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You can always glean some interesting SEO information from the Google Q&A.  Did you know that you can watch the Google Q&A for March on Youtube.  Lots of interesting information in that video about how Google works, and ranks pages.   You can watch the hour long video here:

The video covers some interesting information about Google ranking factors, including the top three factors that help pages rank (check out the discussion from around 25 minutes.

Google’s new Penguin update is on the horizon with an imminent release (it’s already later than the expected release date, so any day now).  If you are interested in the new Google Penguin, what it is, when it's coming and how it could impact your site, I recommend you read Gary Illyes article called “Google’s Gary Illyes on Penguin: When Is It Coming and What Will It Do?”.  You can find that article here:

Finally, my pick of the week as a must read is an article called “16 SEO Experiments That Will Change The Way You Think About SEO (Forever)”.  This was published on 8th March 2016, so is up-to-date, and it looks at a number of SEO experiments, some with quite surprising results.  Check out that article here:

A lot of the experiments in this article will surprise you, and help you create better web pages on better web sites.

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One thought on “SEO Further Reading – April 2016

  • Nir Petrank

    Hi Andy,

    I really like this post and it will be nice to see more.
    The world of SEO has so many posts that it is hard to find a real good one.

    For this post – Can you sum what Andrey is saying about ranking factors?
    I am not sure that I understood him well.
    He is struggling a little with his words.