Ninja Outreach Review 2

Ninja Outreach is a great suite of tools for getting legitimate, white hat links. This review looks at what it can do.

Best source of backlinks going into 2015? 10

Things have changed a lot in SEO.  Long gone are the days when we can post backlinks to your website without having to worry about Google. In fact, if you are relatively new to web site building and have read up on current SEO, you might find it hard to […]

Could Google Use Chrome to Determine Backlink Worth? 1

Google own their own web browser in Chrome, and with Chromebooks gaining popularity (where the Chrome browser IS the opeating system), their market share looks likely to increase.  Incidentally, how did Google get to sell a “laptop” that could not be used with any other browser than Chrome?  A few […]

Building Backlinks in 2013 17

Backlinks are a vital component of SEO, but they can also get your site penalized. Here is my take on building backlinks.

Combating Links Spam. What would you do if you were Google? 7

You’re sitting there at the boardroom table of the Googleplex. "So how are we going to combat this link spam?" Asked Larry Page. Okay, so you been asked for your opinions on how Google can combat the massive amounts of link spam which is manipulating the search results. Have a […]