Affiliate Site Blueprint

Video 3: Is there a demand?

There?s no point creating an affiliate site if there is no demand for the products in the niche. This video shows you how to check the demand of a product (and niche) before you do all of the hard work.

Video 4: Keyword Research 3

How do you know what people are searching for? This tutorial shows you how to use the power of Wordtracker to find exactly that.

Video 6: Creating a Site Blueprint 2

This video looks at setting up a site blueprint, so that your site can be mapped out before you start the hard work of adding the content. Being organized in site development will speed up development time.

Video 7: Finding Low Competition phrases

This video shows how you can easily find the low competition phrases in your keyword research database. These low competition phrases make excellent starting points in building a site as it is possible to rank highly for them relatively quickly.

Video 8: Question Phrases

One of the best ways of ensuring your content is valuable and informative is to answer real questions asked by real searchers. This video shows how to find those phrases.