before I have to bare down to start writing fresh ones. If you’re curious, just search “cowchip” under “Books › Kindle Edition ›” section in Amazon. Mine are the only two.

    Well, it’s a fine kettle of fish. I’m pulling for you, even though you are a competitor under science fiction. Ha!


    1. Congrats on your published books Norm. That “The Cowchip Cafe” sounds fun. May check it out when I get some spare time. Would I get the southern humor though?

  3. Hi Andy,

    I just purchased Kindling yesterday after getting the ideas about writing some books. I will be diving in and starting the course in a few more days. You say that you saw a great webinar the other day but I see you didn’t purchase it. I attended that webinar months ago and as you say it’s got some free information but I didn’t purchase it either just because I felt that the price was just too high for me. More and more though, I am convinced that Amazon affords marketers like us a really solid way of earning some good income and Geoff really makes it all possible. I am excited about the possibilities and just wanted to tell you thanks for sharing Geoff’s Course because before reading about it from your newsletter I had never heard his Kindling Course.

    I will be stopping by your Facebook fan page from time to time after I map out my own goals and I get the ball rolling for myself as well.

    Thanks , Derric

    1. Good luck with it Derric. I guess you can tell I am excited by this. I am really looking forward to hear how other people get on, so do keep us updated.

  4. Andy, that is quite a schedule that you have set for yourself!

    Right now, I only write fiction and feel very lucky that I can spread my Kindle books out because I have developed and continue to grow a pretty good following (I write under different pen names) who don’t mind waiting for my material because I deliver the goods (no bunk allowed). There is nothing better than an appreciative audience!

    I almost bought that expensive course more than a year ago (he has been shopping it out for at least a couple of years now). Believe me, as a Geoff Shaw Kindling purchaser, you saved yourself a boatload of time and money by not purchasing that expensive program. I don’t know if it still does or not (a lot of the Kindle program peddlers have since changed their tune so as to stay in the game), but it used to promote publishing edited PLR material big time. That is actually what *stopped* me from purchasing the program (I know, you would think that it would be the price, right?).

    Geoff’s program is awesome, especially if you are interested in writing fiction (so many Kindle programs concentrate mostly on non-fiction). For those of you who are thinking about getting into the Kindle scene, take it from someone who has bought, and continues to buy, quite a few Kindle-publishing material (if it’s recommended by someone I trust/respect – like Andy), starting off with a Kindle program like Geoff’s where you pay a relatively low price *one time*, not monthly, is practically unheard of. If you’re going to start, you might as well start off right, right?

    Anyway, thank you for another great post, Andy!

    1. Hi Sweatpea. Cool, a Kindle author who has a following. Did it take much work/time to build that following (other than the time spent writing quality stuff of course)?

      1. Actually, it surprised the heck out of me. I’m a bookworm and wasn’t sure if I would like to write as much as I like to read, but it kind of pissed me off to see a lot of authors writing in some of the same genres that I read who were making money off of crappy books. I thought, “If they can do that, I know that I certainly can’t do any worse!”

        I even thought about putting out a less-than-stellar piece of work just to test how well it would do, but I just couldn’t do it to prospective readers/bookworms and had too much pride in my own work-product to go through with it.

        A couple of weeks after I published my first Kindle book, a purchaser emailed my support desk (I put a link to it in my e-book) and told me that they would like to be informed when my next Kindle book went out and would I be making it into a series. Even though I know that I could make more money off of writing series, I currently do not do so.

        To prevent theft and plagiarism, I write under different pen names and for the same reason do not utilize an Amazon author page. However, I use e-book newsletters to keep previous buyers updated when a new book becomes available, and what’s really neat is that I cross-promote all my Kindle books in the newsletters.

        I like to spend my time reading and writing, rather than socializing (I tend to be anti-social compared to the average adult female) so the newsletters are perfect.

  5. Len McGrane

    Good idea to put up this blog, Andy. I always check your newsletters and read the details of many of them. A few days ago I bought a membership with the Kindling site (from my fellow New Zealander, Geoff Shaw) and am totally satisfied with your recommendation. Keep up the good work.

  6. So glad you are on this journey too – can always trust you to share good honest info & avoid the spammers. Gonna follow/join you on your Facebook journey … your ambitious program has certainly challenged me to set a tighter deadline.

  7. Hi Andy

    Wrote a message on your wall!

    What a way to keep the pressure on oneself – openly publish a goal.

    Way to go!


    1. Yes, I find this the best way to push myself into something new. I’ll be working quite a few late shifts in the next 12/13 days.

    1. It depends on the price of your book, and what country the customer is in. You get either 35% or 70% but all the details are on the Amazon website.

  8. Hi Dr Williams

    I’m actually writing the whole series and intend to upload all at the same time. From what I’m reading in your blog, it seems like a bad move as it may be perceived as low quality or even spamming.

    What’s your take?


    1. I’d publish one at a time, and try to get a readership with the first one. As your readership grows you’ll have ready sales with each successive release. At least those are my thoughts but I am no expert.

  9. Just after reading this I came across an interesting blog post talking about “The new rules of book publishing” and why Penelope Trunk, a well known American entrepreneur, walked away a big book publisher because of their lack of understanding of ebooks and selling online.

    It’s worth a read.

    “How I got a big advance from a big publisher and self-published anyway” (not an affiliate link, I just shortened the long url)


  10. Phil Wiley

    I’m much better Andy. In fact I’m publishing a newsletter today or tomorrow, my first since April.

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