Affiliate Sites Tutorial

30. In Summary

Questions: What separates successful marketers from those that fail? Simple question, simple answer. Those that fail are the ones who do not take action, or simply give up. Many of you know how I started online. I wont bore you with the details again, but suffice it to say that […]

29. Issues with running your own Affiliate Program

In the last chapter we looked at a plan for building your own product empire. Here, I want to elaborate a little more on this by looking at a few of the issues raised by running your own affiliate program to help sell you products. If you are not thinking […]

28. Building a Product Empire with “PLR” Content 2

We looked at Autoresponders (and newsletters) earlier in this course as a great way to keep in contact with your visitors. After all, someone may only go to your site once, but if they sign up for your autoresponder or newsletter, you can bring them back time and time again […]

27. Legal Requirements for Webmasters

Owning websites do have legal implications, even if you don’t live in the US. Not so long ago a few successful netpreneurs found themselves in deep water and this became very topical. Some were fined heavily, and others were bankrupted. Now, I don’t want to panic anybody, but I do […]

26. Keeping in Touch with Visitors

We are now in the traffic building phase of our website. In the last chapter we looked at Directory submissions, and that, plus the article submissions we discussed previously, should be starting to pay off in terms of website traffic. Before we discuss other ways of building traffic, there is […]

25.1 Advantages to Owning your own Products

So, what are the advantages to owning your own products? Well, there are a lot of advantages. I have summarised a few of them below. 1. Selling your own products from a website can make that site unique. You are offering something no other site does (even if you get […]

25. Owning your own products

Having a lot of affiliate sites can be a great way to make a living. However, with search engine rules changing on a monthly basis, only those that have created pure "white hat" affiliate sites, with engaging and informative content, will survive long-term. Having all of your eggs in the […]

24. Single site, or several tighter niche sites?

If you have followed my Wordtracker Tutorial as you carry out your keyword research, you have likely ended up with 2000+ highly targeted keyword phrases in your chosen niche. That can be quite daunting for those planning a website. Where do you start? How do you plan the site? Should […]

23.4. Tracking Adsense

If the last section inspired you to tinker with your Adsense placement, colour etc, then this piece of software may well be the best investment you ever made, since it allows you to see exactly what effect your changes have. How useful would it be to you if you knew […]